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The Widsith is a catalyst in Genshin Impact. The rarity of this catalyst is 4 stars and it can be obtained through Gacha. How is the Ascension of this catalyst? Then, how about the passive stat and the stat by level? All the things about The Widsith catalyst will be explained here.

The Story of The Widsith Catalyst

The Widsith is described as a heavy notebook which is filled with musical scores. Even though it suffers from moth damage and heavy wear-and-tear, there is still a lot of power which can be found among the hand-written words in it.

The Widsith genshin

In the story, it is told that it was a notebook which was shared among the members of the Wanderer’ Troupe. The contains of it are musical scores and travel journals. Then, the history of the troupe has been lost, since it was disbanded before Mondstadt was rebuilt. The experiences of the Troupe are recorded in the notebook where it included the lands that they roamed and the worlds that they witnessed. It can siphon great power from the records of the performance of Troupe and there is cheering of the crowds.

In the reign of the Aristocracy, the Wanderer’s Troupe was founded. There were a lot of people referred to it as the Swordsman’ Troupe. In that era, even poems and songs were denied the right to freedom.

For flutes they had swords. For harps, they had bows. And their song was an anthem of rebellion. Their final action was an effort to storm the city and impose the death sentence to its tyrannical rulers. The Swordsman’s Troupe had gone and with it the memory of their rebellion. However, the spirit of resistance that they made will always flow in the veins’ of Mondstadters.

Notes of The Widsith Catalyst

When the character who equip this weapon takes the field, they will be able to get the Recitative, Aria or Interlude song effects. The effect is shown by the musical note which appears over the head of the character.

  • If the symbol is an eighth note, the name is Recitative and the effect is the ATK will be increased by 60% for 10 seconds.
  • If the symbol is 2 eighth notes beamed together, the name of Aria and the effect is Elemental DMG will be increased by 48% for 10 seconds.
  • If the symbol is 1 eighth note and 2 sixteenth notes beamed together, the name of Interlude and the effect is Elemental Mastery will be increased by 240 for 10 seconds.

The effects of the song will only apply to the equipping character. Also, it will only be given when the equipping character is switched in. If the character who equips it is switched in, switched out and then switched back in during the song’s 10 second duration, the effects of the song will be implemented for the 10 seconds that the character was first switched in.

The Ascensions of The Widsith Catalyst

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 5,000 Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth x3 Dead Ley Line Branch x3 Damaged Mask x2
2 40 15,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x3 Dead Ley Line Branch x12 Damaged Mask x8
3 50 20,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x6 Dead Ley Line Leaves x6 Stained Mask x6
4 60 30,000 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x3 Dead Ley Line Leaves x12 Stained Mask x9
5 70 35,000 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x6 Ley Line Sprouts x9 Ominous Mask x6
6/Max 80 45,000 Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia x4 Ley Line Sprouts x18 Ominous Mask x12

The Stats of Widsith Catalyst

The rarity of this catalyst is 4 star and the base ATK (Lv 1) of this catalyst is 42. The secondary stat type is Crit DMG and the secondary stat (Lv 1) is 12%.

The Passive Ranks of The Widsith Catalyst

The passive name of this catalyst is Debut. When a character takes the field or switching to the wielder, the theme the song for 10 seconds randomly:

  • Recitative: It can increase the base ATK by certain percent.
  • Interlude: Elemental Mastery will be increased by certain percent.
  • Aria: It will increase all Elemental DMG by certain percent.
  • And it will happen once every certain second.

You are able to see the Increases Base ATK, Increases Elemental Mastery, Increases all Elemental DMG and Time Occur based on Rank in the list below.

    • Rank 1

Increases Base ATK: 60%

Increases Elemental Mastery: 240

Increases all Elemental DMG: 48%

Time Occur: 30 seconds

    • Rank 2

Increases Base ATK: 75%

Increases Elemental Mastery: 300

Increases all Elemental DMG: 60%

Time Occur: 30 seconds

    • Rank 3

Increases Base ATK: 90%

Increases Elemental Mastery: 90%

Increases all Elemental DMG: 90%

Time Occur: 45 seconds

    • Rank 4

Increases Base ATK: 105%

Increases Elemental Mastery: 105%

Increases all Elemental DMG: 105%

Time Occur: 45 seconds

    • Rank 5

Increases Base ATK: 120%

Increases Elemental Mastery: 120%

Increases all Elemental DMG: 120%

Time Occur: 45 seconds

The Widsith Stats by Level

    • Level 20

Crit DMG: 21.2%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 109

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 135

    • Level 40

Crit DMG: 30.9%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 205

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 231

    • Level 50

Crit DMG: 35.7%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 266

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 292

    • Level 60

Crit DMG: 40.6%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 327

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 353

    • Level 70

Crit DMG: 45.4%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 388

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 414

    • Level 80

Crit DMG: 50.3%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 449

Base ATK (Lv =|>): 475

    • Level 90

Crit DMG: 55.1%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 510

Base ATK (Lv =|>): max

For your information, The Widsith catalyst is also known as The Traveller’s Song. This catalyst is an Old English Poem and the name itself has the meaning as ‘far journey’. In the poem, the things that were written by the titular poet were poems about kings, people and heroes of Northern Europe’s Heroic Age.

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