Qingyun Peak

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Genshin Impact is huge and has a lot of places. One of the areas that you might have heard is called Qingyu Peak. For those who have no idea, Qingyu Peak refers to the area located in Minlin, Liyue. There is a stone at the base of the steps leading up this are that reads:

Black clouds too shall pass, just as silver linings end. Come sun or rain, all seems from the heighs of Jueyun Karst.”

Qingyun Peak details:

    • Type: Open World
    • Location: Minlin

Qingyun Peak locations

Three Divine Birds Puzzle

There are a lot of secrets in Genshin Impact for you to discover. Among them, there is one that happens to be located in Qingyun Peak. In this place, your job is to find three Divine Birds in order to solve a puzzle and earn some cool rewards. If you are interested, be ready and get your climbing gear because this one will take you all across the mountainous region.

In order to start the Three Divine Qingyun Peak. It is hard to climb, but you should make it up with no problems if you manage your stamina well and take your time. Once you are there, do not forget to activate the Teleport Waypoint. After doing so, go to the big pedestal. In the end, you will be given a clue about the three mountains and three Divine Birds once you interact with it. For your information, the three mountains in question will be Mount Hulao, Mount Aozang, and another one near Qingyun Peak.

From Mount Aozang, your journey can be started by gliding as far as you can from the wind and make your way up to the highest point. The peak will be slightly to the South of the lake. You will be able to find a statue of a bird located at the top, which later can be rotated. Your job is to rotate these bird statues and make them face the back towards Qingyun Peak. After spinning the statue in the right position, please wait for a while for a quick cutscene to start showing a light that shines from the bird back.

The good news is that the point closest to the peak where you start is the same and it should be the easiest one to reach since it is lower compared to the others. All that you have to do is to just give a spin, wait for a second for the light to show up, and then go.

Mount Hulao to the West will be the last point. Do not forget to climb all the way to the top, even though the bird statue is placed on a lower area. For your information, you are provided with a Teleport waypoint that you will want to use just in case, since you will need to glide over to the statue. This way is not that dangerous but it is better for you to avoid it. This time, turn the bird and watch the light shine.

After rotating the three bird positions, the next thing that you will have to do is to go back to Qingyun Peak and make your way to the pedestal. There will be a new wind current. Please use it to glide to land at some new floating stone platforms that will lead you to the floating island.

Once you have completed the task, you will be able to earn three chests in the sky. One of them is called Geoculus. Please focus and be careful when getting those three chests since it is possible for them to bounce and fall off the small island.

The other areas in Minlin, Liyue

As stated in the earlier paragraph, Qingyun Peak is a part of Minlin, Liyue. Aside form Qingyun Peak, the other ones that are located in this place include:

    • Cuijue Slope
    • Jueyun Karst

Jueyun Karst is named as the place where the adepti live. Usually, no one has a gut to visit it, but there are some or desperate ones who brave enough to seek the adepti for good fortune. This one has two Teleport Waypoints with the first one in the southwest of the domain Tainshan Mansion and the second one to the west leading towards Guili Plains.

    • Huanguang Stone Forest

Huanguang Stone Forest is the area that is surrounded by three mountains: Mt. Aozang, Qingyun Peak, and Mt. Hulao. Despite having no Teleport Waupoint, you are able to reach the surrounding mountains easily.

    • Mt. Aozang

Mt. Aozang is the home of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer.

    • Mt. Hulao

Some big pieces of amber are discovered along the mountain. They are all formed by the flowers planted by the Mountain Shaper to keep out the intruders. These kinds of plants are known as karst crawlers. They are usually found hidden underground and have the ability to produce amber to tarp anything that tries to step on it. If you want to reveal the thing that is inside such as treasure or enemies, all that should be done is to break the amber.

A sealed cave is located in front of the pond. Something is written on the mysterious barriers. If you are curious, here is what it is about:

(Jueyun Karst is where the adepti dwell, so perhaps this is the abode of one. But there seems to be no way to enter…)

The large amber of Mt. Hulao is better compared to Cor Lapis. It is possible for you to get something once it is destroyed.

    • Nantianmen

Nantianmen is the place where the tree has the adepti abode of the Chi dragon. The non-playable character or NPC who lives there is named Jiu.

    • Tiangqiu Valley

There is one Geoculus found in Tiangqiu Valley. It is located at the top of one of the towers. This area has two Teleport Waypoints, which include the one to the east and the one to the south. You will be able to find three ruined towers on the western side of the valley.

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