Where to Find White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact Locations Map

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The White Iron Chunks are the kinds of resource that you can collect. Once you have collected them, you can then use them to upgrade the equipment that are usually used by numerous characters in the game. They can be found easily on the map. However, you might have a little bit of hard time to find them so you will be provided the list of the specific areas that have the high possibility to store the While Iron Chunks.

For those who are looking the White Iron Chunks to stock up as soon as possible for the four star weapon that you want, these following below are the spots that you are going to visit first. Once you have visited all of them, it is time for you to move at a more leisurely pace via the wider areas of the map and look at the Genshin Impact Ore map to make sure that you are routinely collecting the White Iron Chunks along the way.

There are five locations of the White Iron Chunks that you can visit. Please note everything, visit each of them, and do not skip any. These five locations include west of Liyue Harbor and Mt. Tianhang, southwest of Dawn Winery, The Chasm, east of Jueyujian, and Mt. Aozang. Here is the full details.

  • West of Liyue Harbor and Mt. Tianhang

West of Liyue Harbor and Mt. Tianhang

There are at least ten White Iron Chunk hotspots in the western slopes of Mt. Tianhang waiting to be cracked open. Fortunately, you have two waypoints in the area to choose from so your way to farm will be quicker and easier. The best hotspot to dive into is the southwest cluster. This one is extremely close proximity to one another.

  • Southwest of Dawn Winery

Southwest of Dawn Winery

If you are still in the early phase of the journey across Teyvat and having a good time period of the early game, you can just across the water and you will be able the southwest of Dawn Winery. This one is the main location for those the beginners to start earning a stockpile of White Iron ore. Due to the fact that the area is relatively low level, it should not be a problem for those with lower level who need of higher level equipment.

  • The Chasm

The Chasm..

The Chasm refers to the one mining site that is located between Lingju Pass and Quinxu Pool. It might be tricky as the most favorite interactive map does not indicate any White Iron Chunk spawn locations here, so the chance of missing it to get some extra White Iron Chunks is quite high. There is a fair amount of White Iron Chunk ore over there. There are also some from the mining carts so make sure to spend your time to interact with each of them on your way out. Another thing to take a note is to hop over to the east side of the river in order to get the 10 spawn locations there as well.

  • East of Jueyunjian

East of Jueyunjian-

The mining site where you are able to find seven clusters of White Iron Chunks is called East of Jueyujian and Quingyun Peak and the northwest of Cuijue Slope. You do not have to worry as it is relatively easy area to pass. Compared to the other clusters in the other areas such as Mt. Aozang, they are a little more spread out. In this case, you will need to make sure to get both waypoints unlocked before incorporating it into the usual route.

  • Mt. Aozang

Mt. Aozang-

The only best place that you can use to stock up on White Iron Chunk ore is Mt. Aozang. With this one, you can net tons of ore in just a single trip. Yu can find the White Iron Chunk ore mostly at the base of the mountain.

Tips and tricks to farm White Iron Chunks easily

  • Mark your map

You can take the advantage of the custom pin function of the map on your way across Teyvat. Aside from that you might also want to use the interactive map to track the progress. You will be allowed to across reference with the online resources and keep better track of your own exploration by using the in-game database of ore points. In addition, you might also want to consider using a set of symbols of mark off that has been cleared recently.

  • Visit the other worlds

You can start running Co-op with the other players after reaching Adventurer Rank 16. Once every single White Iron Chunk has been cleared out from your own Teyvat, you should open up Co-op mode and ask to join the worlds of the other online players instead of waiting around for respawn timers to tick. In the end, you will be deposited into their own.

Do not forget that doing their quests, opening chests, or discovering landmarks such as statues and waypoints are not allowed. You are also prohibited to collect their Anemoculus or Geoculus. Another thing to take a note is this tactic is least favorable due to the fact that the resources are not unique for the player of the game. Besides, the materials that you take from the world of the other players such as ore, plants, crystal, and so on are put on a respawn timer for them as well.

About White Iron Chunks

Iron Chunks

White Iron Chunks can be used if you want to get the higher quality items than the normal ones. Compared to the normal Iron Chunks, they show up less frequently across Teyvat. You will likely to find the clusters of the White Iron Chunks in mountainous areas. Mt. Aozang and Quinyung Peak are two examples of the mountainous areas. Aside from that, you can also go to some mining sites like the one located between Quinxu Pool and Lingju Pass. These kinds of thing are important if you want to upgrade the overall power of your character, that’s why they are worth the effort.

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