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miHoYo seems to have a gorgeous way to spoil the fans. Not only through the content of the  Genshin Impact game, miHoYo also shares plenty of attractive live wallpapers which can really spoil your eyes once you see your phone or PC screen.

As a huge fan of Genshin Impact, you may want to display the Genshin Impact wallpapers. Well, your desire will come true even miHoYo provides the live wallpapers which show some popular Genshin Impact characters. So, you’ll have a chance to display your favorite Genshin Impact character on your phone screen.

Then, how to get the live wallpaper of Genshin Impact easily? Thankfully, this post will guide you to find the Genshin Impact live wallpaper as easy as possible. Here you go!

Getting Genshin Impact Live Wallpaper, Here’s the Guide

Getting Genshin Impact Live Wallpaper, Here’s the Guide!

To get the live wallpapers of Genshin Impact, don’t think that it’s hard. However, you can easily download the Genshin Impact live wallpapers and then set it as your phone wallpaper.

Here’s how!

Step 1: Download Nova Desktop

Before you go on downloading the Genshin Impact live wallpapers, you firstly have to download Nova Desktop. This is also one of miHoYo’s apps which provides tons of wallpapers and backgrounds including Genshin Impact themes.

To download Nova Desktop, you should visit its official site here. Once you get there, you have to choose what platform you use, then click on the option. After downloading the Nova Desktop app, you must then install it by clicking the file download stored automatically on your device. Then, click on the file download of Nova Desktop to install it.  If the installing process is successfully completed, you can then start running this app.

In addition, Nova app has been mostly used to show Lumi as a cute anime girl who can annoyingly knock on your monitor for hours on end. Fortunately, this miHoyo’s app finally added more Genshin Impact live wallpapers into the mix. Nova app even has plenty of themes from miHoYo’s other games such as Honkai Impact 3rd.

Step 2: Open Nova Desktop App

Once you successfully installed the Nova Desktop app, you can then open it by clicking on the Run Now button. Then, a window which shows all of the wallpapers will be open. You can choose a variety of live wallpaper including Genshin Impact.

Step 3: Download Live Wallpaper

To get the Genshin Impact wallpaper, you can select the wallpapers you want on the ‘Featured’ menu. To display the great visual, you’re also able to select the resolution of the wallpaper.  A 3440 x 1440 live wallpaper is the best choice for you as it presently scales well with a massive ultrawide display.

Once you choose the resolution, it’s time to download the Genshin Impact live wallpaper that you want.

Step 4: Set Live Wallpaper on Your Screen

You probably can’t wait to set the Genshin Impact live wallpaper on your screen. To set it as your wallpaper, you just simply click on ‘Select’ once you successfully download it.

Congratulations! You finally get your desirable live wallpaper on Genshin Impact and enjoy the amazing visual every time you look at your phone screen. That’s so easy to get the Genshin Impact live wallpaper and set it on your screen, isn’t it?

Top 6 Genshin Impact Live Wallpaper

To ease you finding the best live wallpaper of Genshin Impact, we also show you a list of top Genshin Impact wallpapers, here are they:

  1. Venti Live Wallpaper

Venti Live Wallpaper

If you are a Venti lover, we think that downloading the live wallpaper which shows Venti is a must for you. This Venti wallpaper delivers the tranquility with the view of the forest accompanied by music.

  1. Characters in Nature Live Wallpaper

Characters in Nature Live Wallpaper

The second option of live wallpaper that you will choose is in nature-themed. As we know, the Genshin Impact world is full of nature which shows the real-world location. If you want to set more photorealistic backgrounds of Genshin Impact world, we think that this live wallpaper is great for your phone screen.

  1. A Night in Liyue Harbor Live Wallpaper

A Night in Liyue Harbor Live Wallpaper

This wallpaper features Ganyu from version 1.2 which shows a night in Liyue Harbor. Just like other Genshin Impact Live Wallpapers, it can be downloaded from miHoYo’s Nova Desktop app. So you can easily download it for iOS, Android and also PC.

  1. Jean and Diluc Live Wallpaper

Jean and Diluc Live Wallpaper

They are known as two classic characters which come from Mondstadt nation. Its background really shows them in front of Mondstadt’s iconic cathedral. We think that displaying them on your phone screen is a must for you especially if you’re Jean and Diluc fan.

  1. Shopping for Foods Live Wallpaper

Shopping for Foods Live Wallpaper

In Genshin Impact, food and shopping are amazing things to be created as art, especially for live wallpaper. It will be a fun way to see your favorite characters on their off days. You can also get the wave of the fight when they don’t save the world from the anger of the dragon and also defeat the goblins.

This live wallpaper shows the image of a female traveler which is eating with Xiangling. Then, you can also see the male traveler who is hanging out with Chongyun and Xingqui. Whatever the characters you’re favored, we think that it’s a great chance for you to display the food and shopping live wallpaper around with their buds.

  1. The Classic Cover Live Wallpaper

The Classic Cover Live Wallpaper

If you are a classic lover, this live wallpaper of Genshin Impact can be your option. It’s also used  as the main cover and feature image for promotional materials. Well, if you really want to get an HD background of this wallpaper for your phone screen, you can grab it soon from Nova Desktop app.

Well, those are some recommended live wallpaper of Genshin Impact that you can choose from Nova Desktop app. Of course, there are still plenty of gorgeous live wallpapers and backgrounds to decorate your phone or computer screen.

Moreover, if you want to see how the live wallpaper looks, you can also watch it from YouTube. A video from AMATISTA studio entitled Top 50 Free GENSHIN IMPACT Live Wallpapers | Windows really show the 50 live wallpaper of Genshin Impact that you can get from Nova Desktop. Watch the video here.

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