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Windrise is another location that can be found in Genshin Impact. How is this location? How about the NCPs which can be found in this location? We will give you the explanation about this location here. So, if then there is a quest that requires you to visit this location, you are able to go there by having a lot of lore about it.

Description of Windrise

In Genshin Impact, Windrise is a location where Vennessa is said to have ascended to Celestia. It is a place where she became a god and now keeps an eye on Mondstadt as the Falcon of the West of the Four Winds. There is a belief that the massive oak tree has grown there after this character ascended. It is also known that at the base of the tree, A Statue of The Seven is located.


Important Features in Windrise

According to Genshin Impact wiki, there are some materials that you are able to find in Windrise. Those are Crystal Core and Windwheel Aster. Those materials can be found around the Statue.

  • Crystal Core

Crystal Core

It is described that this material is the core of a crystal butterfly. It can absorb elemental energy which has escaped into the atmosphere. It can be obtained by catching Crystalflies. Crystal Cores are harvested from Geo Crystalfly, Anemo Crystalfly, and Cryo Crystalfly which can be found in the Liyue, Mondstadt and Dragonspine regions respectively. This material can be used to craft Condensed Resin, Frostshield Potion, Windbarrier Potion, and to forge Adepti Seeker’s Stove.

  • Windwheel Aster

Windwheel Aster1

You are able to find Windsheel Aster exclusively in the Mondstadt region. These materials can be found near the Statues of The Seven at Dawn Winery and Windrise, and also in the grassy areas of Stormterror’s Lair. Windwheel Aster is a plant which likes the wind. These flowers are the visible winds to the proud kids of the wind or the citizens of Mondstadt. An NPC in Liyue Harbor named Chunsui gives 5 Windwheel Asters after you follow a certain dialogue branch. Windwheel Aster can be used to craft Wind Catcher. Besides, this flower is also used for some character ascensions including Bennett, Sucrose and Traveler.

Some NPCs in Windrise

There are some NPCs that you are able to find in Windrise. Those are as listed below.

  • Chloris


Chloris is a wandering NPC in Windrise. There, she sells 5 different flowers which cannot be found in the flower shop of Mondstadt (Floral Whisper). Those flowers are listed below.

    • Snapdragon. The price of this flower is 280 Mora and the stock is 10.
    • Mint. The price of this flower is 150 Mora and the stock is 10.
    • Wolfhook. The price of this flower is 1,000 Mora and the stock is 5.
    • Valberry. The price of this flower is 1,000 Mora and the stock is 5.
        • Philanemo Mushroom. The price of this flower is 1,000 Mora and the stock is 5.

Every 3 days, her stock resets and the items which are offered do not change. It is important for you to know that this NPC only appears between 6:00 to 19:00. She is the older sister of Flora who is the owner of Floral Whisper in the City of Mondstadt. Flora is concerned about flowers, but Chloris has a broader interest in plants. There is a trivia about Chloris that in Greek mythology, Chloris is a goddess or nymph of spring and new growth. The Roman name of this character is Flora.

  • Dr. Edith

Dr. Edith

She is a historian and folklore researcher. Besides, she is also the younger sister of Ella Musk. In the daytime, you are able to find her by the Statue of The Seven in Windrise, searching for material for her new book. Every time you are in the Dr. Livingstone’s Transport Request, you will be asked by Dr. Livingstone to send a package to Dr. Edith. If you can follow a certain dialogue branch for the first time, you will be given The Legend of Vennessa (I) x1. There are two trivia about this character. First, Jacob Must, the author of An Investigation into the Cultural Customs of the Wind Kingdom, is one of her ancestors. The fact says that the cataclysm of 500 years ago happened a hundred years ago when the book was written, and he lived 400 years ago. Another trivia about Dr. Edith is that her English idle voiceline is erroneously used as the voiceline of Adeline.

  • Godwin


He is a member of an elite squadron of the Knights of Favonius under the command of the Grand Master Varka. When he was preparing to go on an expedition, he lost his keepsake from Glory. Glory is a girl that he loves. He fell behind because he tried to find it but he ended up losing both the keepsake and also the expedition. Now, the thing that he does is to roam outside the gates of the city where he pretends to be on a reconnaissance mission. It is done by him because he is too shy to return to Glory in that state. If you are able to follow a certain dialogue branch for the first time, he will give you Wanderer’s Advice x7.

The Other Areas in Galesong Hill

Windrise is one of the areas that you can find in Galesong Hill, Mondstadt. The other areas in Galesong Hill are listed below.

    • Cape Oath

This is an open world which can be found in Galesong Hill.

    • Dadaupa Gorge

This is a home to three important hilichurt tribes including the Meaty tribe, the Eclipse tribe and the Sleeper tribe.

    • Falcon Coast

This is the biggest coastline in Mondstadt. It has a long coastline and shallow waters. So, no wonder why there are a lot of citizens of Mondstadt who come here to enjoy a nice stroll.

    • Musk Reef

In this standalone island, there is a transportation mechanism of a bluish-purple portal which hangs above a rock cliff in the far vicinity. If you arrive on this island, you will be given an achievement.

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