Wangshu Inn

Wangshu Inn is the place that is located at the southern end of Dihua Marsh. It is built of a massive stone pillar. This place is more than just a resting place for the guests. It is believed that this one is a haven for the lovers who love to meet under the moonlight. According to the folk stories, even the ones as august as the adepti often bask in the moonlight in this inn.

Wangshu Inn Details:

    • Type: Open World
    • Location: Qongji Estuary

Wangshu Inn

Since the visitors of Wangshu Inn are mostly travelling merchants, an area to trade and to set up stalls is provided by the place. The top of the place has a stunning view. When the weather is good, you can even see all the way to Mt. Qingce and Jueyunjian in the distance.

According to the legends of the stalls, there is a mysterious secret hidden in the in. Unfortunately, it remains a legend as no one has ever been able to verify the rumors.

Verr Goldet and Huai’an

Verr Goldet and her husband Huai’an are the ones who run Wanghu Inn. Aside from being an owner, Verr Goldet also sell the dishes and the recipes of the inn. She is the one that is involved in the Archon Quest Wangshu. After completing the quest, her dialogue will change.

Verr Golden was originally from Mondstadt and then migrated to Liyue once she got married to Huai’an. According to Jiangxue, no one from Mondstadt nation knows her, meaning she is either using a fake name or it is also possible for her to come from another nation.

Verr Goldet Details:

    • Titles: Boss, Wangshu Inn
    • Sex: Female
    • Nation: Liyue
    • Affiliation: Wangshu Inn

As for the Huai’an, he is the keeper of Wangshu Inn as well as the husband of the boss of the inn, Verr Goldet. His job includes inspecting drawers, talking to his wife at the registry desk, and examining the bonsai plants outside.

Huai’an Details:

    • Titles: Innkeeper, Wanghsu Inn
    • Sex: Male
    • Nation: Liyue
    • Affiliation: Wangshu Inn


You are able to access the Wangshu Inn menu by talking to Verr Goldet.

Almond Tofu

Almond Tofu shop

  • Cost: 1,550
  • Stock: 2
  • Refreshes: Daily

Matsutake Meat Rolls

Matsutake Meat Rolls shop

    • Cost: 1,775
    • Stock: 2
    • Refreshes: Daily

Noodles with Mountain Delicacies

Noodles with Mountain Delicacies1

    • Cost: 2,150
    • Stock: 2
    • Refreshes: Daily

Chicken-Mushroom Skewer

Chicken-Mushroom Skewer

  • Cost: 450
  • Stock: 10
  • Refreshes: Daily


Matsutake shop

  • Cost: 300
  • Stock: 10
  • Refreshes: Every 2 days

Silk Flower

slik flower

  • Cost: 1,000
  • Stock: 5
  • Refreshes: Every 2 days


Violetgrass shop

  • Cost: 1,000
  • Stock: 5
  • Refreshes: Every 2 days


Butter shop


  • Cost: 270
  • Stock: 10
  • Refreshes: Weekly



    • Cost: 840
    • Stock: 10
    • Refreshes: Weekly

Recipe: Vegetarian Abalone

Vegetarian Abalone

    • Cost: 2,500
    • Stock: 1
    • Refreshes: Never

Recipe: Bamboo Shoot Soup

Bamboo Shoot Soup

    • Cost: 5,000
    • Stock: 1
    • Refreshes: Never

Non-Playable Characters or NPC of Wangshu Inn

There are a lot of non-playable characters or NPCs in Wangshu Inn. They are divided into lower level and upper level. Here is the list of every NPC in both level:

Lower Level:

    • Zhonglin (traveling merchant)
    • Zhen Qiang (porter)
    • Yuhua (inn waitress)
    • Xuanfan (sailor)
    • Xiling (sailor)
    • Xi the Maid (at day)
    • Qingzhou (poet)
    • Master Hui (at day)
    • Madame Qin (at day)
    • Jiangxue
    • Huangshan (guard for hire)
    • Great Merchant Huang (traveling merchant)
    • Dandy (adventurer)
    • Caspar

Upper Level:

    • Wei (cat)
    • Verr Goldet (boss, Wangshu Inn)
    • Tia
    • Soraya (researcher)
    • Smiley Yanxiao (chef)
    • Richie (dog)
    • Moli (at day)
    • Landa (traveling merchant)
    • Holderlin (at day)
    • Huai’an (innkeeper, Wangshu Inn)

Wangshu Inn and Marvelous Merchandise Event

In Genshin Impact, Wangshu Inn is the place that is usually looked for by the newer players as it is related to the Marvelous Merchandise event. for everyone who have a clue that sends you to Wangshu Inn but you have no idea where it is, this following guide will take you there.

Apparently, the thing called Wangshu Inn is able to be found in Liyue or the second area of the game. In case you have not been into this region at all before, find the map that will show you hwo to get there from the Dawn Winery, right on the edge of the Mondstadt and Liyue.

Once again, Wangshu Inn is located in the second main region of the game called Liyue. This one is the south of Mondstadt. There should be no problem finding it if you follow the main road south. Please find the map in case you are kind of getting lost.

In order to get to Wangshu Inn, the first thing that you will have to do is to follow the main road close to Dawn Winery all the way south. Please keep going until you pass the Stone Gate and through the Dihua Marsh. You should be able to see a very tall building that is surrounded by the water even when you are distance. Do not stop and just continue your way towards the structure until you reach it.

If you do not want to take the stairs, fortunately, there is an elevator provided in this location. This one is really useful to take you to the top. There are also a few ones who give you the quests in this location. If you want to get some Adventurer Experience, you are recommended to take these offered quests. In addition, it is possible for the daily commissions to bring you to this area. For those who are trying to gather all your Geoculus, one is able to be found at Wangshu Inn.

In the south of Wangshu Inn, the Guili Plains are located. The place is actually the heart of the Liyue. This inn is counted as one of a lot of areas that you will become familiar with as you level up the characters of the game.

If you have a hard time while finding the Wangshu Inn, do not give up and look at the map for one more time. If it is not helping, it is time for you to seek help from the members of the communities or forums to assist you to get to the inn.

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