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As we know that MiHoYo has been releasing names of Genshin Impact voice actors gradually. By the way, who is the Genshin Impact Paimon English voice actor? Let us find out that information here.

Paimon English and Japanese Voice Actor

MiHoYo confirmed that Paimon is voiced by Corina Boettger in English and Aoi Koga in Japanese. For your information Corina Boettger is One Punch Man veteran, having voiced Terrible Tornado in the show and the game.

Paimon is voiced by Corina Boettger in English Besides, Corina Boettger is also Anju Yuki in Love Live. According to the research, Corina Boettger has a High pitched voice with good range that is perfect for young children and young adults. She is very good with character-y voices. She is really proficient with ADR and she was trained in Opera for two years and has been singing for over 10 years. Aoi Koga as the Paimon voice in Japanese has worked with miHoYo before. Aoi Koga played Rozaliya in the game of Honkai Impact 3. Aside from that, Corina Boettger is Kaguya Shinomiya in Kaguya sama: Love is War. MiHoYo revealed the voice actor behind Genshin Impact Travelers. Aether is voiced by Shun Horie in Japanese, Zach Aguilar in English, Luyin in Chinese and Gyeongtae lee in Korea.

This is all part of a regular rollout of the Genshin Impact voice actor announcements. miHoYo brings to Twitter to reveal them gradually, with the first some people’s identities revealed around the beginning of November 2020. In addition to Paimon and the Traveler reveals, we will also share the people behind Diona, Fischl, Childe, Keqing and other Genshin Impact characters in the next paragraph.

Paimon in the game of Genshin Impact

Paimon in the game of Genshin Impact

Paimon is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact. While fishing, you will be able to find her and she becomes a companion throughout the entire journey. She can be considered as an assistant, helper, friend, or anything. But, she is going to always be there to help the player out from time to time. One of Paimon’s best traits is that Paimon never lies. She is frequently honest on her opinions and very loves food, along with having an immense level of knowledge regarding everything.

Paimon character is built like a fairy along with having a small height of 1.5 up to 2ft, that is almost the same as a toddler. Thus, it will get harder to estimate her age even more. Now, considering the amount of knowledge she has, Paimon can be around 1000 years old because lots of player base has speculated about her being an elf. We get information that Paimon’s birthday is celebrated on June 1st.

The character of Paimon is cheerful, friendly, but she is almost a little too honest and often impolite. Paimon explained who she liked, who she likes and what she does not like. For instance because she does not like Venti, she makes it quite clear by calling him “Tone-deaf bard”. She also supports what she thinks and makes it quite clear.

By the way, how about the appearance of Paimon in the game of Genshin Impact? She has a small body, making her the look of a fairy. She also has thick white hair cropped above her shoulders, fair skin and dark purple eyes. Paimon wears a sleeved white jumper and a blue cape flecked with the stars, as well white stockings with white boots. A Rose-gold embroidery and shapes are attached to her jumper, sleeves and boots. Aside from that, she wears accessories like a dark purple hairpin, and a rose-gold crown which levitates above her head as though it was a halo.

Voice Actor – Playable Characters

Albedo Khoi Dao Mace Kenji Nojima Kim Myungjun
Amber Kelly Baskin Niunai Jun Manaka Iwami Kim Yeon-woo
Barbara Laura Stahl Yuanyuan Song Akari Kito Yun AhYeong
Beidou Allegra Clark Yajing Tang Ami Koshimizu Jeong Yoo-Mi
Bennett Cristina Vee Valenzuela Xueting Mu Ryota Osaka Song HaRim
Chongyun Beau Bridgland Jinchuan Soma Saito Yang JeongHwa
Diluc Sean Chiplock Yang Ma Kensho Ono Choi SeungHoon
Diona Dina Sherman  Ya Nuo Shiori Izawa Woo Jeong-shin
Fischl Brittany Cox Mace
Maaya Uchida Park GoWoon
Ganyu Jennifer Losi Su Lin Reina Ueda Kim Seonhye
Jean Stephanie Southerland Su Lin Chiwa Saito Yeong-mi Ahn
Kaeya Josey Montana McCoy Ye Sun Kohsuke Toriumi Jeong JuWon
Keqing Kayli Mills Ying Xie Eri Kitamura Bohee Lee
Klee Poonam Basu Hualing Misaki Kuno Bang Yeonji
Lisa Mara Junot Ke Zhong Rie Tanaka Park GoWoon
Mona Felecia Angelle Tingting Chen Konomi Kohara Woo Jeong-shin
Ningguang Erin Ebers Mingya Du Sayaka Ohara Kwak Kyumi
Noelle Laura Faye Smith Yanning Kanon Takao Bohee Lee
Qiqi Christie Cate Yanning Yukari Tamura Seul Lee
Razor Todd Haberkorn Shuai Zhou Koki Uchiyama Seo-yeong Kim
Sucrose Valeria Rodriguez Xiaogan Akane Fujita Kim Hayeong
Tartaglia Griffin Burns Yudong Ryohei Kimura Nam Doh-hyeong
Traveler Aether: Zach Aguilar Aether: Luyin Aether: Shun Horie Aether: Gyeongtae lee
Venti Erika Harlacher Miaojiang Ayumu Murase Jung Yoo-jung
Xiangling Jackie Lastra Xiao N Ari Ozawa Yoon Ah-yeong
Xiao Laila Berzins Jinchuan Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Jeong Yoo-Mi
Xingqiu Cristina Vee Valenzuela Yajing Tang Junko Minagawa Kwak Kyumi
Xinyan Laura Stah Yaxin Wang Chiaki Takahashi Kim Chae-ha
Zhongli Keith Silverstein Bo Peng Tomoaki Maeno Pyo Yeong-jae


  • It is hinted that Paimon cannot swim, although when swimming in water, she floats above you.
  • Emergency Food is Paimon’s nickname within the Genshin Impact community.
  • Paimon has a liking for food and she is very well oriented around the food history.
  • The Traveler’s voice lines suggest that Paimon has more than one stomach, where one of them is created specifically for liquids.
  • In the demonology grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, Paimon is one of the nine kings of Hell.
  • Verr Goldet describe Paimon’s character as a floating elf companion.
  • Paimon is also utilized during the closed beta test version as replying to the suggestions which many ask on the official Genshin Impact Facebook.
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