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Recently, there are many players of Genshin Impact looking for the information related to the best build for Pulcinella. Unfortunately, we will not be able to find that information as Pulcinella is a new character in Genshin Impact. Here we are going to share some information related to Pulcinella that we got from some sources.


Pulcinella is known as the 5th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. He first appeared in Mihoyo’s Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview video. Several people say that the character in the photo is not Pulcinella but Tsarista. But, in the Chapter Storyline Preview video’s description, it is said Harbinger Pulcinella and followers.

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Genshin Impact Build for Pulcinella

Officially, Mihoyo does not confirm yet what is the best weapon or artifacts for Pulcinella. For this case, you need to be patient waiting for that information. Today, we will not be able to share information exactly about the best weapon or artifacts for Pulcinella. However, we already got information that Pulcinella is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Another member of Eleven Fatui Harbingers is Scaramouche. He might be a catalyst user. So, will Pulcinella become a catalyst user too? For right now, we do not know that information. For your information, the Catalysts are one of the five star weapons in Genshin Impact that the characters can use. Due to its magical nature, Normal and Charged attacks implemented with the Catalyst are considered as elemental damage. The element of damage depends on the wielder’s natural element.

Pulcinella is one of the Fatui Harbingers, what are Harbingers?

You should know that the Eleven Fatui Harbingers are the top formation of the Fatui. The Tsaritsa’s great lieutenants who have been given an authority. Also, they have had their skills boosted with the Delusion that the Tsaritsa and the Cryo Archon gave them. Therefore, this makes them far more powerful than normal Vision wielders. Each Harbinger of course will lead their division within the Fatui.

Apparently, the Harbingers are the solid and also the highest-ranking members of the Fatui. They are all wealthy and powerful members of Snezhnayan society. Ekaterina said that the amount of money Tartaglia (Childe) has saved at the Northland Bank ‘boggles the mind’, while Goth says the Traveler that Pantalone rented out the Goth Grand Hotel in Mondstadt for the Fatui’s private use and then paid him upfront. In the Fatui they chose those who have already proven themselves in their strength to be their direct subordinates. All Harbingers are revered by their subordinates and foot soldiers. Frequently, they call them Lord or Lady and they try not to obtain on their bad side. The Fatui foot think that if they have a sparring session with a Harbinger so it is an honor for them.

Remember that each of them has a number. However, it does not denote a definite scale of the power. It only relates to their seniority in descending order. The newest to join the ranks is Tartaglia, but the first and the oldest is Pedrelino. After they already joined the Harbingers, the members took up a new name and a title. Besides, it is referred to as an alias or codename. The Harbingers seem to be rather divided in their ways and views across the Fatui. In front of the Traveler, Tartaglia shows an open dislike of the ways of Signora, while Viktor states that he would rather work for Capitano instead of Signora. Scaramouche is disliked universally by everyone including his friend Harbingers.

Other Members of The Fatui Harbingers

Besides Pulcinella, now you may also want to know other members of the Fatui Harbingers. You do not worry as here we also want to share other members of the Fatui Harbingers. Here are they:

    • Pedrelino
    • Scaramouche
    • Pulcinella
    • Signora
    • Tartaglia
    • Pantalone
    • Sandrone
    • Capitano
    • Dottore

Pulcinella – Will Pulcinella Be Playable?

According to the research, Pulcinella Was Introduced In An Official Trailer. He is set to appear in Snezhnaya. He sets as one of the Fatui Harbringer. Pulcinella is going to play a huge role in the Chapter 6 of the Archon Quest. He was mentioned in Tartaglia’s story as the person who noticed the strength of Childe and make use of it as a Harbringer. By the way, Will Pulcinella Be Playable in the game of Genshin Impact? Of course, you will want to know whether Pulcinella will become Playable or not in the game of Genshin Impact. Honestly, we do not get information talking about that. However, we get information that Pulcinella seems to be one of the main antagonist in the story. So, there is a big chance that Pulcinella like Tartaglia. For this case, we are able to battle and play as this character. If you do not know how about Tartaglia, simply you are able to find some information related to Tartaglia in other article on our site. We have already discussed and share some information related to Tartaglia. So, you will be able to compare or predict how Pulcinella will be.

About Genshin Impact Pulcinella

As we explain above, Pulcinella is number 5 of the Eleven Harbingers in the Fatui. Pulcinella is shown in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview. Once Tartaglia (then known as Ajax) was 14 years old, he was drawn into the Abyss and re-emerged greatly changed by the events which transpired there. He gained unmatched war prowess and a particular knack for causing havoc around him. This aroused Pulcinella’s curiosity, and he cast the boy into Fatui under the guise of serving Tsaritsa as punishment.

Personality: It is still little which is known about Pulcinella’s personality. However they appear to be rather calculating. They correctly predicted that Tartaglia’s immense strength and habit of being in the midst of chaos could be used to advance the Fatui’s cause, while sating his appetite for battle. Also, Pulcinella gives the cautious counsel regarding Tartaglia, calling him trustworthy, but warning against growing attached to him.

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