Primordial Jade Cutter Sword Review and How to Get It

In Genshin Impact, there are a number of weapons that you are able to get and use for your characters. Primordial Jade Cutter Sword is one of the weapons that you are able to use in the game. How to get the sword? How about its stats and any other things about this weapon? We will reveal it below.

What is the Primordial Jade Cutter Sword?

Primordial Jade Cutter Sword is a 5-stars weapon. If you want to have it, you can get it through Gacha. This sword is a ceremonial sword which is masterfully carved from pure jade. When the sword is swung, there is almost an audible sigh in the wind. Below, you are able to see the information of Primordial Jade Cutter Stats.

Primordial Jade Cutter Sword

  • Rarity: 5 star
  • Base ATK (Lv.1): 44
  • Sec. Stat Type: CRIT Rate %
  • Sec. Stat (Lv.1) 9.6%

The passive name of this sword is Protector’s Virtue. The effect of this weapon is HP which is increased by 20%. In addition, it provides an ATK Bonus which is based on 1.2% of the Max HP of the wielderer. You are able to see the effect based on rank below.

Rank HP Increased ATK Bonus
1 20% 1.2%
2 25% 1.5%
3 30% 1.8%
4 35% 2.1%
5 40% 2.4%

In the list below, you are able to see the stat by level of Primordial Jade Cutter Sword.

Level Crit Damage Base ATK

(Lv ==)

Base ATK

(Lv = |>)

Lv.20 17% 110 141
Lv.40 24.7% 210 241
Lv.50 28.6% 275 307
Lv.60 32.5% 341 373
Lv.70 36.3% 408 439
Lv.80 40.2% 475 506
Lv.90 44.1% 542

Here is the Ascension of Primordial Jade Cutter Sword

    • Ascension: 1st

Mora: 10,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Lead Elixir x5, Mist Grass Pollen x5, Treasure Hoarder Insignia x3

    • Ascension: 2nd

Mora: 20,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x5, Mist Grass Pollen x18, Treasure Hoarder Insignia x12

    • Ascension: 3rd

Mora: 30,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir x9, Mist Grass x9, Silver Raven Insignia x9

    • Ascension: 4th

Mora: 45,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x5, Mist Grass x18, Silver Raven Insignia x14

    • Ascension: 5th

Mora: 55,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Gold Elixir x9, Mist Grass Wick x14, Gold Raven Insignia x9

    • Ascension: 6th

Mora: 65,000

Materials: Mist Veiled Primo Elixir x6, Mist Grass Wick x27, Gold Raven Insignia x18

The Story of Primordial Jade Cutter

They state that Rex Lapis once walked the land with a sword which was truncated from jade when Liyue first arose. Despite the constant wear and tear of age, the edge of jade, so bathed in blood. It still retained a polished sheen as if it is brand new. The blood was washed away in the rain of a thousand years, yet the thoughts and grudges that collected about it could not be so easily eliminated.

For a lot of long years, there are a lot of who became mortal foes who once made merry together. While those people who betrayed one another or fought to the death would come to share a drink, their hatred dispelled. So, it was also with this precious sword, carved as it once was to be given as an expensive gift to a certain someone. This jade too was once cut for love of peace and luxury.

When wine vessels are filled with blood and when tender feelings are ripped asunder by cold ambition and reduced to dust on the wind, gifts ungiven and bonds unspoken will become blades which are sharp with which to cleave erstwhile friends.

Some Other Swords in Genshin Impact

The Primordial Jade Cutter Sword is not the only sword in Genshin Impact. There are the other swords that you are able to find in this game.

Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia-

It is the sword of the Knights of Favonius. The rarity of this sword is 5 star and the Base ATK (Lv.1) is 48. The Sec. Stat Type is Physical DMG Bonus and the Sec. Stat (Lv.1) is 9%. The passive name of this sword is Falcon’ Defiance.

The ATK is increased by 20%. The triggers on taking DMG include the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of resistance aloft, regenerating HP which is the same as 100% of ATK and dealing 200% of ATK as DMF to surrounding enemies. Every 15 seconds, this effect can only happen once.

Summit Shaper

Summit Shaper-

This sword is described as a symbol of a legendary pact. The sharp blade once cut off the peak of a mountain. The rarity of this sword is 5 stars and the base ATK (Lv.1) is 46. The Sec. stat type is ATK% and the Sec.Stat (Lv.1) is 10.8%.

The passive name of this sword is Golden Majesty. This sword can increase the shield strength by 20%. Scoring hits on the enemies can increase ATK by 4% for 8 seconds. Every 0.3 seconds, the effect only can happen once. While protected by a shield, the increase effect of this ATK is increased by 100%.

The Black Sword

The Black Sword-

It is a pitch-black longsword which is thirsty for conflict and violence. It is described that this sword can make the user become drunk on the red wine of slaughter. The rarity of this sword is 4 stars and the Base ATK (Lv.1) of this sword is 42. The Sec.Stat type of this sword is Crit Rate and the Sec.Stat (Lv.1) is 6.0%.

The passive name of this sword is Justice. This weapon can increase DMG which is dealt by normal and charged attacks by 20%. In addition, it can regenerate 60% of ATK as HP when Normal and Charged Attack score a CRIT Hit. Every 5 seconds, this effect can happen once.

Sword of Descension

Sword of Descension

It is a sword of unique craftsmanship. The passive name of this sword is Descension. The rarity of this sword is 4 stars. If you hit the enemies with normal and charged attacks, it will give a 50% chance to deal 200% ATK as DMG in a small AoE. Every 10 seconds, the effect can only happen once. In addition, if the Traveler can equip this sword, their ATK will be increased by 66.

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