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View Staff of Homa is one of the polearms in the game of Genshin Impact. Let us know Staff of Homa polearm stats, passive ranks, stats by level, and ascension here.

Staff of Homa Information

  • Weapon Type: Polearm
  • Weapon Rarity: 5-star
  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary Stat: CRIT DMG%
  • Secondary Stat Value: 14,4
  • Passive Ability: Reckless Cinnabar
  • Passive Ability Effect: HP increased by 20%. Additionally, gives an ATK Bonus based on 0,8% of the wielder’s Max HP. Once the wielder’s HP is less than 50 percent, this ATK Bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP.
  • How to obtain: Gacha
  • Description: Staff of Homa polearm is a firewood staff which was once used in ancient and long-lost rituals.

Staff of Homa Polearm Passive Ranks

Rank HP Increased % of Wielder’s Max HP % of Max HP
1 20% 0.8% 1%
2 25% 1% 1.2%
3 30% 1.2% 1.4%
4 35% 1.4% 1.6%
5 40% 1.6% 1.8%

Staff of Homa Polearm Stats by Level

Level Base ATK CRIT DMG%
20 153 25.4
40 266 37.1
50 340 42.9
60 382 48.7
70 488 54.5
80 563 60.3
90 608 66.2

Staff of Homa Polearm Ascension

Ascension Level Mora Material
1st 20-40 10k

x5 Grain of Aerosiderite

x5 Dead Ley Line Branch

x3 Slime Condensate

2nd 40-50 20k

x5 Piece of Aerosiderite

x18 Dead Ley Line Branch

x12 Slime Condensate

3rd 50-60 30k

x9 Piece of Aerosiderite

x9 Dead Ley Line Leaves

x9 Slime Secretions

4th 60-70 45k

x5 Bit of Aerosiderite

x18 Dead Ley Line Leaves

x14 Slime Secretions

5th 70-80 55k

x9 Bit of Aerosiderite

x14 Ley Line Sprout

x9 Slime Concentrate

6th 80-90 65k

x6 Chunk of Aerosiderite

x27 Ley Line Sprout

x18 Slime Concentrate

How to obtain Staff of Home Polearm?

Staff of Homa1

You will be able to obtain the Staff of Home polearm weapon through Gacha. For your information, Wishes (Banners) are the gacha system in the Genshin Impact game. As far now, there are two types of Wishes in Genshin Impact. Those two Wishes are the permanent Standard Wish (Wanderlust Invocation), and limited-time Event Wishes for the characters and weapons.

The Standard Wish or Wanderlust Invocation is available and needs Acquaint Fate to pull from it. A wish is always available indefinitely until all 20 pulls are created. It has a 20% discount on the Acquaint Fate required to pull, and guarantees the player gets Noelle character and one other 4 or 5-star character within the 20 pulls. The Limited-time Event has two banners. The first banner for the characters and another banner for the weapons. As their name, they are available for a limited time. Event Wishes will need Intertwined Fates instead of Acquaint Fates.

About Polearm weapon in Genshin Impact

Polearms are one of the 5 possible weapons which characters can use in the game of Genshin Impact. Also, polearms have the fastest attacks of all the weapons in Genshin Impact and good forward reach. For normal attack, typically a Polearm user’s normal attack chain consists of 5-6 rapid melee attacks. For charged attacks, currently there are only three Polearm users in the game. They have drastically-different charged attacks. Xiangling will be able to drive her polearm through enemies with her charged attack, Dough-Fu, Zhongli is able to phase through opponents in a hail of spears with his charged attack, Rain of Stone, while Xiao will be able to perform an upward thrust, lifting opponents into the air with his charged attack, Whirlwind Thrust.

Best Polearms in Genshin Impact

Besides Staff of Homa polearm, here are other best polearm weapons in the game of Genshin Impact that character can use:

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Obtained via: Gatcha
  • Base ATK: 48
  • Bonus Effect: Crit Rate + 4.80%
  • Skill: Eagle Spear of Justice – On hit, can increase ATK by 3.2% for 6 seconds. Max 7 stacks. This effect can occur once every 0.3 second. In possession of the maximum stacks, DMG deals will be able to increase by 12 percent.
  • Pairs well with Genshin Impact’s character: Xiao, Xiangling, Zhongli.

Skyward Spine

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Obtained via: Gatcha
  • Base ATK: 48
  • Bonus Effect: Energy Recharge + 8.0%
  • Skill: Black Wing – Can increase CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on enemies have a 50% opportunity to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. The effect will occur no more than once (every 2 seconds).
  • Pairs well with Genshin Impact’s character: Xiangling, Zhongli.

Vortex Vanquisher

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Obtained via: Gatcha
  • Base ATK: 46
  • Bonus Effect: ATK +10.8%
  • Skill: Golden Majesty – Can increase Shield Strength by 20%. Scoring hits on enemies increases ATK by 4% for 8 seconds. Max 5 stacks. The effect will occur once every 0.3 second. When protected by a shield, ATK increase effect is increased by 100 percent. Pairs well with Genshin Impact’s character: Zhongli

Dragon’s Bane

  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Obtained via: Gatcha
  • Base ATK: 41
  • Bonus Effect: Elemental Mastery +48
  • Skill: Bane of the Flame and Water- Can increases DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro by 20 percent.
  • Pairs well with Genshin Impact’s character: Xiangling

Favonius Lance

  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Obtained via: Gatcha
  • Base ATK: 44
  • Bonus Effect: Energy Recharge + 6.7%
  • Skill: Windfall – CRIT Hits have a 60% opportunity to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. The effect will occur once every 12 seconds.
  • Pairs well with Genshin Impact’s character: Xiangling, Zhongli

Polearms weapons in the game of Genshin Impact have been gaining more and more popularity thanks to the release of Zhongli and Xiao. Even more interesting, the polearm class only has three different characters in it, with Zhongli being a defense focus character, while Xiangling and Xiao are able to be used as the main DPS.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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