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Signora first appeared in Prologue, Act 3 which is still the main story in Genshin Impact. When it first appeared, Signora was introduced as the 8th member of the 11 Harbingers. Although currently still one of the main enemies, it doesn’t make Signora hated by Genshin Impact players. In fact, its arrival is expected in future updates.

Signora is a member of the Fatui, the hidden group of Shnezhnaya scattered throughout Tevyat. Reportedly, they have evil motives and goals. So the big organization in the seven Tevyat regions, the members of Fatui have a lot of power. They served a lord who, he said, had an evil purpose.

Signora genshin impact

You may wonder who Signora is and what is her motif in Genshin Impact? To know more about her, let’s find out some facts below!

Who Is Signora?

She was first seen at the end of Act 3 of the Prologue once the Traveler has helped Dvalin and bring back the Holy Lyre der Himmel. She is appearing with Fatui mages and agents to catch the Traveler and Venti off guard as they exit the Mondstadt Cathedral. In the game, she creates quick work of the Traveler, Paimon and Venti, catching them with a single snap which freezes Paimon and blows her away. She then freezes Venti’s legs in place so that he cannot escape.

Fatui agents really hold back the Traveler as Signora taunts Venti. When Venti repays the flavor, Signora continues to stab and enraged him and take his Gnosis. She finally leaves him to fall on the ground after kicking him once more and leaves the Paimon and Traveler behind before any Knights of Favonius catch and show up in the act.

What Does Signora Look Like?

Signora comes in a female character which has a tall body with pale skin, light grey eyes and platinum-blonde hair. Because she is one of the Fatui members, she totally wears a black Fatui mask over her face which is covering her right eye and also a black earring on her left ear.

Just like other Catalyst users, Signora is seen with a Catalyst hovering over her right side. Even though she uses Cryo powers in a cutscene, she has not been shown to have a Vision nor a Delusion as of yet.

In the game, Signora acts very arrogant and posh on her introduction, even calling Venti a “rodent ruler”. She really has a bad character and will take some  deeds against people brutally who she does not like. Signora does not like when Venti negatively compares her to the Tsarita.

However, when she interacts with Zhongli, her bad character seems to disappear as Zhongli’s formal contract with Tsaritsa. She is more professional than Zhongli, so she has freedom to mock the Traveler over the incident in Mondstadt and belittles fellow Harbinger Childe.

Aside from that, she’s also able in keeping the contract confidential even keeping Childe’s eavesdropping ears from gleaning such information to Zhongli’s praises. Signora may be well-known as a Social Darwinist who trusts that only the strongest can really survive as what Childe said that she used lethal force against her recruits. Additionally, she is just on the extreme end which seems to be a sentiment many Snezhnayas instilled from a young age.

How Does the Fatui Agent Work?

The Eleven “Fatui” Harbingers are the top formation of the Fatui. The highest leader of this agent is named Tsaritsa which has powerful lieutenants who have been given absolute authority. They also have their ability which is leveled with the Delusion that the Tsaritsa as the Cryo Archon gave them. Of course, it makes them far more powerful than normal Vision wielders. Each Harbinger actually leads their own division within the Fatui agent.

Moreover, Harbingers are the strongest and highest ranking members of the Fatui which are also all wealthy and powerful members of Snezhnaya society. Well, according to Ekaterina, the amount of money, Childe has stored at the Northland Bank “boggles the mind” while Goth reveals the Traveler that Pantalone rented out the entire Goth Grand Hotel in Mondstadt for Fatui’s personal use and paid him upfront. They also have selected those in the Fatui who have proven themselves in their strength

Some Facts about Fatui

We also have plenty of facts that you should know about Fatui. Here they are:

    • Formed by the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya

In the first round of Quest Archon, we ever seen that La Signora has forcibly taken Venti’s Gnosis. As a high-ranking Fatui leader, it turned out that La Signora answered the order from the Archon Cryo, named Tsaritsa who controlled the Shnezhnaya region.

According to Dansleif, Tsaritsa was an Archon who was not trusted anymore by the people in Shnezhnaya. He was cold towards the societies. However, Tsaritsa was exalted by the Fatui members as their leader.

    • The power of Foul Corruption And delusion

Childe is one of the first Harbinger to play. Previously, we were also tasked with defeating this character who showed Foul Corruption ability. Aside from gavong the ability to increase the user’s ability, Foul Corruption will make users physically exhausted. It seems that this power consumes high energy so that the Fatui members we fight will suffer fatigue if their shield can be destroyed.

    • Fatui actually has good goals, is it true?

It is not clear what the Tsaritsa’s purpose was to gather Gnosis from each Archon. In fact, none can awaken this power. Dansleif stated that Tsaritsa actually desired to rebel against the gods above Archon who is still govern Tevyat.

    • The meaning of Fatui

The word of “fatui” or “fatuus” can be translated as fool in Latin. It is not clear why this seemingly antagonistic organization has given a name like this. If it’s true, the word of Fatui given by Tsaritasa may be as a form of their commitment to become his puppets.

Fatui members are seen wearing European-style masks. The mask is inspired by the Italian Theater commonly used at costume parties. This ornament can also appear even more terrifying when the power of Delusion members are awakened.

Note: Signora is the Fatui antagonist character, so there’s no build guide needed. 

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