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In Genshin Impact, there are several nations. As a Genshin Impact player, you need to know about it because you may have to visit the nations to complete your quests. One of the nations of Teyvat is Snezhnaya. How is this nation? We are going to explain about it here.

The Description of Snezhnaya

Snezhnaya in Genshin Impact is one of the seven nations of Teyvat. The characters who live in this nation worship the Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa and the Fatui, a religion or military force under the control of Tsaritsa which is especially popular because of their diehard devotion to her and also their unscrupulous methods in doing her will.


In this nation, there is perpetual snow and ice. When there is a question for Nadia about her homeland, this character says that people who live in Snezhnaya are delighted to be alive when they look out at the raging winter storms outside.

In Teyvat, Snezhnaya is technologically more advanced than the other nations. The Sacrificial Knife Agent describes that it is a weapon which is made with superior Snezhnayan technology. Meanwhile, Fatui Skirmishers describe them as soldiers who encased in a Fatui war machine. Alice says that the huge factories in Snezhnaya in Teyvat Travel Guide, Mondstadt and Dottore built a factory in Liyue to do Ruin Guard research which does not need personnel to operate.

The Adventurers’ Guild comes from this nation and this fact is not a secret. There are a few people who comment on it and the Guild does not encounter the similar apprehension that people regard the Fatui with. There is also a hint that Katheryne who is a receptionist for the Adventurers’ Guild are a series of androids which are made for the role. Katherynes in Mondstadt and Liyue are the same and they have ‘Error’ and ‘Rebooting’ idle quotes. Furthermore, this thing is proven by Katheryne in the dialogue options of Liyue when she side-steps the Traveler to ask about her identity.

One Of The Villages in Snezhnaya and a Playable Character from This Village

Morepesok is one of the villages in Snezhnaya. It is described that this village is small and it is located at the seaside. In this village, Tartaglia and his family come from.

Tartaglia or also known as Childe is one of playable characters in Genshin Impact. His element is Hydro and he is No. 11 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. This character follows danger wherever he goes and he is always eager for a challenge. In Harbingers, Tartaglia is considered one of the more dangerous members.

Let’s talk about Tartaglia’s personality. This character describes himself as kind of a bad guy who lives for the sensation of a fight and making chaos. This character is confident, very solipsistic and brash. Due to his pride, Tartaglia is really able to be relied on in completing tasks which are given to him, no matter how hard the tasks are or even how much the tasks go against his values. Besides, he also has straightforward nature and it makes him easy to manipulate.

Among the Harbingers, Tartaglia is an odd member. While his friends Harbingers utilize operations of clandestine and stay behind the scenes, Tartaglia prefers being center and front. He is very eager to battle and he has the tendency to cause havoc. Nevertheless, he is a public figure who is known for attending social gatherings and even he participates as an actor in theater and plays.

To the people that he cares about, he dedicates himself to them wholeheartedly. To Tsaritsa, he is very loyal and even he holds her in high esteem and he sees himself as her war weapon. Besides, Tartaglia also cares about his family. He proves it by sending money, gifts and letters home often.

The other characters whose nation is Snezhnaya are Dottore, Pulcinella, Signore and Scaramouche. Scaramouche has double nations with Inazuma.

Some NPCs in Snezhnaya

There are some NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in Snezhnaya. Those characters include Andrei, Ivanovich, and Tsarevich.

  • Andrei


Andrei is a male NPC in Snezhnaya and his profession is a manager of the Northland Bank in Liyue Harbor. In the daytime, you are able to find him in the bank. At night, this character moves to the Snezhnayan merchant area in Liyue Harbor.

  • Ivanovich


Ivanovich is one of NPC that you are able to find in Liyue Harbor. It is near the left side of the docks. In Genshin Impact, this character is a Snezhnayan merchant which is stationed in Liyue. If you are able to follow a certain dialogue branch for the first time, you will be given a Shivada Jade Fragment. This character considers himself as a distributor who sells everyday items which are produced in Snezhnaya. Besides, he also buys Cor Lapis to be sent to Snezhnaya. What is the aim for doing it? The aim of sending back the Cor Lapis to Snezhnaya is unknown in their factories yet.

  • Tsarevich


Tsarevich is also another NPC from Snezhnaya. He is located in Springvale, Mondstadt and he is famous for merchant from Snezhnaya where he does business all over the seven nations. Because of the Dadaupa Gorge being full of monsters, the Knights of Favonius will not allow him to go through. Why? It is because it is too dangerous for him. For your information, Pavel accompanies Tsarevich as Tsarevich’s subordinate.

Some Trivia About Snezhnaya

There are some trivia that you need to know about this nation as you can see below.

  • It seems that Snezhnaya is inspired by a mix of Tsarist and Soviet Russia. However, it also seems that it draws from other European nations such as using Italian commedia dell’arte stock characters’ name for the Harbingers.
  • In Liyue’s Lantern Rite festival, Ivanovich mentions that Krsnik Noc is one of the celebrations of Snezhnaya.
  • In Siberia, there is a river named the Snezhnaya River and it suggests the origin of the name of this region.
  • Fire-Water comes from Snezhnaya and the bartender of Angel’s Share considers it as the strongest wine that he knows.
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