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In the game of Genshin Impact, Noelle is a playable Geo character. While not yet a knight, one day Noelle seeks to join the Knights of Favonius by first serving as an obedient maid. Well, let us talk about Noelle here including Noelle’s Birthday and other information related to Noelle.

Noelle’s Birthday

In Genshin Impact, Noelle’s Birthday is on March 21. You are able to celebrate Noelle’s Birthday by logging into Genshin Impact on March 21. If you visit the official Twitter account of Paimon, there is a post that says; Happy Birthday, Noelle! I will go out with you once I get things cleaned up a bit. My heart is beating so fast. Oh, it is not because I am anxious to get my work done. It is just that when I think about spending time with you, my heart fills with excitement.

Noelle's Birthday

A Player of Genshin Impact Spends Hundreds of Hours to prepare Noelle’s Birthday

We get information that there is one Genshin Impact player who spent hundreds of hours to prepare Noelle’s birthday, cooking 1,000 Lighter than air Pancakes in honor of her canon birth date. As we know that Genshin Impact is a game with heavy gacha elements, it tends to mean players feel really strong about the characters they acquire or add to their party.  Now, Genshin Impact Version 1.4 is live. Invitation of Windblume’s variety of new gameplay elements have been added to the title. That includes the Genshin Impact rhythm game and a character dating sim to choose some heroes, one of which is Noelle.

Probably lost to some in the Invitation of Windblume Version 1.4 Update festivities is the birthday of Noelle. However, content creator Memorii certainly did not forget. In a post created to the game’s Reddit, the player said that they had spent hundreds of hours cooking Lighter than air pancakes to make 1,000 of the item before Noelle’s birthday. For your information, Lighter than air pancakes are Noelle’s special food item, and can be made once by cooking Tea Break Pancakes using Noelle. The item has a 10 percent chance of replacing the intended food. Memorii said that they had spent 2 months collecting a total of 30,000 berries, 20,000 flour, and 10,000 eggs to make the dishes.

Apparently, there is no easy way for food items. Because Genshin Impact has a food limit of 2000 on the amount of one dish. That aim to get rid of the Tea Break Pancakes which were excess items. Memorii had to keep killing their units over and over to use the item. Responding to another Genshin Impact player who did some quick math that suggested it took at least 233 hours to reach the feat, Memorii said it was worse and that they would occasionally log in for 8 hours to kill their units over and over.

Noelle ‘s Appearance

Noelle has a short stature that contrasts the big and heavy weapon she carries in the game. Her eyes are olive green. Also, she has short, neck-length lavender hair with lopsided bangs. A braid runs over her bangs and is clipped down by the shield. Noelle wears the typical maid ensemble. With the exception of a cravat, a priestess hat, and roses. Her dress has two bows. One at her hip and another on her rear. Noelle’s Geo Vision is sat on top of. Gilded white armor plating decorates her chest and she wears a pauldron upon her left shoulder. Besides, she wears black tights beneath her armored boots.

Noelle’s Attacks and Abilities

If you want to build her successfully, there are lots of things to understand about Noelle. Noelle increases the defense really well. You may want Noelle to be your main focus going forward. Whenever her shield is up, she can regenerate health for the entire party by giving damage. Her ultimate makes those basic attacks that reach a larger area and give 40 percent of her defense as damage. Besides, Noelle can one of your other members a 400 percent shield that lasts 20 seconds.

  • Favonius Bladework (Basic Attack)
  1. Normal Attack: Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes.
  2. Charged Attack: Takes stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby opponents. At the end of the sequence, can do a more powerful slash.
  3. Plunging Attack: Jump down from air, giving opponents along the path and causing AoE damage.
  • Breastplate (Basic Ability)

Calls protective stone armor, causing Geo damage to surrounding opponents and making a shield. The shield has the properties such as below:

  1. Once Noelle’s normal or charged attacks hit a target, they have a chance to regenerate HP for all characters, both on and off the field.
  2. Applies the Geo element to the character.
  3. It has 250 percent absorption efficiency against Geo damage.
  • Sweeping Time (Ultimate)

Gathering the strength of stone around her weapon, Noelle attacks the opponents surrounding her within a large AoE, causing Geo damage. Afterwards, Noelle will get the following effects:

  1. Larger attack AoE.
  2. Change attack damage to Geo which cannot be overridden by other elemental infusion.
  3. Will be able to increase attacks that scales based on her defense.
  • Devotion (Passive 1)

When Noelle is in the party, this skill triggers automatically when the active character’s HP falls below 30%. Creates a shield that lasts for 20 seconds. Then, it absorbs damage which equal to 400% of her defense. That shield has a 250% damage absorption effectiveness against Geo. Aside from that, this can be 150 percent physical and elemental absorption in 1.3 version.

  • Nice and Clean (Passive 2)

Every 4 Normal or Charged Attack hits can decrease the cooldown of Breastplate by one second. Hitting multiple opponents with a single strike is only counted as one hit.

  • Maid’s Knighthood (Passive 3)

Once a Perfect Cooking is reached on a defense-boosting dish, she has a 12 percent opportunity to get double the product.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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