Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Jade Plates Quest Guide

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During one of the quests in Genshin Impact named the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found, players have to find 4 Jade Plates. For those who are not familiar with it, here is the guide to the locations of all the plates. Please remember every step and take a note if needed.

The guide for finding 4 Jade Plates

In order to start the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, Soraya is the one that you will need to speak to. She is able to be found near the ruin located in the southern area of Guili Plains. You will be asked to find the ancient stone tablets in the area. After discovering the stone tablets in the area, the next thing that you will have to do is to go back to Soraya to find an extra two ancient stone tablets. When you are with her, please talk to her for the second time and the direction will change to head to the Wangshu Inn and talk to her there. This time, you will be asked to find 4 Jade Plates out in the world.

All the four Jade Plates are easy to find and they are all located at the south of Wangshu Inn. Here is the guide that will take you to each of them:

  • Jade Plate 1: This one is located inside of a wind barrier directly under the Wangshu Inn text on the map. The thing is, getting this one is not easy. You will have to battle some slimes if you want to get it.

Jade Plate 1-

  • Jade Plate 2: This one is directly below the letter S of the Guili Plains text on the map.

jade plate 2

  • Jade Plate 3: This one is slightly above the ruins above Luhua Pool.

Jade Plate 3

  • Jade Plate 4: This one is able to be found to the southeast of the Domain. It is directly above a waypoint on the map.

Jade Plate 4

Once you have collected all the 4 Jade Plates, you are able to go back to Soraya who is able to be found at the Wangshu Inn in order to accept the last challenge. This final one will lead you down to the final ruin. Then, you will have to defeat the enemies in the area and then activate the mechanism right after that. After completing everything, the next step is to head back to Wangshu Inn to meet Soraya for the last time to complete the quest. Upon completing the whole challenge, you will be rewarded with a Liyue Shrine of Depths Key, 50 Primogems, and 400 Adventure EXP.

Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Part I Guide

Finding all the 4 Jade Plates is actually named as part 2 of the quest called Treasure Lost, Treasure Found. Before doing so, you will have to complete part 1 first. If you have no idea how to complete the first part, here is the walkthrough that you can follow.

The first thing that you will have to do is to go into the ruins to look for 5 stone tablets. Apparently, the first one is located beside the entrance. If you want to get the second one, you can go to the east, north of the large structure. You can find the third one south of the first. This one is able to be found next to a treasure chest puzzle. Please go to the southwest if you want to find the fourth one. It is next to the small puzzle room. As for the final one, it is to the west of the last one. This one is guarded by some Treasure Hoarders.

Once you have managed to investigate all 5 tablets, it is time for you to go back to Soraya. There are two additional stone tablets that you will have to find. Take a note that all of them are located in different locations. To find the first one, you will have to go to the west because it is located at Luhua Pool. This one is protected by an Abyss mage and its cohorts. If you want to find the second one, you can just go to the south of Guili Assembly, which is close to a Teleport Waypoint in the Sea of Clouds. For your information, the tablet is locked behind a gate. Please look to the left to see some barrels and vines that you can destroy to get the tablet. Once you have found the tablet, the last thing that you should do is to inspect both and head back to the Wangshu Inn to meet Soraya and to continue the quest.

How many rewards that you can get upon completing the part 1 of Treasure Lost, Treasure Found challenge? After completing this part, you will be rewarded x200 Adventure EXP, x30 Primogems, and x1 Exile’s Circlet.

Tips and Tricks to Complete The Treasure Lost, Treasure Found challenge  

Knowing the locations of all 4 Jade Plates is important to eat up the challenge. You can look for a map and see all the locations.

When the fight is happening, the Ruin Hunters might walk themselves into the pool of water and are stuck there. You can use this kind of situation to land some elemental reactions for the extra damage output. Some useful ones include Frozen or Electro Charged.

Similar to all Ruin Hunter fights, landing a charged shot with a bow in either their front or back weak spot will knock them off for a good amount of time to lay down the hurt. Aside from that, another option to extend this is to hit them with Frozen.

If the guide of finding the Jade Plates and the guide to complete the whole Treasure Lost, Treasure Found above is not that helpful and you need more, you are suggested to visit the communities or forums of Genshin Impact to seek help from the members. Do not hesitate to ask them about anything related to the game. As long as they can and as long as you behave well, they will help you.

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