Lotus Head Farming Route

Lotus Head is probably one of the most important items in Genshin Impact due to its function. They are able to be used for some different kinds of alchemy recipes. Besides, you are also able to use them to fulfill commissions.

As you need a large amount of Lotus Head to do a lot of things in the game, it is better for you to stock up. One of the ways to stock up is farming. Where can you farm the Lotus Heads? For those who are planning to farm this item, here is the farming route:

Lotus Head Farming Route

Qingce Village à Liyue Harbor à Yujing Terrrace à West of the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula à Nantianmen’s River

Basically, Lotus Heads are mostly found in the Liyue region. In Genshin Impact, everyone knows that Liyue is counted as one of the seven nations. This one is the city state that worships Morax, the Geo Archon.

About Liyue:


  • Name: Liyue
  • World: Teyvat
  • Chapter: I
  • Element: Geo
  • Archon: Morax
  • Controlling Entity: Liyue Qixing

If you are not that familiar with the places to farm the Lotus Heads mentioned above, here is what you need to know:

  1. Qingce Village

Qingce Village2

About Qingce Village:

    • Type: Open World
    • Location: Bishui Plain

Qingce Village is the name of the village that you can found in Bishui Plain, Liyue. It is such a quite place, that’s why a lot of people moved away to the other locations. The only things left behind are mostly elderly who watch over their grandchildren.

Qingce Village is popular as a home in the hills. It is described as “Mighty Mt. Qingce gently cradles this peaceful village, silently protecting the old, the young, and the abundant croplands within its embrace. The legend of the ancient threat subdued beneath the mountain has been consigned to legend along with those who know of it, never again to return.”

  1. Liyue Harbor

Liyue Harbor2

About Liyue Harbor:

    • Type: Open World
    • Location: Sea of Clouds

Liyue Harbor is named as the main city of the Liyue nation. When the Archon War was happening and after the death of Guizhong, Rex Lapis brought along his people to the south of Mt. Tianheng, which is now popular as Liyue Harbor.

  1. Yujing Terrace

Yujin Terrace refers to the area located on the northwestern side of the Liyue Harbor, to the left of the northern Teleport waypoint on the World Map. To find it, you can go straight and then turn right after teleporting to that waypoint.  The place is described as: “Far from the bustling harbor, the Yujing Terrace rises along with Mt. Tianheng. Here, the Qixing and the leaders of many enterprises tirelessly drive Liyue’s prosperity and stability.”

  1. West of the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formul

West of the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formul

About Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula:

    • Type: One-time
    • Location: Luhua Pool, Liyue
    • Required Adventure Rank: 30/35
    • Recommended Party Level: 60/70
    • Rewards: Various

Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula is the name of one-time domain. It is described as a place where the amount of treasures hidden below. Everything found here is enough to drive a person mad. Unluckily, only few who can decipher its secrets remain.

  1. Nantianmen’s River

Nantianmen’s River

About Nantianment:

    • Type: Open World
    • Location: Minlin

Nantianment is the name of the area located in Minlin, Liyue. It is close to the Huaguang Stone Forest. In this place, there is a tree that has the adepti abode of the Chi dragon. The tree itself is described as a strange tree whose branches flow with clear, cold moonlight. Its roots might reach deep into the heart of the earth and are connected to something that awaits an opportunity to once again emerge and bask in the moon’s light.

Feel free to visit any of these locations to farm Lotus Heads. In case you do not feel like want to collect them by your hand, then you might want to consider the other ways. Apart from farming, Lotus Heads can be obtained by buying and through expedition.

If you want to buy Lotus Heads, you can just to go the Bubu Pharmacy located in the Liyue Harbor. If you need them as soon as possible, this one is recommended as it is the easiest and the quickest. To get a Lotus Head from this shop, you will be charged 300 Mora. As shop has only 10 Lotus Heads in stock, you will have to wait for about three days if you want to get more.

Then, what about obtaining the Lotus Head through expeditions? This way works by sending characters on expeditions to specific areas. You are guaranteed to get a steady supply of this item coming in. For example, when you send your characters on expeditions to Guili Plains, you will be rewarded 8 to 12 plants for a 24-hour expedition. Aside from Guili Plains, another place is Dunyu Ruins. Just like Guili Plains, completing the expedition to the Dunyu Ruins will also reward you 8 to 12 Lotus Heads. It does not matter the location that you choose, completing expedition overnight will provide you with 8 to 12 Lotus Head. While buying from Bubu Pharmacy is best when you really need to get Lotus Heads as soon as possible, getting through expeditions is a great way to stock up when you do not actively need them.

As stated before, there are a lot of uses of Lotus Heads, which one of them is to be used for some different kinds of alchemy recipes, such as:

Jade Parcels

Jade Parcels

  • Materials: x3 Lotus Head, x2 Jueyun Chilli, x2 Cabbage, x1 Ham
  • Craft Type: Cooking

Desiccant Potion

Desiccant Potion

  • Materials: x1 Lotus Head, x1 Butterfly Wings
  • Craft Type: Crafting

Jewelry Soup

Jewelry Soup

  • Materials: x1 Lotus Head, x2 Snapdragon, x2 Tofu
  • Craft Type: Cooking

Qingce Stir Fry

Qingce Stir Fry2

  • Materials: x2 Lotus Head, x3 Mushroom, x1 Jueyun Chilli, x1 Cabbage
  • Craft Type: Cooking

Streaming Essential Oil

Streaming Essential Oil

  • Materials: x1 Lotus Head, x1 Frog
  • Craft Type: Crafting

Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup

Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup

  • Materials: x1 Lotus Head, x1 Bird Egg, x1 Sugar
  • Craft Type: Cooking

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