You Should Know! Here Are Effects or Reactions of Elemental Attacks on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact game features Element, which is no stranger to RPG games. The elements in Genshin Impact, apart from being able to give additional strength for the character, even elements from the character are able to have an influence on the nature around them. if you combine an element in Genshin Impact, it can make a blend of different elements.

Elemental Attacks on Genshin Impact

The mechanism of the element is really different and also complex. Therefore, you have to understand it more deeply. The elements which you are able to find in Genshin Impact have their own unique names, including:

  • Anemo (Wind Element)
  • Geo (Earth Element)
  • Electro (Electrical Element)
  • Dendro (Element of Nature)
  • Hydro (Water Element)
  • Pyro (Fire Element)
  • Cryo (Ice Element)

Effects of Elemental Attacks on Genshin Impact

The attacks in the game of Genshin Impact can have a negative effect, depending on the type of element. The resulting effect is also different, depending on the surrounding environment. For instance, if you are exposed to the effect of freezing or freezing, the effect will last longer if you are above water.

Effects of Elemental Attacks on Genshin Impact

Negative element effects for enemies:

  • Geo

It makes enemy elemental barrage weak and also makes the enemy drop crystals which can be used to protect themselves.

  • Electro

If one of the enemies is hit by the hit above, it also can grab the other enemy.

  • Hydro

It gives a wet status

  • Pyro

It burns and gives per-second damage to enemies.

  • Cryo

It can reduces enemy speed.

Negative element effects for characters:

  • Electro

Devouring Lightning: This reduces the character’s Elemental Burst energy.

  • Hydro

Slowing Water: This extends skill cool down time.

  • Pyro

Smoldering Flames: This burn character, HP decreases every second.

  • Cryo

Condensing Ice: It consumes more stamina.

Elemental Reaction ChartReactions of Elemental on Genshin Impact

The Elemental Reactions are triggered by applying special combinations of elemental effects on a target (player or monster). Based on the research, the Elemental effects linger for about 9 to 12 seconds depending on what applied them. Also, they are deleted by elemental reactions, even though an effect is able to last after a reaction based on which skill applied it and which reaction took place. The reactions have no cooldown, however skills have internal cooldowns before being able to reapply their elemental effect.

Each element provides a different effect when hit by other elements. Several give a buff effect, several give a debuff effect. So, there is a formula which you need to know, including:

  1. Swirl (Electro, Hydro, Pyro and Cryo meets Anemo)

This will extend the effect of the initial element. It deals with additional AoE Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro DMG and also spreads Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro debuff.

One of the reasons why Venti is an overpowered character is that he has a large area anemo attack. When paired with any element (except geo), can produce a cavalcade of elemental attacks which deal area damage. Also, the main character does have this but to a lesser extent. Combining wind with fire, ice, electricity, or water results in a rainbow explosion which no opponent can withstand because all of them generally are only resistant to one type of damage.

  1. Crystallize (Electro, Hydro, Pyro and Cryo meets Geo)

This will shield the initial elements. It absorbs some of the target’s elemental energy and then drops a crystal which can give a character an elemental shield if they touch the crystal. The shield will be able to absorb all types of damage, however it protects against the shield’s element more effectively than other types of damage.

  1. Burning (Dendro meets Pyro)

Burns the fire longer. It applies fast ticking, and low damage Pyro DoT effect.

  1. Overload (Electro and Pyro)

This can make a stronger explosion of fire.

It deals with additional AoE Pyro DMG. Creating explosive effects can break Geo shields and chunks faster. The area attacks are valuable since they minimize the time required to grind and deal with multiple opponents. In this case, fire and electricity are indispensable. They are powerful bombs. Mixing both will be able to yield several high-powered explosives.

Overloaded is nice much a big pyro attack which also deals a ton of damage. The characters using those elements are certified DPS beasts such as Diluc, Klee, Razor, Keqing, and Xiangling.

  1. Superconduct (Electro and Cryo)

This makes an Ice-type AoE attack, and also reduces the enemy’s defense. Simply, this element deals additional AoE Cryo DMG and reduces the target’s Physical Resistance.

Electro is nice much at the top spot of the most powerful element in the game of Genshin Impact along with pyro though the latter will be able to be more desirable. That is because the combination of electricity and ice will be too much for the opponents to handle.

Superconduct results in an area ice attack which also lowers the opponent’s physical resistance by half. It creates the characters like Razor look he is worth five stars especially once paired with any character that deals cryo damage like Chongyun or Kaeya.

  1. Electro-Charge (Electro and Hydro)

Applies Electro DoT effect. Meaning that it will be able to strike and reduce the enemy’s HP for a time.

For continuous DPS purely which is more viable than fire, combining the good old-fashioned electricity with water like you learned in elementary, it is an interesting reaction. It allows the players to deal gradual electro damage to any opponent caught in the rain. That is the beauty in this reaction. It is cheap and readily available from the weather effects alone. It creates electro-only solo setups viable, especially with common 4-star favorites like Beidou or Razor. Aside from that, it also allows those characters to synergize well with cheap healers like Barbara.

  1. Vaporize (Pyro and Hydro)

This strengthens elemental damage, however removes its effect.

  1. Melt (Pyro and Cryo)

This strengthens elemental damage, but removes its effect.

