What is Guide to Prosperity Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact has many collectibles that help to level up certain characters. One of them is Guide to Prosperity. By the way, what is the Guide to Prosperity in the game of Genshin Impact? Let us learn about that here.


Apparently, Genshin Impact game is rising in popularity by the day. The players from all around the world are flocking towards the game to try it. This fantasy-themed RPG has a massive playground for the players to get lost in. It has a great amount of resources to collect and make the new items. This has a rich and diverse quest line that immerses the player into the game. Also, there are collectibles in the game of Genshin Impact which are required for the player ascension and other such functions. Now, we are going to talk more about Guide to Prosperity to level up certain characters in Genshin Impact.

About Genshin Impact Guide to Prosperity

 Prosperity Genshin Impact

The Guide to Prosperity is an item which helps in the Talent level up of a character. The description of this item says, “Prosperity is the pursuit of the Land of the Earth. Prosperity is the promise created by Liyue to its children: To repay the hard-working laborers with enough gold to brighten up this land.”

This Genshin Impact item is a Talent Level-Up material. As we know that Talent Level-Up Materials are a type of material in the game of Genshin Impact that can be used to level up a character’s talent along with common Ascension Material. Higher rarity materials can be made with Alchemy by mixing lower rarity materials of the same type. In this case, you do not forget to check each character’s page to discover which materials are required for their talents. You are also able to check each materials page to discover which characters use that material for leveling talents. Based on the research, there are some characters to level up with this Guide to Prosperity.

How to Obtain Guide to Prosperity

Now, you may want to know how to obtain the Genshin Impact Guide to Prosperity. You do not worry about that as here we will inform you about that. We are going to share the Guide to Prosperity location so that you are able to obtain a Guide to Prosperity. The location where you are able to obtain a Guide to Prosperity is Taishan Mansion. For your information, Taishan Mansion is a Domain that is located near Jueyun Karst in Liyue. If you clear this domain, you are able to get Talent Level-Up Materials that can be used for leveling up Characters’ talents to increase your fighting ability. Challenge domains with higher levels to obtain better rewards. You have to solve the Taishan Mansion Puzzle to unlock this domain. Taishan Mansion offers a rotating set of Talent Level-Up Materials depending on the day it is completed. On Monday/ Thursday, Altar of Flames will give you a reward; Guide to Prosperity.

Talent Leveling Usage

Guide to Prosperity is used to level talents for these characters:

  • Keqing


Keqing is a character in Genshin Impact that can be leveled up with the Guide to Prosperity. We all know that Keqing is a playable character in Genshin Impact who is better known as the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. Also, Keqing is represented as a woman with nice skin with a small braid running on the side of her bangs. What creates her more exquisite is her nice outfit. Apparently, Keqing came with a white, sleeveless outfit with a dark blue skirt. She has an independent nature that has an uncompromising belief in actions over words. If she notices something, she will be able to do it by herself.

  • Ningguang


Ningguang is the second character in Genshin Impact who can be leveled up with the Guide to Prosperity. Ningguang has an unsurpassed wealth in all of Teyvat. With her pretty smile and elegance, she has a highly revered position which is covered by lots of people. Ningguang is much talked about by many people around the town. They really know everything about her. In the game of Genshin Impact, she came with a tall body with light red eyes and fair skin. Her hair is really beautiful with long straight hair that splits into two parts with a bang tied on the top of her head by a black hairpin.

  • Qiqi


Qiqi is the third character in Genshin Impact who can be leveled up with this Guide to Prosperity. As we know that Qiqi is a playable character in the game who is resurrected as a zombie by the adepi. She has ended up in Baizhu’s care. At this time, she works at Bubu Pharmacy. For Qiqi’s personality, she is known as a character who seldom has much in the way of words/ emotions. Aside from that, Qiqi is also really taciturn, however quite polite once dealing with the customers at the Bubu Pharmacy. Even though Qiqi has trouble remembering what she has to do, Qiqi is presented to be quite intelligent in performing her job. She comes to the game of Genshin Impact with purple themed clothing with some talismans stuck on her.

  • Traveler Geo

Traveler Geo1

Another character in Genshin Impact that can be leveled up with Guide to Prosperity is Traveler (Geo). For talent, Traveler (Geo) performs up to rapid strikes in Normal Attack. For Charged Attack, Traveler (Geo) consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash two rapid sword strikes. For Plunging Attack, he damages all enemies along the path and dealAoE DMG upon impact. Traveler (Geo) will be able to reduce Starfell Sword’s CD by 2s. Dealing 60 percent of ATK as AoE Geo Damage can be triggered by the final hit of Normal Attack combo. For Normal/Charged Attack, Traveler (Geo) will be able to be leveled up with Guide to Freedom, Guide to Resistance, Teachings of Freedom, Philosophies of Ballad, Philosophies to Freedom, Divining Scroll, Philosophies to Resistance, Forbidden Curse Scroll, and Dvalin’s Sign.

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