Scarlet Quartz Location Map

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While completing the Genshin Impact quests that allows you to destroy the ice or hard rocks, you surely will need plenty of Scarlet Quartz. Aside from that, you can also use the Scarlet Quartz to keep you still warm when you’re around the ice. Well, it will be needed when you complete the quest in the icy area in Genshin Impact.

In order to have the Scarlet Quartz, you should get them before. As a clue, the Scarlet Quartz can be found anywhere. You probably want to know the exact location where you can find the Scarlet Quartz, don’t you?

Thankfully, this post will show you the Scarlet Quartz location that you can find through the Genshin Impact map. Let’s find them below!

Scarlet Quartz Location Map

Where to Find Scarlet Quartz on the Map?

The Scarlet Quartz can be found anywhere in Dragonspine. Because there is no clue that informs you the exact location of Scarlet Quartz in Dragonspine, of course, you should think to find them out of the box which you finally get them.

We think that there are a lot of players who are finding the Scarlet Quartz for a long time. However, it’s so normal, considering the Scarlet Quartz is similar to the natural ores which will spawn near rock and often with a rock body behind it. Most players think that this item is considered a Geo object, subjecting it to standard damage multipliers for its category. Then, if you successfully find a deposit of protected ice, there will be likely to be some Scarlet Quartz nearby.

The natural Scarlet Quartz will respawn after 12 second, unless they are involved in a puzzle. In this case, with specific Scarlet Quartz in the vicinity used in the puzzle, the ones involved will only respawn after the puzzle is completed.

How to Use Scarlet Quartz?

The odd gems named Scarlet Quartz is one of the Genshin Impact items that you can find in various regions throughout Dragonspine. As there is no exact location where to find them, it makes a lot of players getting a bit hard to find them in Dragonspine. Considering there are plenty of Scarlet Quartz’s benefits that you can get, we think that finding the Scarlet Quartz is totally a must for you.

The Scarlet Quartz has special effects on the characters when picked up. This item cannot be obtained using a normal means which makes it to not be counted for the “Mine 10 items” Battle Pass mission.

So, what are the Scarlet Quartz for? Let’s see how to use the Scarlet Quartz in the game below!

  • Used to survive Sheer Cold

The Scarlet Quartz can be an important item that you can use to survive when you are in an icy area. However, it capables to reducing 5% Sheer Cold accumulation and stopping all Sheer Cold accumulation. Besides, it will imbue the character with its essence until it’s used up or after 25 seconds in which imbuement disappears.

You may already know that when you enter Dragonspine, you will see a new blue status bar above your HP. This blue bar will slowly fill up if you’re exposed to the cold without any heat/ fire sources. However, this circumstance will show the amount of the Sheer Cold. The Sheer Cold will be continuously accumulated to you especially if you swim in cold water or you’re around the icy area.

To note, when the Sheer Cold reaches its limit and the blue bar is finally getting red, you totally will lose your HP. If you get it, the only way that you should do it is to stop it. Well, the only item that can stop losing your HP is Scarlet Quartz.

The point is, Scarlet Quartz is importantly used to keep you still when they’re around you. Unfortunately, they will disappear when you attack an opponent. So, make sure to keep having them enough when you want to attack the enemies.

  • Used to destroy ice crystal

Apart from keeping you still warm around the icy area, the Scarlet Quartz can be used to destroy the large ice crystal though. Before you go on destroying the ice crystal, of course you need to collect them first throughout Dragonspine. You can commonly find them on the ground, on the stones, behind the stone and more.

You should destroy some ice crystal in front of you with more than one. So you will have to look around the area for more. Once you destroy them with Scarlet Quartz, you should also go ahead and run around the crystal and use the Scarlet Quartz you find to destroy the ice crystal again.

At least you will need four of  Scarlet Quartz to destroy the ice crystal. So ensure that you find them in order to break the crystal easily. If you use the Scarlet Quartz, you will absolutely break it and release an orb, you suddenly will look like a reddish tree roll named Frostbearing Tree.

  • Used to destroy rocks

You can also use Scarlet Quartz to destroy the red  rocks. If you are hitting the red rocks using a skill or weapon, it will make the rock explode and release a Scarlet Quartz. You can then use them to destroy the rocks.

Well, those are all ways that you can do with Scarlet Quartz. Make sure to use it for your needs.

When Does Scarlet Quartz Respawn?

Besides knowing where the Scarlet Quartz location and how to get them, you also have to know when they respawn in the game. Commonly, the Scarlet Quartz will respawn after 12 second, unless they are involved in a puzzle. In this case, with specific Scarlet Quartz in the vicinity used in the puzzle,  the ones involved will only respawn after the puzzle is completed.

Unfortunately, not all players find the Scarlet Quartz will respawn in the right time, even some of them find they do not respawn again after 12 seconds. Additionally, the Scarlet Quartz will not appear in your inventory. In this case, you will be surrounded by red energy. While in other cases, the crystal which attacks them will melt them a lot.

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