Sacrificial Greatsword

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Sacrificial Greatsword is a claymore in Genshin Impact. The rarity of this claymore is 4 stars. If you want to have this claymore, you are able to obtain it through Gacha. Do you want to know more about this claymore? Below, we have some information about Sacrificial Greatsword.

The Story of Sacrificial Greatsword

It is described that Sacrificial Greatsword is a ceremonial greatsword which has become petrified over time. There are trinkets on it which are still visible. It gives the user the power to be able to withstand the winds of time.

Sacrificial Greatsword  genshin

Based on the lore about this claymore, it is told that on the cliff which faces the eastern sea, there were the ancestors who worshipped the masters of Time and Anemo together. Those two are related intimately the same as the expression which says that Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them. The sword tells a story about war and it was used in the enactment of war tales. At first, it was just a prop. But then by the passage of time, its blade has been hardened.

In the past, this sword was possessed by the Imunlaukr clan. This clan is a clan of brave and gifted warriors who fought hard and died young. In sacrificial ceremonies, they would do duels between brave warriors which are stained black with blood.

The Imunlaukr clan thought that combat existed not for protection, for glory or even for obtaining territory. However, it was for the amusement of the gods which high up in the heavens. Monsters and outlaws, they fought them all similarly. They do not care for whether this time they would go back to their beloveds after it. The most important thing was to roar, loud and clear in the heat of bloody battle. It was the duty that they had to fulfill.

The hot blood which runs through the veins should not have been conducive to a long history for the Imunlaukr clan. Because their fight was one without end and without hope of victory. However, when the snow melted slowly and Mondstadt started to form itself, gradually they realized that they had found something to fight for at last.

The Ascensions of Sacrificial Greatsword

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 5,000 Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth x3 Dead Ley Line Branch x3 Firm Arrowhead x2
2 40 15,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x3 Dead Ley Line Branch x12 Firm Arrowhead x8
3 50 20,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x6 Dead Ley Line Leaves x6 Sharp Arrowhead x6
4 60 30,000 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x3 Dead Ley Line Leaves x12 Sharp Arrowhead x9
5 70 35,000 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x6 Ley Line Sprouts x9 Weathered Arrowhead x6
6/Max 80 45,000 Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia x4 Ley Line Sprouts x18 Weathered Arrowhead x12

The Stats of Sacrificial Greatsword

The rarity of Sacrificial Greatsword is 4 stars. The base ATK Lv 1 of this claymore is 44. The secondary stat type is Energy Recharge and the secondary stat Lv 1 is 6.7.

The Passive Ranks of Sacrificial Greatsword

The passive name of this claymore is Composed. After the character damages an enemy with an Element Skill, the skill has a certain opportunity to be able to end its own CD. Every 30 seconds, it can only happen once. In the list below, you are able to see the chance of CD based on the Rank.

    • Rank 1

CD chance: 40%

    • Rank 2

CD chance: 50%

    • Rank 3

CD chance: 60%

    • Rank 4

CD chance: 70%

    • Rank 5

CD chance: 80%

The Sacrificial Greatsword Stats by Level

    • Level 20

Energy Recharge: 11.8%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 119

Base ATK (Lv =|): 144

    • Level 40

Energy Recharge: 17.2

Base ATK (Lv ==): 226

Base ATK (Lv =|):252

    • Level 50

Energy Recharge: 19.9%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 293

Base ATK (Lv =|):319

    • Level 60

Energy Recharge: 22.6%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 361

Base ATK (Lv =|):387

    • Level 70

Energy Recharge: 25.2%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 429

Base ATK (Lv =|): 455

    • Level 80

Energy Recharge: 27.9%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 497

Base ATK (Lv =|): 523

    • Level 90

Energy Recharge: 30.6%

Base ATK (Lv ==): 565

The Other Weapons in Sacrificial Series

Sacrificial Greatsword is one of weapons in the Sacrificial series. There are still more weapons in this series as you are able to see in the list below.

    • Sacrificial Sword

The rarity of this sword is 4 stars and it can be obtained through Gacha. The Base ATK in Lv 1 is 41. The Secondary stat type is Energy Recharge and the secondary stat in level 1 is 13.3%. It is described that this sword is a ceremonial sword which has been petrified over time. In Albedo’s official art, you can see that Albedo is seen wielding this sword.

    • Sacrificial Fragments

This is a catalyst and the rarity of this catalyst is 4 stars. It can be obtained through Gacha and it is described that this catalyst is a weathered script. The text is not legible anymore. It is a cursed item which is eroded by the winds of time. The base ATK in Lv 1 of this catalyst is 41. The Secondary stat type of it is Elemental Mastery and the secondary stat in Lv 1 is 48.

    • Sacrificial Bow

It is a bow and the rarity of this bow is 4 stars. This bow can be obtained through Gacha. The base ATK in Lv 1 of this bow is 44. The secondary stat type is Energy Recharge and the secondary stat in Lv 1 is 6.7%. In the level 20/20, the base ATK is 119. The base ATK in level 20/40 is 144. Then, the energy recharge in this level is 11.8%. After the character deals damage to an enemy with an Elemental Skill, the skill will have a 40% opportunity to be able to end its own CD. Every 30 seconds, it can only happen once.

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