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The Genshin Impact 1.1 was released. Lots of players have continued to work through the present story and endgame activities, this update bring new characters and other new features. The players who are clamoring for more content are going to be happiest to hear that with the 1.1 update, a new Reputation System rolled out for the two current regions.

Genshin Impact Ministry Missions

Ministry Missions is a World Quest which unlocks Liyue’s Reputation menu. Reputation is able to be earned from completing bounties, requests, world exploration, and quests. Rewards include recipes, crafting blueprints, namecards, forging blueprints, and wind gliders. Unlike the Frostbearing Tree, Reputation tasks are still able to be done even once Reputation has been maxed.

Ministry Missions requires reaching Adventure Rank 29 and completing Archon Quests Chapter 1, Act 2: Farewell, the Archaic Lord. Need to know that Archon Quests tells the main story of the Traveler and Paimon when they travel the world of Teyvat in search of the Traveler’s missing twin sibling. The players need to achieve a certain Adventure Rank to unlock each quest in this storyline.

The two regions, Mondstadt and Liyue, will have a new vendor that you are able to approach which will have different missions and requests. You will be able to complete for building up your reputation in those areas. In Mondstadt, you have to speak to Hertha, a Knights of Favonius Coordinator, and in Liyue you have to speak to Ms. Yu, the Minister of Civil Affairs Secretary.

Ministry of Civil Affairs Location

Ministry of Civil Affairs Location1

As we said before that in Liyue you have to speak to Ms. Yu, the Minister of Civil Affairs Secretary. The location of Ministry of Civil Affairs is in Liyue Harbour, Liyue. She will give the World Quest Ministry Missions that can unlocks Liyue’s Reputation menu. For your information, Liyue Harbor is the main city of the Liyue nation. During the Archon War, Rex Lapis brought his people south of Mt. Tianheng to discover Liyue Harbor.

Ms. Yu (the Minister of Civil Affairs Secretary)

By interacting with Ms. Yu (the Minister of Civil Affairs Secretary) and completing their quests, then you are going to increase your Reputation with the city they are affiliated with. When you grow your Reputation level in the different cities, you are going to unlock rewards that can include but not limited to special city features, gadget blueprints, recipes, namecards, and wind gliders.

Remember that you have to check your Liyue Reputation by talking to Ms.Yu, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Secretary, whom will also offer you the Bounties and Requests. Also, you are able to get Reputation by completing World Quests, Exploration and Liyue Quests.

Quickest ways to increase Reputation

Apparently, there are four ways to increase reputation:

    • Region Quests

The first way to increase reputation is by complete lots of quests in each region in Liyue. Whether those quests are ones tied to the main story, or new quests is as yet unclear.

    • World Exploration

You have to open the chests, find Elemental Oculi, unlock Waypoints and other exploration activities like Elite bosses. It will be a big initial boost to the players who have already done this.

    • Bounties

Next, to increase your reputation, you have to locate and find bounty targets from a list that will be refreshed weekly. You are able to complete three bounties each week across all cities.

    • Requests

Another way to increase your reputation is by completing requests for local residents. There is a list of available requests which will refresh every Monday. Much like with bounties, you are able to  complete three requests each week across all cities.


Once you level up your Reputation Rank, you are going to get rewards at different levels. You are going to get cooking recipes and name cards that you are able to use to customize your experience, but the important rewards that you will get are listed below:

    • Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stone Blueprints

This new item blueprint can be created once you hit Reputation Level 2 in Mondsatadt and Liyue respectively, and also will show the rough area of unfound Oculi.

    • Wind Catcher

Now, you are able to collect Anemograna (the little wisps around the Mondstadt area) and use them to make updrafts with this handy item. Reputation Level 3 in Monstadt required to unlock.

    • Condensed Resin

It made by combining 1 Crystal Core, 40 Original Resin, and 100 Mora. Also, you need to unlock at Reputation Level 3 in Liyue. A good method of saving Resin that you would not otherwise spend and making the most of overnight Resin regeneration.

An important time-saving aspect of this is that you are able to use a piece of Condensed Resin in place of Original Resin to obtain double the rewards from 20 Resin Ley Line Blossoms and Petrified Trees. It means that you are able to spend 40 Resin in the time it would take you to do 20 normally!

    • Adepti Seeker’s Stove

This is a portable stove. You need to unlock at Reputation Level 5 in Liyue.

    • Portable Waypoint

This is a portable Waypoint. Teleporting has never been easier. You need to unlock at Reputation Level 6 in Mondstadt.

    • Anemo/Geo Treasure Compass

The Compasses which will direct you to nearby chests in their given regions. Require to unlock at Reputation Level 6 in each city for Anemo and Geo Compasses respectively.

    • Merchant discounts

You are going to receive a discount at the Wanmin Restaurant which sells food recipes and food ingrediants as well as a discount at the Second Life store.

    • Mining outcrop searches

Unlocked at Reputation Level 2 in each city, this feature reveals Crystal Outcrops for you to farm after talking to city blacksmiths. After reaching Adventure Rank 30, you are able to mine new material Magical Crystal Chunks.

    • Unique recipes

A recipe for the cook pot which grants the effects.

    • Wind Gliders

Hit Reputation Level 8 in each city to fly in Mondstadt or Liyue’s signature style.

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