The Mountains Quest Thaw All The Shards Out Location

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Once you have completed the quest to investigate the strange ice in the mountains, you will also be required to thaw all the shards out. However, this is one of “In the Mountains” Quests that you can complete in the Dragonspine area in the Genshin Impact game.

Dragonspine mountain is one of the central landmarks in the Genshin Impact world. It’s located in southern Mondstadt, that’s a freezing region overlooking the current game world which is visible from many locations on the map.

The Mountains Quest Thaw All the Shards Out Location

Now, you will explore the Dragonspine mountain to thaw the shards out. Unfortunately, you do not know how to start completing this quest. If you come to this page to find out where the exact locations to thaw all the shards out, you’re surely at the right page now!

The Location to Thaw All the Shards Out

To thaw all the shards out, you can find them in three different locations. All locations here can be found in certain places throughout the Dragonspine mountains. However, to reach the mountains, it’s a bit hard to do as this place has a huge gust of the wind. However, if you want to complete In The Mountains quest to thaw all the shards out, that’s not a problem at all.

To complete this quest to thaw all the shards out, you should learn for the locations where the shards can be found. Here’s how!

Location 1 – Entombed City Outskirts

Entombed City Outskirts1

Entombed City Outskirts is the first location that you should visit to thaw all the shards out. However, the shards on this location are hidden anywhere, so you have to notice when you find the clues. To reach Entombed City Outskirts, you just simply head the northeast region of Entombed City.

To find the exact spot where the shards are located, you can also use Dragonspine Teleport Waypoint near Wyrmrest Valley. When you get the location, you need to look for a puzzle consisting of 5 pillars. This puzzle can be solved if you use a Cryo character. Ensure that you keep one in the arsenal.

There will be a seelie flying from one ice pillar to the next once you activate it. Remembering the pattern and using a Cryo character to activate each pillar in order to show sellie is a must for you. There are some in a circle around the ice pillar that you should activate. By doing so, one-by-one will be activated throughout the fight.

After activating each pillar, you can then fight two golems. The problem here is that the Sheer Cold debuff will be active. To stop it from being active, you should run around and find Ruin Braziers. Here, your foal will run to activate Ruin and then fight golems from there. Once you defeat the initial two golems, a mini boss level 69 named Ruin Grader will come out. Once he comes out, you should have the strategy to keep yourself.

After the puzzle has been solved, the nearby Ruin Graders will attempt to kill you. To against the Ruin Graders, you should remember to keep warm using the Ruin Braziers outside the area. Otherwise, you ignore the Sheer Cold effect, it totally will kill you. After the machine’s death, the ice in the middle of this area will shatter and allow you to drop down. Last, you have to find four pieces of Scarlet Quartz to be able to thaw the shard in the center.

Location 2 – Starglow Cavern

Starglow Cavern

You can also thaw all the shards out in Starglow Cavern. To do it in this location is much easier than thaw all the shards in Entombed City Outskirts. To get Starglow Cavern, you just simply teleport waypoint left of the letters Starglow Cavern. Then, you will see a hole in the ground behind it.

The hole in the ground is to connect to a tunnel which will take you to the shards. In this location, the shards are blocked by a barrier. The only way to do it is to finish a time trial task to unlock it. After finding it, you should go east through the cave and you then reach the shard.

From this location, you also have to find the three Scarlet Quartz that’s pretty easy to find. Additionally, the fourth Scarlet Quartz will be available after killing all enemies.

Location 3 – Frostbearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree becomes the last location where you can find shards. This tree can be found on the Snow Covered Path. To find the Frostbearing Tree, the first thing that you should do is to destroy the strange ice. If you destroy the strange ice in the mountains, you will then find a lot of shards here.

However, you should thaw the shards and break them. If you get difficulty in destroying the strange ice, you shouldn’t destroy them manually but you should think outside of the box to get the brilliant ways. You can also use the Scarlet Quartz you’ve collected to destroy the nearby ice crystals. We think that the last shard is one of the easiest quests to complete.

In The Mountains Quest Walkthrough

In the Mountains quest is a series of Genshin Impact Quest. To start completing In The Mountains quest, you should talk to Iris in the Adventurer’s Camp right outside Dragonspine. Then, Iris will ask you to complete some tasks, here they are:

    • Investigate the Strange Ice
    • Thaw All the Shards Out
    • Strange Ice in Starglow Cavern
    • Strange Ice in Wyrmrest Valley
    • Thaw All the Shards Out Again
    • Return to Iris

Those are all a series of tasks that you have to complete for In The Mountains quest.

Rewards After Completing In the Mountains Quests

Of course, there are some great rewards that you will get after successfully completing In The Mountains quest. Here are for the rewards:

    • You will get 500 x Adventure Experience
    • You will get 60 x Primogems
    • You will get 30000 x Mora
    • You will get 3 x Hero’s Wit
    • You will get 3 x Mystic Enhancement Ore

Those are very fantastic rewards, aren’t they? So, complete In The Mountains Quest right now, Good Luck!

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