Trails of Tianqiu Valley Quest Guide

Genshin Impact is the world full of quests. One of them is called Trails in the Tianqiu Valley quest. This one is included as a world quest. For those who love challenges, it is perfect for you. it might take too much of your time and is challenging but everything will be paid off.

At first, finding the Trails in Tianqiu Valley might be a bit difficult. However, there is nothing to worry as you will be informed where to go. Along the way, you will be able to find a lot of chests. Do read everything well to be able to complete the quest with ease and get all the rewards.

The start of the Trails in Tianqiu Valley quest

It is possible for everyone to miss the Trails in Tianqiu Valley because there is no NPC at the beginning. Instead, please go to Tianqiu Valley and speak to an Ancient Stele to activate the quest.

North – Torch Lighting Puzzle

There are a lot of fire puzzles in the first building. It would be helpful if you have Amber on your team. However, it does not revolve around Amber and you are free to choose any fire character that you want. You will be able to see a book lying on the floor when you enter the building. There is something written Scratched-Out Treasure Hoarder Notes. You will be shown a dialogue about a Treasure Hoarder having a hard time solving the puzzle when you interact with it.

Trails of Tianqiu Valley Quest Guide

The North building consists of three floors. The first one is quite simple. The thing that should be done is to light the torch connecting the inner triangle torches in the center and then lighting any torch from the outer triangle. Doing so will unlock the chest located in the middle of the room. The one on the second floor is a bit tricky. You will need to follow the sequence to succeed. In case you failed to follow it, according to the general rule of the puzzle, you should leave one torch lit. Once you have left one torch activated, the next thing that should be done is to light the torch that is not that close to it. After that, you will also have to light the one located between the two torches to finish the puzzle.

Please do it to unlock the Precious Chest in the middle of the room. Compared to the other two, the last one is pretty straightforward. You will just have to light every torch in the room. Since there is no particular order you are free to choose anyone you want first. having Amber on your side is important as her charged shot is needed. After that, you will be able to open the Luxurious Chest that is placed in the middle of the room. There is a switch that looks like a pyramid called a Light Actuator. This one is seen hovering on the top of the chest. Upon seeing the Light Actuator, the thing that should be done is to get it and bring it back to the machine that is placed beside the Ancient Stele so that one of the locks will be unlocked.

West – Jumping Puzzle

This time, you will need to head over the last building, which can be done by going to the place where the Ancient Stele is located. Aside from that, you also have to climb the stairs next to it. Keep in mind that you are required to get the Traveler set to Geo. If there is no one, then Venti is the alternative if you have him. Your goal is to climb to the very top to claim the Light Actuator. It is not that easy since there is a time limit of 60 seconds. It is a bit harder with the rule no not simply jump up the ledges. Some extra platforms are needed or you can use the Skyward Sonnet owned by Venti.

Jumping Puzzle

Before taking the challenge, it is better for you to practice the pathway up first in order to avoid failure. If Traveler is used as Geo, the challenge might be completed by just a couple of seconds. As for Venti, having him is beneficial to reach the goal faster. Once you have climbed up, you will be able to see the last Light Actuator at the top. Apparently, there is another Exquisite chest on your way down.

South – Fighting Puzzle

The South building is all about battle challenges and it is not that hard. The challenge can be started on the first floor. On the first one, you will need to knock down the opponents within 40 seconds. Once you have succeeded, you will be rewarded with an Exquisite Chest. Then, go to the second floor. On this floor, it is time for you to activate the challenge and defeat all the enemies. This time, the given time is 60 seconds. If you compare to the ones on the first floor, the enemies on this floor can be a bit more challenging. However, there is nothing to worry as you are on the right level. Just like the first floor, the second one will reward you with another Exquisite Chest. You will have to do the same on the last floor of the building. This final one is similar to the second one. On this one, you should activate the challenge and the time to get rid of all the enemies is 60 seconds. Please do so to get the Exquisite Chest. Another Light Actuator will be able to be found hovering in the center of the room once you have completed each challenge. When it is seen, take the switch and then bring the thing back to the machine that you can find beside the Ancient Stele to unlock another lock.

get the Exquisite Chest

Activating the mechanism

Once you have managed to gather the last Light Actuator, you need to bring it back to the mechanism of the Ancient Stele to activate the mechanism. When doing so, you will be attacked by the Treasure Hoarders. Please defeat all of them and get three Luxurious Chests.

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