Protective Canopy Provides a 15% RES

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Elemental Resonance can give you different effects. Those effects are helpful in combat or exploration. Now, how about Protective Canopy? Protective Canopy is one of Elemental Resonance types, but is it true that ir provides a 15% RES? Let’s find out the facts here.

Protective Canopy

Protective Canopy is one of elemental resonance types in Genshin Impact. The required combination for it is 4 characters and each of them with different elements. The effect of Protective Canopy is to increase all elemental resistance by 15%. This offer may be the least good if we compare to others. However, you need to know that to have a good combo of elemental reactions is better than any other effects that you receive from any elemental resonance.

Now, you have known that Protective Canopy can increase all elemental resistance by 15%. So, what do you think?

Elemental Resonance

Types of Elemental Resonance

The effects of Elemental Resonance conform to the Elemental Types which are provided in the current party composition. Besides Protective Canopy, there are more elemental resonances in Genshin Impact. You are able to see the explanation in the list below.

    • Fervent Flames

The required element combination is two or more Pyro characters. The effect is affected by Cryo for 40% less time and it can increase ATK by 25%. We can say that this elemental resonance is the best one for combat. The 25% increase in attack is a big thing especially if it is around AR 40 and beyond. It will be good if your main DPS is Klee, Diluc, Bennett or Xiangling. If you use Amber, it will be easy to get this elemental resonance. However, if you use this resonance all the time, it may not make sense. In a real time battle, if elemental reactions are triggered, it will yield more damage than the passive effect any elemental resonance can give.

    • Soothing Water

The required element combination is two or more Hydro characters. The effect is affected by Pyro for 40% less time and it can increase incoming healing by 30%. In the beginning, you may see that this elemental resonance is the worst in the game since the healing capabilities of all support characters in the game are already good. Also, the monsters in the field when you are exploring the world are a pushover. However, the game is new and you can hope that along the road, you may find a very hard dungeon or boss where you will need healing. For now, it seems that this resonance is not recommended even though your main attacker is Xingqiu or Mona. However, if you are having trouble with the Spiral Abyss dungeon floor 5 and above, you may use it.

    • High Voltage

The required element combination is two or more Electro characters. It is affected by Hydro for 40% less time. There is a 100% chance for Superconduct, Overloaded and Electro-Charged to generate an Electro Elemental Particle. This resonance, you are able to increase your damage exponentially if you play electro elemental characters. There is a 100% chance to be able to get elemental particles when triggering electro-related reactions and it will permit you to spam elemental bursts for characters like Keqing.

    • Shattering Ice

The required element combination is two or more Cryo characters. The effect is affected by Electro for 40% less time. And it is able to increase CRIT Rate against enemies which are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%. This resonance is very good for characters like Chongyun or Ayaka which is a free 5-star character. Even though the 15% increase in crit rate from Cryo affected monsters is not much, but the crit rate is very difficult to come by.

    • Impetuous Winds

The required element combination is two or more Anemo characters. The effect is that it can decrease Stamina Consumption by 15%. Also, it can increase Movement SPD by 10% and can shorten Skill CD by 5%. We can say that this is the best resonance in terms of exploration. The decrease in stamina consumption is good and the 10% increase in movement speed is a good thing as well. You can couple this resonance with Amber, Kaeya and Beidou so that you will have a great team for exploring the world of Genshin Impact. For combat, this resonance is still good. By having less consumption on stamina in combat will permit you to avoid more or use more charged attacks.

    • Enduring Rock

The required element combination is two or more Geo characters. The effect is that it can increase the strength of the shield by 15%. Besides, if there are characters which are protected by a shield, they will have these special characteristics: DMG dealt which is increased by 15%, dealing DMG to opponents will be able to decrease their Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds. It is no brainer to use this resonance if your main DPS is Zhongli, Noelle or Ningguang. It is because they can porc the Crystallized elemental location and therefore will have elemental shields up most of the time. You will be able to get advantage of that increase in attack damage by 15%. You may see that it is not good as the 25% increase in attack from Fervent Flames. However, if you are a F2P player, you will understand that the shield is very beneficial in the Spiral Abyss.

    • Protective Canopy

The element is any 4 unique elements. The effect is that all elemental RES +15% and Physical RES +15%.

This is important for you to know that when Co-op mode is used and then part of the party is in a Domain, the resonance will only be determined by the characters that are in the Domain. Also, only characters in the Domain who will get benefit from the bonuses. Another thing that you need to know is that demo characters which are available during Character Story Quests are not able to be applied for resonance.

You may be confused which elemental resonance to choose. You need to know that you can have 2 elemental resonance for your party. However, when selecting a character for your team comp, you have to focus on the possible elemental reaction that you are able to do rather than focusing on elemental resonance. Fervent Flames can be chosen that can match the element of your main DPS attacker. However, depending on the play style of your main DPS, you can use Impetuous Winds that may be better rather than forcing Fervent Flames.

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