For damage with no fuss or conditions, so something like Melt or Vaporize should do the trick. It is a really candid reaction available when the players combine fire with ice or water which is easy enough. It means that the players do not have to worry regarding canceling out of the two polar-opposing elements, Genshin Impact’s fire does not work like that and will not get extinguished by ice or water. So, you are able to feel free to play with fire and water at the same time.

  1. Frozen / Shatter (Hydro and Cryo)

This will freeze the opponent in place. Shatter happens when a frozen opponent is hit by a strong physical attack. So, hitting a frozen opponent with Claymore attacks or Geo DMG can cause Shattered.

Aside from pure physical charged and held attacks, there are not lots of ways to stun opponents in the game of Genshin Impact and take them out of the fight for precious several seconds. Therefore, the Frozen reaction is invaluable. It is likely one of the most utilized. The effect is pretty self-explanatory, opponents stop in their tracks no matter what they are doing. Similar to Electro-Charged, it is also common because of how often it rains in Genshin Impact. It creates cryo-only parties viable as well. Frozen functions as a defensive and offensive combo too since it leaves the opponents open to some seconds of hammering. The best part is that it is easy to chain and trigger prolongedly.

Apparently, Shatter is more of an investment than an outright effect like Vaporize or Melt. It is for the patient and systematic players who have already jacked up their characters’ attack and critical damage. That is because Shatter further increases the chance of critical attacks happening. So, earth and ice create quite a deadly combination for the players who want to deal critical damage. It is perfect for the characters like Razor or anyone who utilizes a claymore with some fast attacks. Both elements are really accessible.

Elemental reaction damage can be improved by Elemental Mastery

You have to know that Elemental reaction damage is able to be increased by the Elemental Mastery of the character causing the reaction. The in-game interface displays the damage bonus given by the character’s current elemental mastery. This bonus is going to be applied in different methods, depending on the type of reaction.

Important sources of Elemental Mastery include:

  • Instructor’s set’s 4-piece set bonus gives +120 elemental mastery for the team once the character with the set equipped causes an elemental reaction.
  • Sucrose’s passive talents (Catalyst Conversion, Mollis Favonius) are able to give elemental mastery to other team members.
  • Several characters, such as Lisa, get elemental mastery as a specialized stat starting at their 2nd Character Ascension.

Transformative Reactions

  • Transformative Reactions include Shattered, Electro-Charged, Overloaded, Superconduct and Swirl.
  • Those reactions have a base damage assigned by the level of the character triggering the reaction.
  • This base damage is multiplied by a percentage determined by the Elemental Mastery of the character. The percentage will be able to be seen in-game in the Details section of the Attributes page.
  • The damage from those reactions cannot crit. It is only based on level, meaning ATK, Crit Rate and Crit Damage have no impact. But, the damage is affected by the target’s elemental resistance.
  • Since Superconduct has the lowest base damage, the other reactions are able to be expressed in multiplicative terms of Superconduct base damage. For Swirl, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Shattered and Overloaded, those values are about 1: 1.2: 2.4: 3: 4 respectively. So it will be said, for instance, that Overloaded base damage is about 4x Superconduct base damage (all other factors being equal).
  • The reaction damage can be an additional instance of damage on top of the damage from the skill, creating it difficult to discern as the overlapping damage displayed values.

Amplifying Reactions

  • Amplifying Reactions include Melt and Vaporize.
  • Melt and Vaporize replace the damage of the attacks that triggered them, unlike transformative reactions.
  • Those reactions multiply damage of existing attacks by 1.5x or 2x depending on which element triggers the reaction.
  • Damage from those reactions are able to be critical and considers the target’s elemental resistance.
  • The damage is multiplied by a percentage determined by the Elemental Mastery of the character. The percentage will be able to be seen in-game in the Details section of the Attributes page.
  • The bonus percentage to Vaporize or Melt is about half of that to Electro-Charged, Overloaded, Superconduct, Shattered, and Swirl. Even though the damage being multiplied is able to be much greater than the base damage of other reactions.
  • 1.5x reactions are going to tend to preserve the initial element for multiple hits, while 2x reactions are going to tend to remove the initial element immediately.

Order of Application

If a certain amount of damage is generated from an elemental reaction, then the damage scales with the level of the character who applied the last element, as well as their elemental mastery, and is also reduced by the resistance of the opposing element. The triggering element is going to be displayed on the left of reaction animation over opponent’s head, while the base element will be displayed on the right.

In the case of Swirl that spreading an element to an elemental slime (For example, a pyro-infused swirl reaction hitting an electro slime), the resulting damage scales depend on the level and elemental mastery of the slime, not the Anemo character, although the swirl damage itself gets its scaling from the Anemo character.

Here is a summary of element order application:

Reaction Element Order
(1st ← 2nd)
Melt Cryo ← Pyro Damage considers an additional multiplier of 2 along with an additional multiplier of possession elements.
 Pyro ← Cryo Breakdown considers an additional multiplier of 1.5 along with an additional multiplier of mastering elements.
Vaporize Hydro ← Pyro Damage considers an additional multiplier of 1.5 along with an additional multiplier of mastering elements.
Pyro ← Hydro Damage considers an additional multiplier of 2 along with an additional multiplier of possession elements.
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