Scarlet Quartz Respawn Time

Genshin Impact is a fantasy game where you will be in a fantasy world to complete a mission there. In the Dragonspine which is a new area in Genshin Impact 1.2 version, you are able to find Scarlet Quartz that you can use for breaking the ice which covers the statue of the seven. This item has respawn time that we will explain below.

The Respawn Time of Scarlet Quartz

Natural Scarlet Quartz can respawn after 15 seconds. However, if they are involved in a puzzle, they will only respawn after the puzzle is completed with the specific Scarlet Quartz in the vicinity which are used in the puzzle.

The Respawn Time of Scarlet Quartz

Scarlet Quartz in Genshin Impact is the same as natural ores. It will spawn near a rock and often it respawns with a rock body behind it. It is considered a geo object which subject it to standard damage multipliers for its category. There is a chance to find some Scarlet Quartz near a deposit of protected ice if you find a deposit of protected ice.

About Scarlet Quartz

In Genshin Impact, Scarlet Quartz is an item which can be found in various regions in Dragonspine. On the character, this item will have special effects when it is picked up. You are not able to get it as an item through normal ways. Therefore, for the Mine 10 items Battle Pass mission, it does not count.

When this item is obtained, it will be able to reduce 5% Sheer Cold accumulation and it stops all Sheer Cold accumulation and also imbues the character with its essence. It happens until it is used up or after 25 seconds where the imbuement disappears. When the next character or another character in the party hits an entity, the hit will be imbued with the Scarlet Quartz and it deals a separate hit of substantially high Pyro damage together with the regular damage to the opponents . In the process, it consumes the imbuent. The main use of Scarlet Quartz is to ruin unique ice such as Frost Thorns and Ancient Rime which are immune to all damage. How, they can be damaged by Scarlet Quartz by consuming the imbuement to deal damage to it.

It is important for you to know that Scarlet Quartz will not be seen in your inventory. Nevertheless, you will be surrounded by red energy as a sign that you have obtained this item. When you are in that state and then you attack crystals, the crystals will be melted.

Breaking the Ice in the Dragonspine Using Scarlet Quartz

In Genshin Impact 1.2 version, Dragonspine is a new frozen area. In this frozen world, you will have to deal with the new statue of the seven. When you find this statue, you will see a large amount of ice around it. If you use a weapon, you cannot break it.

To be able to break the ice in the Dragonspine region, the first thing that you have to do is to find a new type of red rock or crystal named Scarlet Quartz. Here, Scarlet Quartz is very useful. When you are breaking it, there will be a buff when you are picking up a shard of it. Now, you are allowed to break the ice. However, it is important for you to know that the buff is only available for a limited amount of time. It means that you have to discover Scarlet Quartz soon beside the ice. You are able to try to break it so that you can reach it in time. You may be curious why there is a mechanic which revolves around breaking ice in Dragonspine. The reason is because the whole mountain is an area which is snowy and icy.

If you want to smash the ice which covers the objects, once again as explained above, you have to find Scarlet Quartz. It is not difficult to find it since it can be discovered anywhere on Dragonspine. However, as we have mentionedĀ  that Scarlet Quartz is not an item that canĀ  appear in your inventory. It will be a buff when picking up the shard of the bigger crystal. If the buff has been gained, there will be a power that you can use to destroy the giant Ice Crystals. In addition, it permits you to be able to break the ice on the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine.

Do you want to watch how other players break the ice in Dragonspine using Scarlet Quartz? On Youtube, there are some videos to watch about breaking ice in the Dragonspine. Here, we have some recommended videos that you can watch on that platform.

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Well, that’s the information that we are able to give to you about Scarlet Quartz. As a Genshin Impact player, you need to know the details of each item in the game so that you will be able to use it optimally.

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