Perfect Send Off Genshin Impact Hu Tao Dungeon Puzzle Solution

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Perfect Send Off is a Hu Tao story quest which allows you to accompany her to solve the Dungeons puzzle which is filled with monsters, spiders and even ghosts. Completing the Perfect Send Off quest is pretty easy as long as you really understand what you should do in this section.

However, this quest will push you to join with Hu Tao to trip long through the dungeons. The main goal that you should reach in this quest is to get the exit way after entering the dungeons. Well, most part you have to do is to defeat enemies, burn the spider webs so that you can continue to follow your waypoint to make your way through the dungeon.

Make sure to follow our guide below to successfully complete the Perfect Send Off quest!

Solving the Hu Tao Dungeon Puzzle, Here’s the Guide!

In this quest, you need to open the door in the Hu Tao dungeon puzzle. Well,to solve the dungeon puzzle, what you need to do is to grab the blue orb and then run towards the spider webs. Once you reach it, destroy the spider’s webs. You can then continue going to the path in the cave.

Perfect Send Off Genshin Impact Hu Tao Dungeon Puzzle Solution

Here, you need to jump into the river and then swim towards the other side. Break open the thorns on your path. Afterwards, you just need to walk straight towards the boxes and then go to the door. Here, you will find the green portal. You can then take a left and walk down the stairs.

Once you reach the stairs, you will then get back to the place from where you started. However, for this time, you have to find there is another blue orb. After finding it, you have to grab it and use both blue orbs to light up the two lanterns which are placed beside the door. Well, it’s a great time for you to open the door.

Easier Guide to Open the Door in Perfect Send Off Quest

The trickier part in Perfect Send Off quest is to open the door. Therefore, you have to open it and cross over to the border. Need to know, the doors in this dungeon will open when the lanterns near them have a small spirit which is connected to them, similar to Seelies.

You will find floating and also glowing sprites in this location. What you should do is to collect them and return them to those shrines. In order to open the door in the dungeon, make sure that you follow these ways below!

  • You firstly have to pick up the spirit which can be found in the centre of the room.
  • After that, you must exit through the spider web corridor to the left of the door.
  • Then, you need to follow the path and jump into the water. What you need to do here is to swim to the end of this waterway.
  • If you continue following the path and sticking to the left, you will be in a room identical to where you started. You have to carry two spirits with you, one for each shrine and one more to open up the path forwards.
  • Once you get the path, you should leave the dungeons.

That’s it! You successfully completed the Perfect Send Off quest.

Rewards You’ll Get

Just like most quests in Genshin Impact which will give you some amazing rewards, the Perfect Send Off quest also grants you plenty of adorable rewards after successfully completing this quest. so, what are the rewards?

You’ll get some following rewards:

    • 41,750 Mora
    • 60 Primogems
    • 600 Adventure Experience

Aside from the rewards above, you can also get other rewards, here are they:

Guide to Diligence is Talent Level-Up Material that you can use for characters’ ascension. This material is used to level talents for some characters including Chongyun, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Xiangling and Traveler with Geo elements.

    • Hero’s Wit x5

Hero’s Wit is character EXP material that will give you around 25,000 EXP. However, these experiences are definitely valuable for a pilgrim traveling through Teyvat closer to Celestia. Besides as a reward of Perfect Send quest, you can also get the Hero’s With from random event rewards and also Ley Line Outcrops Blossom of Revelation (AR 35+).

    • Mystic Enhancement Ore x9

Aside from getting Guide to Diligence and Hero’s Wit, you can also have a chance to earn Mystic Enhancement Ore. This is a Weapon Enhancement Material which gives 10,000 Weapon Experience. Besides from the quest, the primary way to get  Mystic Enhancement Ore is through Forging.

For reference, to get the daily 300,000 Weapon EXP forging cap, it may take 30 Mystic Enhancement ores (120 crystal chunks) or 150 Fine Enhancement Ores (450 white iron chunks) or 750 Enhancement Ores (1,500 iron chunks) or a combination of all three.

About Perfect Send Off Quest

Perfect Send Off is the fourth part of the Papilio Charontis Chapter: Act I which tells about Hu Tao’s story quest named Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away. The quest is starting from Wuwang Hill, Liyue.

The quest begins when Big G’s spirit was attracted by the exorcism. After finding out that Big G didn’t become an evil spirit and only wanted to check on Meng and other childhood friends, Hu Tao decided to fulfill his wish and arrange a farewell ceremony for him. To give him peace of mind, you collect the good memories and wishes that Big G’s childhood friends prepared for him. The only thing left now is to send him away.

Well, here’s for the walkthrough of the Perfect Send Off quest!

  • To take the keepsakes to Wuwang Hill and give them to Hu Tao
  • Head to the “ordinary place” said by Hu Tao. The ordinary place here refers to a domain, Enter the “border”.
  • Continue forward to look on the farewell ceremony
  • Talk to Hu Tao when the old friends are still remaining
  • Return back to Wuwang Hill to send Big G off

Well, those are some information about the Perfect Send Off quest that you should know.

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