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One of free-to-play fantasy games suddenly became popular not long after its release. Yeah… That’s Genshin Impact which successfully attracts a lot of gamers around the world to join this game. Having a very attractive and inviting visual world with animation-based, it’s no wonder if anime fans fall in love with Genshin Impact.

Regardless of its popularity, of course many fans are wondering how much miHoYo as a Genshin Impact developer make money through this game. If you also want to know how much miHoYo’s worth, let’s see our little research below!

How Much Is miHoYo Worth?

According to Sensor Tower, an analytic company, Genshin Impact fantastically has generated revenue around $393 million since launching in late September, 2020. Of course, this income comes from the many downloads from several devices.

mihoyo net worth

A total of miHoYo’s worth from the mobile app in January 2021 was around $115 million which includes $44 million for Android Apps and $71 million for iOS apps. Total mobile app downloads for miHoYo was around 6 million including 3 million Android app downloads and 3 million iOS app downloads.

Today. miYoHo has a total of 33 apps including 12 Android apps and 21 iOS apps. Well, the most grossing app of miHoYo was Genshin Impact as a widely downloaded game. That’s such a fantastic achievement for the game which has just been released, isn’t it?

Though Sensor Tower company didn’t provide a total of income for the non-mobile versions of Genshin Impact, however, this company’s estimations really show that Genshin Impact has made a combined average of over $6 millon a day on Android and iOS since its release. This achievement finally led Genshin Impact to be above both Pokemon Go and PUBG Mobile in the Sensor Tower ranking for the best-selling mobile game.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Genshin Impact is not without controversy. Some sharp players have discovered the fact that Genshin Impact has picked up a piece of music from the Final Fantasy series last month. Shortly thereafter, Genshin Impact is known for censoring words such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet. However, it may comply with China’s strict rules on anything which can threaten its national unity, territorial integrity and also sovereignty.

Genshin Impact also attracted fans in the United States with sales of more than $ 20 million which is a form of revenue bigger than gacha. Genshin Impact’s gacha system has been criticized for its way of encouraging players to become more consumptive.

As we know the gacha system is a key of Japan’s top mobile gamers which is similar to the ‘loot boxes’ in many Western titles. Well, this system often offers a small chance of winning good prizes but a lot of gamers kindly spend a lot of money to buy gacha to obtain the rare items within the game.

Why Is Genshin Impact Popular So Fast?

The wave of Genshin Impact gaming is instantly felt around the world when the game comes to PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android on September 28. What underlies the popularity of Genshin Impact very fast is that this game is based on the gacha system. This system allows the virtual money that can be used in the game to earn random rewards or prizes which can assist the players to quickly improve their heroes’ ability.

Why Is Genshin Impact Popular So Fast

In addition, the price point for this free game is created to lure people in with the gacha system, a kind of virtual lottery prevalent in mobile games. This system certainly gives players the opportunity to unlock their favorite characters.

Moreover, most of the money that this mobile game makes is taken from hardcore players hence the constant gacha lottery thrill that can be addictive. In this case, of course, we can see that the relationship between Genshin Impact and its players can be parasitic. Why? This is because players can rely heavily on Genshin Impact gacha to get several game items such as characters, weapons, rewards and others.

On the other hand, Gensin Impact is also very dependent on the intensity of the players in playing this game so that many players who access and download Genshin Impact can be a determining factor for the popularity of this game.

And if Genshin Impact players behave like other gamers who are driven by microtransactions, surely many people wouldn’t be surprised if a large part of this fantastic $ 393 million was taken from a fraction of its overall player base.

What Makes Genshin Impact Interesting to Play?

Aside from having a gacha system which motivates the people to play Genshin Impact, this game also provides plenty of gorgeous things within the game. As we know, this game is animation-based, making people so complacent with its visual. Both male and female characters available in Genshin Impact can also be a reason why Genshin Impact is played a lot.

In  this game, you are allowed to have characters either male of female that you can choose based on the rarity. Besides, the elemental which the characters have become one of the interesting things for players to learn. It’s because in order to play this game well, you must have skills in choosing the suitable character for your party.

Your party should be contained at least with characters that have different elements. In other words, you should have all elements from each character in your party. However, it will ease you to use the character in combat which can release each element. The point is, getting a desirable character in Genshin Impact is what every player’s goal.

Apart from that, players are also still curious to explore the vast world of Genshin Impact to find crates hidden in several locations to the character’s gacha.

In this game, if you still do not get the best character through gacha/ wish, you will try to collect primogems to get a five star character. Primogems here are the main currency that you can use in Genshin Impact for any purposes. You will get Primogems either through quest or top up directly with real money. Without you knowing it, this has contributed income to Mihoyo as the publisher and developer of Genshin Impact.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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