Scarlet Quartz Genshin Not Respawning

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You may get the issues why the Scarlet Quartz is not respawning in the game when you want to use it. However, you’re not alone, considering there are a lot of players who get the same problem with you. If you notice that they are not respawning, you may be a bit stressed with it, don’t you?

Don’t worry! This post will show you what you should do when the Scarlet Quartz is not respawning in the game. So, let’s see the recommended ways that you have to do when getting these issues!

Scarlet Quartz Genshin Not Respawning

What Should You Do If Scarlet Quartz is Not Respawning?

When you get the Scarlet Quartz not respawning during the game, you may think hard why it happens. In fact, there will be possible indicators which makes them not respawning in the game, they are:

  • Too many Scarlet Quartz’s usage
  • Pick the Scarlet Quartz slowly
  • Some bugs occur in the game
  • Any issues may happen caused by players’ device
  • More

Well, we got some possible ways in order to make the Scarlet Quartz to respawn again in the game. Of course, the problem solvings that we will show to you are obtained from some gaming forums. On the forum, there are plenty of threads that you can find. They also give some workable ways to make the Scarlet Quartz respawning in the game.

To solve your issue when the scarlet quartz doesn’t respawn, you can do the following ways below!

  • Get the two seelies to their places in front of the gate. Then, behind the gate there’s a Scarlet Quartz that does respawn. You can finally pick it to the frozen thing you need to melt.
  • You can also try to find the Scarlet Quartz behind a door locked by seelies. However, this way is a bit hard as many players cannot find the second seelie to open the door.
  • Make sure that you go up fast before Scarlet Quartz expires.
  • You can also use double anemo just to get them again quickly and aim before the buff was gone.
  • Try to open the big gate and see if there is  a closer Scarlet Quartz out there. It commonly will appear at the top. So make sure to have enough time to reach the second shard.
  • Use a pyro to destroy the red rocks. However, once you destroy the red rocks, there will be plenty of Scarlet Quartz falling down.

Well, those are possible ways that you can do to get the Scarlet Quartz respawn in the game. To note, those ways may not be working for some players.

What is Scarlet Quartz?

What Is Scarlet Quartz1

Scarlet Quartz is one of the Genshin Impact items that you can find in various regions throughout Dragonspine. The Scarlet Quartz has special effects on the characters when picked up. This item cannot be obtained using a normal means which makes it to not be counted for the “Mine 10 items” Battle Pass mission.

As there is no exact location where to find them, it makes a lot of players a bit hard to find them in Dragonspine. Need to know that the natural Scarlet Quartz will respawn after 12 second, unless they are involved in a puzzle. In this case, with specific Scarlet Quartz in the vicinity used in the puzzle,  the ones involved will only respawn after the puzzle is completed.

How Important the Scarlet Quartz in the Game is!

Considering there are plenty of Scarlet Quartz’s benefits that you can get, we think that finding the Scarlet Quartz is totally a must for you. However, by getting the Scarlet Quartz, you will have a chance to use them for any purposes. One of them is to keep you still warm around icy areas.

You may already know that Scarlet Quartz will stop all Sheer Cold accumulation which can also reduce 5% Sheer Cold accumulation. You may already know that when you enter Dragonspine, you will see a new blue status bar above your HP. This blue bar will slowly fill up if you’re exposed to the cold without any heat/ fire sources.

However, this circumstance will show the amount of the Sheer Cold. The Sheer Cold will be continuously accumulated to you especially if you swim in cold water or you’re around the icy area. Additionally, when the Sheer Cold reaches its limit and the blue bar is finally getting red, you totally will lose your HP. If you get it, the only way that you should do it is to stop it. Well, the only item that can stop losing your HP is Scarlet Quartz.

Aside from stopping the Sheer Cold accumulation, you can also use it for destroying the ice crystals. Before you go on destroying the ice crystal, of course you need to collect them first throughout Dragonspine. You can commonly find them on the ground, on the stones, behind the stone and more.

You should destroy some ice crystal in front of you with more than one. So you will have to look around the area for more. Once you destroy them with Scarlet Quartz, you should also go ahead and run around the crystal and use the Scarlet Quartz you find to destroy the ice crystal again.

At least you will need four of  Scarlet Quartz to destroy the ice crystal. So ensure that you find them in order to break the crystal easily. If you use the Scarlet Quartz, you will absolutely break it and release an orb, you suddenly will look like a reddish tree roll named Frostbearing Tree.

Last importance of Scarlet Quartz is for destroying the rocks. You can also use them to destroy the red  rocks. If you are hitting the red rocks using a skill or weapon, it will make the rock explode and release a Scarlet Quartz. You can then use them to destroy the rocks.

To note: the Scarlet Quartz will not appear in your inventory. In this case, you will be surrounded by red energy. While in other cases, the crystal which attacks them will melt them a lot.

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