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Silk Flower is one of Liyue Local Specialty that you can find in Genshin Impact. Considering this item is so important in the game, so finding them is a must for you. However, the Silk Flower is totally used for ascension of certain characters. So, we think that finding it in Liyue is better for you.

Before you go on finding the Silk Flower in Liyue, knowing more about it will be needed for you to ease you while looking for it. This post will also show you an overview of the Silk Flower, where to find it, what the Silk Flower is for and more. Let’s find out them below!

Silk Flowers Overview

Silk Flower

Silk Flower is a Local Specialty that you can find in Liyue, meaning you should focus in this region if you want to get this item. The story of the Silk Flowers begins when there is a crimson flower which blooms like the rainbow clouds in Liyue. The flower can totally be created into silky-smooth fabric.

Until now, the Liyue’s Feiyun Commerce Guid is such a giant in silk and textile manufacturing. According to any legendary’s stories, the Feiyun Commerce Guild really has a secret Silk Flower nursery somewhere in the mainland. Certainly, none in the industry can rival their texture and also yield.

From the legend above, we can see that the Silk Flowers are really precious. In order to obtain this valuable item, of course you have to at least look for it around Liyue.How if you do not know where the Silk Flowers are located? Don’t worry! This post will show you any locations where you can find the Silk Flowers that will be explained in next sections.

Where to Find the Silk Flowers?

Generally, these flowers are found within bright red bushes at yujing Terrace within Liyue Harbor and also near the Wangshu Inn. You can also get the Silk Flowers by purchasing them from Verr Goldet and Ms. Bai. They have 5 in stock for 1,000 Mora each which refreshes every two days at 4;00 AM server time.

To ease you finding the Silk Flowers in those locations, we’ll explain for each location below!

Location 1 – In Yujing Terrace

In Yujing Terrace

The first location where you can farm the Silk Flowers is near Yujing Terrace which is located near Liyue Harbor. Aside from finding the Silk Flowers, you can also get several Glaze Lily in this area. The Yujing Terrace can be found in Liyue Harbor’s upper floors.

However, it may be a long trek if you walk up from a lower Liyue Harbor Waypoint. Well, to easily get to this location, you can use the Mt. Tianheng waypoint to glide down to the terrace.

Location 2 – In Wangshu Inn

In Wangshu Inn

The second place that you can visit to find the Silk Flowers is at the entrance and exit of Wangshu Inn. Fortunately, this location is pretty easy to find. To reach the location, you just simply walk across a wooden bridge before you enter or exit the Inn which is located to the south-west of the Dawn Winery.

Moreover, the Silk Flowers are right outside the Wangshu Inn. So, if you already reach the area using the waypoint, you have to move outside the Wangshu Inn to search for the Silk Flowers. Wangshu Inn here is located in between Bishui Plain area and Qingji Estuary area.

Location 3 – From Ms. Bai and Verr Goldet

From Ms. Bai and Verr Goldet

Alternatively, you can also purchase the Silk Flowers from Ms. Bai and also Verr Goldet. You can find Ms. Bai in Qingce village. She provides some items for sale including Local Specialties, Food Recipes and also Cooking Ingredients. She will restock the items every 3 days. Ms. Bai sells the Silk Flower with 1,000 Mora.

You probably want to purchase other items from MS. Bai. So, here are the other items sold by Ms. Bai:

  • Recipe: Noodles with Mountain Delicacies costs 2,500 Mora with 1 stock.
  • Recipe: Qingce Stir Fry costs 5,000 Mora with 1 stock.
  • Recipe: Jueyun Guoba costs 5,000 Mora with 1 stock.
  • Tofu costs 120 Mora with 10 stocks.
  • Almond costs 150 Mora with 10 stocks.
  • Glaze Lily costs 50,000 Mora with 3 stocks.

Aside from Ms. Bai, you can also purchase the Silk Flowers from Verr Goldet. She can be found in Wangshu Inn at Dihua Marsh  Liyue. Besides from Liyue Local Specialties, she also sells the inn’s recipes and dishes. The Silk Flower costs 1,000 Mora with 5stocks every 2 days.

Here are the other items sold by Verr Goldet which you may want to purchase:

  • Almond Tofu costs 1,550 Mora with 2 stocks.
  • Matsutake Meat Rolls costs 1,775 Mora with 2 stocks.
  • Noodles with Mountain Delicacies costs 2,150 Mora with 2 stocks.
  • Chicken-Mushroom Skewer Costs 450 Mora with 10 stocks.
  • Matsutake costs 300 Mora with 10 stocks.
  • Violetgrass costs 1,000 Mora with 5 stocks.
  • Butter costs 270 Mora with  10 stocks.
  • Sausage costs 840 Mora with 10 stocks.
  • Recipe: Vegetarian Abalone costs 2,500 Mora with 1 stock.
  • Recipe: Bamboo Shoot Soup costs 5,000 Mora with 1 stock.

What’s the Silk Flowers For?

The Silk Flower holds no other purposes than for characters’ ascension. The characters who need the Silk Flowers for ascension are Hu Tao and Xingqiu.

Here’s for Xingqui’s ascension:

Level: 20 -40

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×3, Varunada Lazurite Sliver ×1 and Damaged Mask ×3

Level 40 – 50

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×10, Varunada Lazurite Fragment ×3, Damaged Mask ×15 and Cleansing Heart ×2

Level: 50 – 60

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×20, Varunada Lazurite Fragment ×6, Stained Mask ×12 and Cleansing Heart ×4

Level: 60 – 70

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×30, Varunada Lazurite Chunk ×3, Stained Mask ×18 and Cleansing Heart ×8.

Level: 70 – 80

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×45, Varunada Lazurite Chunk ×6, Ominous Mask ×12 and Cleansing Heart ×12

Level: 80 – 90

    • Materials: Silk Flower ×60, Varunada Lazurite Gemstone ×6, Ominous Mask ×24 and Cleansing Heart ×20

Here’s for Hu Tao’s ascension:

Level: 20 -40

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Sliver x1, Silk Flower x3 and Whopperflower Nectar x3

Level 40 – 50

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Fragment x3, Juvenile Jade x2, Silk Flower x10 and Whopperflower Nectar x15

Level: 50 – 60

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Fragment x6, Juvenile Jade x4, Silk Flower x20 and Shimmering Nectar x12.

Level: 60 – 70

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Chunk x3, Juvenile Jade x8, Silk Flower x30 and Shimmering Nectar x18.

Level: 70 – 80

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Chunk x6, Juvenile Jade x12, Silk Flower x45 and Energy Nectar x12.

Level: 80 – 90

    • Materials: Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6, Juvenile Jade x820 Silk Flower x60 and Energy Nectar x24.

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