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There are a lot of areas in Liyue. One of them is Mt. Hulao. This is an area that can be found in Minlin. After you read this article, you will know a lot of things related to this area because here we will give you some information about Mt. Hulao.

Description of Mt. Hulao

Mt. Hulau in Genshin Impact is an area in Minlin, Liyue as explained in the introduction above. Along the mountain, you are able to find large pieces of amber and they are formed by flowers Mountain Shaper which is planted to keep out intruders. The plants are called karst crawlers. These plants are mostly hidden underground and they will be able to trap anything that steps on it by producing amber. If you can break the amber, it will reveal what was trapped inside where it can be treasure or enemies.

Mt. Hulao

There is a sealed cave that you can find in front of the pond. In the mysterious barrier, you can read that Jueyun Karst is where the adepti dwell, so perhaps it is the abode of one. In addition, it also reads that there seems to be no way to enter.

Large Ambers in Mt. Hulao

In this area, there are large looking ambers that look way bigger than Cor Lapis. If you are able to destroy it, there will be a chance that something will appear. Those things are listed below.

    • Geo Samachurls
    • Large Pyro Slime
    • Rock Shield Hilichurl
    • Large Anemo Slime
    • Geo Crystalfly
    • Boar
    • Stork
    • Ferret
    • Fox
    • Lizard
    • Common Chest,  but it only one per Amber.

Every 12 hours, there are 10 big ambers that respawn. A maximum of 10 common chests can be obtained by a player.

Mt. Hulao as One of Areas to Find Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis is a precious crystal of condensed pure Geo element which can be found in the Liyue region, in the caves, mines and near mountainous terrain. Mt. Hulao is one of the areas that you can visit to find this crystal. This crystal can be used to make Dustproof Potion, Unmoving Essential Oil, Geo Treasure Compass and Geoculus Resonance Stone.

About Minlin Region

Mt. Hulao is located in Minlin. Minlin is a region which can be found in the western part of the Liyue nation. There are some notable features in this region including Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, Taishan Mansion and The Yaksha’s Wish.

    • Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern (Artifact Domain)

Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern (Artifact Domain)

This is a Domain which you can find in the north of Mt. Aozang in Liyue. If you are able to clear this domain, you will get artifacts. If you want to get better rewards, you have to challenge domains with higher levels.

    • Taishan Mansion (Domain of Mastery)

Taishan Mansion (Domain of Mastery)

This is a Domain which can be found near Jueyun Karst in Liyue. If you are able to clear this domain, you will get Talent Level-Up Materials. These materials can be used to level up the talents of characters to enhance the ability of their fighting. If you challenge domains with higher level, you will get better rewards. Do you want to unlock this domain? If so, you have to solve the Taishan Mansion Puzzle.

    • The Yaksha’s Wish (World Quest)

The Yaksha's Wish (World Quest)

If you want to get this quest, you have to interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin. After you start this quest, you are not able to enter Co-Op Mode until it is complete. Even, it will happen if the quest is not the current navigating quest of the player. If you have completed the quest, then you will get the 3 Precious Chests in the ruins south of the Ruin Tablet.

The Other Areas in Minlin

Mt. Hulao is not the only area in Minlin. There are some more areas that are located in Minlin as you can see in the list below.

    • Cuijue Slope

This is an open world in Minlin, Liyue. It is told that there are nine shackles of stone which have been laid down deep in the valleys of Cuijue Slope. Those are to drive off evil and also to cleanse the world.

    • Jueyun Karst

There is a story that it is the place where the adepti live. Normally, there is no person who is brave to try to set foot here. However, there are some brave or desperate people still trying to find the adepti for good fortune. In this area, you are able to find two Teleport Waypoints including south of the domain Taishan Mansion and another to the west leading to Guili Plains.

    • Huaguang Stone Forest

This area is surrounded by three mountains. Those mountains are Mt. Aozang to the north, Qingyun Peak to the east and Mt. Hulao to the southwest. Even though there are no Teleport Waypoints in this area, but the ones on the surrounding mountains can be used by you to reach it easily.

    • Mt. Aozang

It can be said that this area is the home of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer. The notable features here are an Adeptal Summons (World Quest), Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern (Artifact Domain), Ruins Treasure puzzle and Treasure Hoarder Diary.

    • Nantianmen

It is the place where the tree which has the adepti abode of the Chi dragon.

    • Qingyun Peak

At the base of the steps which lead to Qingyun Peak, there is a stone tablet which reads that black clouds too shall pass, just as silver linings end. It also reads that come sun or rain, all seems similar from the heights of Jueyun Karst. The puzzles in this area include Geo lanterns, Anemo Balloon Plants and Three Cranes Puzzles.

    • Tianqiu Valley

In this area, you can find one Geoculus exactly at the top of one of the towers. Two Teleport Waypoints can be found in this area as well. One can be found to the east and one can be found to the south. There are three ruined towers on the western side of the valley. Some notable features in this area include Trails in Tianqiu world quest and Bloatty Floatty.

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