What is Genshin Impact Server Time Zone Daily Reset?

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Genshin Impact has different server reset times for different regions. These include North American & US, European and Asian. Well, in this page, we are going to share all the worldwide server reset times.


In the game of Genshin Impact, each of the in-game servers is always running on a different clock. It means that the reset time for each will be different. So, the players have to pick the server which they are currently playing on. Then they are able to check as to which the server reset time fits them. You have to note that some of the reset times could be of the previous day. Let us continue reading this entire article to know about the Genshin Impact server reset time.

What is Genshin Impact Server Time Zone Daily Reset?

Genshin Impact Server Time

While not a true MMO, miHoYo’s Genshin Impact does rely heavily on its in-game calendar for a variety of things, including doling out birthday rewards, the daily login bonus and once the servers reset for daily quests.

To keep the players from blazing through the Genshin Impact game, they are only able to take on a certain number of daily quest commissions. It means that after you have completed your allotment for the day, then you need to wait for your server to refresh. Once your server resets depends on which one you joined when you made your account. For your information, there are three servers: North America, Europe, and Asia. Each Genshin Impact reset time will depend on the local time.

Regardless of which you select, each server in Genshin Impact will reset at 4:00am local time. But, due to time zone differences, this may not be the case for you specifically. To find when the reset will occur where you live, you have to compare the server you are playing on time zone with your local one. If you do not want to be confused, here are all the times laid out.

North American server

The North American and US server reset is set to Eastern time, which is -5GMT for a central clock. Depending on where you are, the reset times are as below:

    • Eastern US Time: 5:00 am
    • Pacific US Time: 2:00 am
    • UK Time (GMT/BST): 10:00 am
    • Australian Time: 8:00pm
    • New Zealand Time: 10:00 pm

European server

The European server is set to Central European time, which is GMT/UTC +1, one hour ahead of GMT. Depending where you are, the reset times are as below:

    • Central European Time: 4 am CEST
    • GMT/BST (UK): 3 am UK Time
    • Australian Time: 1 pm
    • New Zealand Time: 3 pm
    • Eastern US: 10 pm Previous Day
    • Pacific US: 7 pm Previous Day

Asian server

The Asian server is set to UTC/GMT +8. Depending on where you are, the reset times are mentioned below:

    • Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines: 4 am local time
    • Japan: 5 am Local Time
    • Australia: 7 am
    • New Zealand: 9 am
    • Central European Time: 10 pm previous day
    • UK Time: 9 pm previous day
    • US Eastern: 4 pm previous day
    • US Pacific: 1 pm previous day

Well, that’s all we know regarding reset times in Genshin Impact.

Daily Reset

On daily reset, you are going to receive:

    • New Commissions quest (for Genshin players Adventure Rank 12 and above).
    • Primogems from the Monthly Card if it has been purchased.

Also affected by daily reset:

    • Elite Opponents with limited spawn points per day will be able to respawn.
    • Domains: Domains of Forgery (Weapon Ascension Materials) and Domains of Mastery (Talent Level-Up Materials) rotate.
    • Daily Battle Pass missions are renewed.

Weekly Reset

Affected by weekly reset:

    • Trounce Domain blossoms respawn.
    • Weekly Battle Pass missions are renewed.

Other Resets

In fact, not all resets are bound to the server reset. Need to know that harvested Ores and certain plants appear to reset based on the time you harvested them.

Investigation Points

Barrels, Carts and similar non-destroyable objects with a shimmering interactable item effect near them produce a prompt to investigate once the player approaches them. These will be found in villages, on carts abandoned by the side of the road, or in treasure hoarder camps, among other places. Once investigated, they drop a small quantity of Mora and some items especially food items.

Food Material Spawns

Apples, Carrots etc are cooking materials which spawn on the ground (excluding special mission spawn point material).

Local Specialties

Local Specialties respawn two days after looting them.

Ores Investigation Points

The boxes or carts of iron ore near mining caves are repeatable, reset may vary based on quality of ores.

Ores Nodes

    • Iron Chunk will respawn 24 hours after mining it.
    • White Iron Chunk will respawn 48 hours after mining it.
    • Crystal Chunk will respawn 72 hours after mining it.


The chests do not respawn, and they do not spawn in with AR/WL increase. Usually, the illusion of that happening is made by certain chests being phased out by many quests, one-time or repeatable ones. Also, some chests have been found to randomly not spawn on some days without any reason. Thus, all chests exist in the game at the point of character creation.

NPC Shops

Most NPC shops in Genshin Impact like Good Hunter refresh some or all of their stock every 1 up to 3 days. The Souvenir Shop does not refresh.


Normal Bosses in Genshin Impact like Pyro Regisvine and Anemo Hypostasis are going to respawn 3 minutes after the rewards are collected from the Ley Line Blossom. The players have to leave the area where the boss fought. The simplest method is to teleport to the nearest Waypoint or Statue of The Seven and then walk back to the boss’s location. Also, logging out of the game can work.

Elite Enemies like Geovishap Hatchlings and Fatui Pyro Agents have some respawn points. They are going to respawn daily, on server reset. You will be able to find most of them by using the Adventurer Handbook.

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