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In Genshin Impact, Serpent Spine is a claymore. The rarity of this claymore is 4 stars and it can be obtained through Battle Pass. What is the story of this claymore? What is the ascension of this claymore? How about the stats by level and also the passive stats? You will get all the information about this claymore here.

The Story of Serpent Spine

It is described that Serpent Spine is a rare weapon whose origin is the ancient ocean. Someone is able to hear the sound of the ageless waves when it is swung. This claymore is a greatsword which is made from the spine of a great sea monster, each eerie segment of bone becomes a tale. In the past, seamen would use the bones of the monsters as dolls.

Serpent Spine genshin

In the past, in the stormy oceans, those who go to the sea would often never be seen again. The carefree sea cottages of today were in years long gone farewell songs that left people in mournful silence. In those days, there was a greatsword-wielding captain who enjoyed drinking and making merry before a voyage. When people asked him, he laughed and the thing that he said is that he knows himself. Then, he asked himself about what wine and song was to him. He answered that do not be worried once the sea and winds are right. However, he would never complete that statement. He would only lift his mug and call for all around to have another drink.

After that, the day when the sea and winds came together, the stern of the great vessel rode them as it sailed. Far into the misty sea, it went, far across the darkening waves, into the ocean that teemed with sea creatures. And finally, the singing skipper or ship would not ever go back to the harbor which is ringed by mountains.

After a lot of days, the corpse of a sea monster from the deep was beached on the shore by the waves. There was a brilliant white bone which shone out from a great gash torn into it by a greatsword. The blood had long been washed clean.

Now, the seas are not disturbed anymore by giant creatures that appear from the storm and rain down devastation upon the waves. The practice to install skeletons of sea monsters onto the bows of shops has been lost with their extinction. However, when someone sails far abroad, sometimes people still can hear the spine-chilling sound of thunder which rumbles in the depths.

The Ascensions of Serpent Spine

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 5,000 Grain of Aerosiderite x3 Fragile Bone Shard x3 Whopperflower Nectar x2
2 40 15,000 Piece of Aerosiderite x3 Fragile Bone Shard x12 Whopperflower Nectar x8
3 50 20,000 Piece of Aerosiderite x6 Sturdy Bone Shard x6 Shimmering Nectar x6
4 60 30,000 Bit of Aerosiderite x3 Sturdy Bone Shard x12 Shimmering Nectar x9
5 70 35,000 Bit of Aerosiderite x6 Fossilized Bone Shard x9 Energy Nectar x6
6/Max 80 45,000 Chunk of Aerosiderite x4 Fossilized Bone Shard x18 Energy Nectar x12

The Stats of Serpent Spine

The rarity of Serpent Spine is 4 stars and the base ATK in level 1 of this claymore is 42. How about the secondary stat type? The secondary stat type of Serpent Spine is CRIT Rate and the secondary stat in level 1 is 6%.

The Passive Ranks of Serpent Spine

The passive name of Serpent Spine is Wavesplitter. The effect is that every 4 seconds a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum 0f 5 stacks and if the character leaves the field, it will not be reset. However, it will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.

In the list below, you are able to see the Deal DMG and Take DMG based on the Rank.

Rank 1

    • Deal DMG: 6%
    • Take DMG: 3%

Rank 2

    • Deal DMG: 7%
    • Take DMG: 2.7%

Rank 3

    • Deal DMG: 8%
    • Take DMG: 2.4%

Rank 4

    • Deal DMG: 9%
    • Take DMG: 2.2%

Rank 5

    • Deal DMG: 10%
    • Take DMG: 2%

Serpent Spine Stats by Level

Level 20

    • Crit Rate: 10.6%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 109
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 135

Level 40

    • Crit Rate: 15.5%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 205
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 231

Level 50

    • Crit Rate: 17.5%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 266
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 292

Level 60

    • Crit Rate: 20.3%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 327
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 353

Level 70

    • Crit Rate: 22.7%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 388
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 414

Level 80

    • Crit Rate: 25.1%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 449
    • Base ATK (Lv=|>): 475

Level 90

    • Crit Rate: 27.5%
    • Base ATK (Lv==): 510

Some Other 4-Star Claymores

Besides Serpent Spine, there are still more 4-star claymores in Genshin Impact. Some of them are listed below.

  • Whiteblind

This claymore is part of the Infusion series. It can be obtained through Forging. The recipe for forging include Northlander Claymore Billet x1, Crystal Chunk x50, White Iron Chunk x50 and 500 Mora. The base ATK in level 1 is 42. The secondary stat type is DEF and the secondary stat in level is 11.3%.

  • The Bell

This claymore is part of Wanderer’s Troupe series. It can be obtained through Gacha and it is described as a heavy greatsword where a clock is embedded in it even though its internal mechanisms have long been damaged.

  • Blackcliff Slasher

This claymore is part of Blackcliff series and it can be obtained through Paimon’s Bargains. It is described as an extremely sturdy greatsword from the Blackcliff Forge. This claymore has a dark crimson color from the blade to the pommel. The base ATK in level is 42. The secondary stat type of this claymore is CRIT DMG and the secondary stat in level 1 is 12%.

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