Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key Location Map

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths carries deluxe loot that the players are looking for. Here is a guide on locations for all Mondstadt Shrine of Depths.

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths

The Shrine of Depths is discovered in the world of Genshin Impact. Those are extremely old shrines which have been sealed off from the world once the people who built them were driven to extinction. As a player, you have to find Shrine of Depth keys to unlock those shrines. If you are able to find  Shrine of Depth keys, then you will be able to access the lavish loot.

So, those ancient Shrines of Depths were lost to the world once the civilization who built them was gone. Now, the players have been looking for the Shrine of Depth keys to unlock them and get the wealthy loot that it has got in store. Those keys are able to be got by doing certain quests in the world of Genshin Impact. Or the player can also select to complete the one-time Abyssal Domains.

Remember that each region in the game has its own specific Shrine. The players need to discover the keys over the map that match the specific shrine to access it. Opening those Shrines are going to reward the player heavily. The players will be able to get 40 Primogems, 60 Adventure rank XP, 10 sigils according to their region, a variety of weapons and artifacts.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Locations

Apparently, Mondstadt has some Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact. Here are the list of  Mondstadt Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact:

  • Brightcrown Canyon

Brightcrown Canyon

The first Shrine is able to be found near Brightcrown Canyon, only a little towards the north from the teleportation portal.

  • Wolvendom


The second shrine is near the Cecilia Garden in Wolvendom, exactly on the south side from the teleportation portal over a huge wall

  • Dawn Vinery

Dawn Vinery

The third Shrine is able to be found near the Statue of The Seven near Dawn Vinery. You are able to walk towards the edge of the cliff to find the Shrine of Depths.

  • Windwail Highland

Windwail Highland

The fourth shrine is able to be found in the Windwail Highland in the Springvale area. You will be able to find a shrine above a huge stone wall.

  • Galesong Hill

Galesong Hill

For number 5, 6, and 7 will be found near the Temple of the Lion. Number 5 is towards the east from the domain. Number 6 is towards the west from the domain. Number 7 is towards the south of the Number 6 shrine and you have to jump over a cliff to reach there.

  • Stormbearer


The 8th Shrine of Depths is able to be found in the Stormbearer mountains. You are able to use the Mondstadt Starfell Valley Teleportation Portal. Please move towards the northwest to find the Shrine.

  • Starsnatch Cliff

Starsnatch Cliff

The 9th Shrine of Depths is able to be found near the Starsnatch Cliff. You are able to use the Midsummer Courtyard teleportation portal. Please climb up the huge wall next to the portal and then head towards the top edge of it. When there, you have to leap down and find the 9th Shrine of Depths

  • Springvale


This is the last Mondstadt Shrine of Depth. This one is a little far and you will need a little more traveling than the other Shrines. You have to use the Statue of The Seven teleportation portal in Dawn winery. Please keep heading southwest until you reach a waterfall. After that, you are able to jump over the waterfall and keep heading in the same direction and the Shrine of Depths should be visible

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key

You have to know that the Mondstadt Shrine of Depths keys are scattered around the region. You are likely to get your first few by solving one-time Domain runs like Temple of the Wolf as you level up your Adventure Rank, with others coming from quests and even the Adventurer Handbook. Please take a look at the list below to find them all!


  • Temple of the Falcon = 1 key
  • Temple of the Wolf = 1 key
  • Temple of the Lion = 1 key
  • Eagle’s Gate = 1 key


  • New Horizons of Adventure = 1 key
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 1 = 3 keys


  • Adventure Handbook Chapter 4 = 1 key
  • Adventure Handbook Chapter 5 = 1 key

How to Get Mondstadt Shrine Keys

Here are some steps to get Mondstadt Shrine Keys:

  • Get Statues of The Seven to Level 6

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths keys are able to be obtained as a reward for getting your Statue of the Seven to level 6. To do that, you will have to collect Anemoculus and turn it into the statues.

  • Get as a World Quest Reward

You are able to get keys for Shrines of the Depths by completing certain World Quests. You have to prioritize clearing quests that give such rewards.

  • Clear Temples

Also, you are able to get some of those keys as rewards from certain Temples in the area. Temples in Liyue will be able to reward different keys, so you have to be careful.

How to Use Shrine of Depths Keys

After you get Mondstadt Shrine Keys, now you are able to use them. To use Shrine of Depths Keys, simply you are able to follow these steps below:

  • Stand in front of a shrine and then open it.

Using a Mondstadt Shrine key is very easy. Please stand in front of the shrine you want to enter and choose the Confirm button. You will be able to enter the Shrine this way and get access to its treasure chest.

  • Chests do not reset or respawn.

Once you use a key and open a Chest inside a Shrine, it cannot respawn again. Since you are able to get those chests once, ensure to treat their contents carefully.

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