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Prototype Starglitter is a polearm which is a part of Prototype Series. If you want to have it, you can get it through Forging. Here, we will explain the materials that you need for forging and also the other things that you need to know about Prototype Starglitter.

The Description of Prototype Starglitter

It is described that Prototype Starglitter is a grudge which was found in the Blackcliff Forge. The glimmers which you can see along the sharp edge are like stars in the night.

Prototype Starglitter polearms

According to the lore in Genshin Impact, it is told that Prototype Starglitter is an ancient prototype pole weapon from the arsenal of Liyue. The number of batch has faded and there are no records which exist to confirm the date of production. The pole of it is created from black steel inlaid with gold. There is a lightning motif which runs along the body. It shows the streaks of lightning which is interspersed with stars. There is the addition of gold leaf which makes it a pretty finish.

When the monster thread was able to be quelled, the remaining troops were few and far between. Each of them joined the civilian community where they were based. Even though now peace prevailed, it triggers the renaissance of martial arts that spread throughout the land.

The requests for all types of weaponry increased, mainly for superior quality items and manufactures were not able to keep pace. Yun Hui of the house of yun met with a master craftsman named Han Wu. Those two did intensive research behind a closed door. It was done by them to find a solution.

When they appeared, the beards of those men had grown by twelve inches. Their new design of weapon, namely the prototypes, were finally ready to revolutionize weaponry manufacturing in Liyue. It was time to get rid of the shackles of the past which disturbed their craft.

The first pole which was made to the new specifications had a black and gold appearance. There was a spike at the tip and it was two inches longer than the previous standard. It was a deadly weapon. However, it existed with a presence which is composed and commanding. It was let to bask overnight in the moonlight. When the sun appeared, the tip of the weapon shone with the cold which pierced the light of a star against the dim sky.

At this sight which is ethereal, Yun Hui’s mind was flooded with memories of the glory of his father because his father’s name made reference to the stars. He was greatly moved so that he decided to dedicate the weapon to the memory of his father. Due to this reason, then the weapon was known as Starglitter among practitioners of the halberd arts in Liyue.

The Ascension of Prototype Starglitter

Ascension Phase Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common Material 1 Common Material 2
1 20 – 40 5,000 Grain of Aerosiderite x3 Fragile Bone Shard x3 Damaged Mask x2
2 40 – 50 15,000 Piece of Aerosiderite x3 Fragile Bone Shard x12 Damaged Mask x8
3 50 – 60 20,000 Piece of Aerosiderite x6 Sturdy Bone Shard x6 Stained Mask x6
4 60 – 70 30,000 Bit of Aerosiderite x3 Sturdy Bone Shard x12 Stained Mask x9
5 70 – 80 35,000 Bit of Aerosiderite x6 Fossilized Bone Shard x9 Ominous Mask x6
6/ Max 80 – 90 45,000 Chunk of Aerosiderite x4 Fossilized Bone Shard x18 Ominous Mask x12

The Stats of Prototype Starglitter

The Prototype Starglitter is a polearm and the rarity of this polearm is 4 star. The Base ATK in level 1 is 42. Do you know the secondary stat type and secondary stat in level 1 of this polearm? The secondary stat type is Energy Recharge % and the secondary stat of Prototype Starglitter in level 1 is 10.

The Passive Ranks of Prototype Starglitter

The passive name of Prototype Starglitter is Magic Affinity. The effect that you can get is that after an Elemental Skill is used, it will be able to increase Normal and Charged Attack DMG by certain percent for 12 seconds. The maximum is 2 stacks. In the list below, you are able to see the Charged Attack DMG based on its rank.

    • Rank 1

Charged Attack DMG: 8

    • Rank 2

Charged Attack DMG: 10

    • Rank 3

Charged Attack DMG: 12

    • Rank 4

Charged Attack DMG: 14

    • Rank 5

Charged Attack DMG: 16

The Stats of Prototype Starglitter by Level

    • Level 20

Base ATK: 109

Energy Recharge %: 17.7

    • Level 40

Base ATK: 205

Energy Recharge %: 25.8

    • Level 50

Base ATK: 266

Energy Recharge %: 29.8

    • Level 60

Base ATK: 327

Energy Recharge %: 33.8

    • Level 70

Base ATK: 388

Energy Recharge %: 37.9

    • Level 80

Base ATK: 449

Energy Recharge %: 41.9

    • Level 90

Base ATK: 510

Energy Recharge %: 45.9

The Other Weapons in Prototype Series

Prototype Starglitter is one of weapons in Prototype Series. There are the other weapons in this series including those listed below.

  • Prototype Archaic

It is a claymore which is described as an ancient greatsword which is found in the Blackcliff Forge. The Base ATK in level 1 is 44. The secondary stat type is ATK and the secondary stat of Prototype Archaic in level 1 is 6%.

  • Prototype Amber

This is a catalyst which is described as a dully gilded catalyst which is secretly guarded in the Blackcliff Forge. It seems that it can glow with the very light from the sky.

  • Prototype Rancour

This is a sword and it is described as an ancient longsword which is found in the Blackcliff Forge.  It trims through rocks like a hot knife through butter.

  • Prototype Crescent

This is a bow and it is also described as a prototype longbow which is found in the Blackliff Forge. The arrow which is fired from this bow will glimmer like a ray of moonlight. The Base ATK in level 1 of this bow is 42. The secondary stat type is ATK and the secondary stat in level 1 of this bow is 9%.

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