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Have you ever heard about Varka in Genshin Impact? You may have heard about him and now you need some information about him. Here, we will provide you the details that we have about this character.

Who is Varka in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Varka is the current Grand Master and Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius. Half a year before the Traveler arrived in Mondstadt, he departed on an expedition with the elite forces of the city and left Jean as the Acting Grand Master in his absence.

There are some words about him based on other people. They say that Varka is one of the most powerful people in Mondstadt. He is called the ‘titan of the Knights of Favonius’ by Tartaglia. Tartaglia also hopes that one day he can face Varka in combat. Barbara says that there is nothing to be worried about if he is leading the expeditions.

Who Is Varka in Genshin Impact?

Personality and Appearance of Varka

Varka is cheery and well-liked by the people in Mondstadt. Varka is also rather carefree and he often leaves Jean to do the actual duties which are required of his position when he continues on his expeditions. Nevertheless, Jean does not hate him because of this reason. Kaeya says that he appreciates the attitude of Varka.

How about Varka’s appearance? There is not much information about it. However, in the character stories and voicelines of Razor shows that he is very tall.

There is a trivia that Varka gave Razor his name and taught him about the way to fight with claymores, giving advice he uses them himself.

Character Interactions

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, the characters below mention Varka in their character stories or voice lines. You are able to check it in the table below.

Character Stories Voices
Amber x
Barbara x
Kaeya x
Lisa x
Razor *
Tartaglia x

The Other Character’s Thought About Varka

The other characters in Genshin Impact have their own opinion about Varka. You are able to see the opinions about Varka from the other characters in the list below.

  • Barbara


Barbara says that her father leaves on the expedition with Grand Master Varka. She hopes that they will be okay. Then, she thinks that they will be okay because The Grand Master is the Knight of Boreas. However, she surely will pray for their safe return.

  • Kaeya


Unfortunately, there is non one in the Knights of Favonius to inherit the approach of the Grand Master to his work. Kaeya says that he needs to appreciate people like Varka.

  • Noelle


Firstly, she wanted to join his expedition party and do her part as a maid. However, Varka said no and it would make him more peaceful if she stayed behind to take care of things in Mondstadt. This thing made Noelle happy to hear how much he values her. Apparently, he also said this thing to a lot of other people. Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that he prizes Noelle as well.

  • Tartaglia


He imagines that one day he will go head to head with him in combat, Knight of Boreas himself, titan of the Knights of Favonius. It makes him excited.

  • Jean


Jean says that one the day of his triumphant return, she surely will introduce you to him personally. She is also sure that you will be amazed with his greatness.

What are the Knights of Favonius?

As you can read above, Varka is Knight of Boreas of the Knights of Favonius. But, what is Knights of Favonius? It is the order of knights which can protect Mondstadt. It was founded by Vennessa with the help of Barbatos 1,000 years ago with an aim to be able to prevent aristocrats from ruling the land, as Barbatos intended originally.

The knights behave as the lawmen of Mondstard and they keep its citizens safe and create and uphold laws for all. Now, the Grand Master, Varka, is out of Mondstadt on an expedition with his squad. So, Jean who has the title of Dandelion Knight and Liontooth Knight is filling in as the Acting Grand Master.

Traditionally, the Knights of Favonius are led by a single Grand Master with a reserve stepping in to do the duties of Grand Master as an Acting Grand Master if the Grand Master is unavailable or indisposed.

The Captains serve under the Grand Master and there are 10 captains. The only known Captains for now are Albedo, Kaeya and Hertha. For your information, there are also the other subdivisions in the Knights of Favonius such as the Outriders.

Key Personnel in Knights of Favonius

There are a lot of people who have acted as key members of the Knights of Favonius during the course of the game. Each of them is given a particular job.

So far, the principal knights are listed below.


  • Varka

Vision: Unknown

Position: Grand Master & Knight of Boreas

  • Jean

Vision: Anemo

Position: Acting Grand Master & Dandelion/ Lionfang Knight

  • Kaeya

Vision: Cryo

Position: Cavalry Captain

  • Albedo

Vision: Geo

Position: Chief Alchemist & Captain of the Investigation Team

  • Hertha

Vision: N/A

Position: Coordinator & Captain of the 6th Company


They were a subdivision in the Knights of Favonius. They were built and led by the grandfather of Amber. They were trained in his style of archery and use of wind gliders. Also, they were renowned for their skill. But, after his abrupt disappearance, the Outriders lost their discipline and skill. At the end, they were all obsolete, but Amber still remains as the sole member of the division.


  • Noelle

Vision: Geo

Position: Maid & Apprentice Knight

  • Klee

Vision: Pyro

Position: Spark Knight

  • Lisa

Vision: Electro

Position: Librarian

  • Sucrose

Vision: Anemo

Position: Assistant Alchemist

  • Traveler

Vision: Adaptive

Position: Honorary Knight

There are also some other characters which have been introduced as members of the knights. However, they do not play as large as role thus far. These characters are listed below.

  • Godwin, a member of Varka’s squad
  • Nymph, Field Officer of the 8th Company
  • Seamus, Seneschal

There are also a lot of guards such as Adler, Aramis, Athos, Bruce, Guy, Harry, Huffman, Joyce, Lawrence, Mack, Miles, Otto, Porthos, Raymond, Riese, Swan, Wood, and Wyratt.

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