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Apparently, there are some nations in Genshin Impact. As a player of Genshin Impact, you need to know about it as you may have to visit the nations to complete your quests. One of the nations of Teyvat is Liyue. Well, let us talk more about Liyue here.

Liyue Description

You have to know that Liyue is one of the seven nations in Teyvat. Liyue is the city-state that worships Morax, the Geo Archon. In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Dainsleif says this about Liyue. This is a bountiful harbor that lies in the east of Teyvat. Mountains stand tall alongside the stone forest, together with the open plains and lively rivers, make up the Liyue’s bountiful landscape that shows its unique beauty through each of the four seasons.

Liyue locations

Liyue History

Based on history, Liyue is the oldest of the seven nations in Teyvat, established 3,700 years ago once Morax signed a contract with the adepti to protect Liyue Harbor. Long before the establishment of Liyue Harbor, when lots of gods roamed the lands of Teyvat and before The Seven took their positions, many settlements existed in the lands which would become Liyue. During this time, Morax ruled with the God of Dust, Guizhong, in the land known as Guili Plains. This civilization prospered under their rule and with the protection of the adepti.

Once the Archon War broke out, the settlement met its end in fierce fighting which ended with the death of Guizhong, while the area now known as Dihua Marsh was turned from a fertile fields to a swamp. Morax brought their people south of Mt. Tianheng and established Liyue Harbor, where it continues to stand to this day. For protecting this new city, Morax made a contract with the adepti to protect it and also waged war against other gods. Between the subjugation of other gods like Osial, and the deaths of others for different reasons like Havria, finally Morax became the victor in Liyue and then took his place among The Seven as the Geo Archon.

Liyue Areas

Here are some areas in Liyue:

Liyue Harbour

Liyue Harbour1

The establishment of the harbor started Liyue shipping trade. As Teyvat’s largest market harbor, the sheer amount of goods that flow to and from it is incomparable for other ports. Every year during the Lantern Rite you are able to see thousands of lanterns ascend into the night sky. You should not miss a Liyue event.

Mt. Tianheng

Mt. Tianheng

This is the mountain which shelters Liyue Harbor from the west. It acts as a natural shield against any opponents who come that way. Need to know that there are uncountable records of the big and small wars whereby the opponents have been blocked by this barrier. Thus, you are still able to see ancient ruins of city walls, forts, and defensive structures. Also, Liyue’s earliest mining operations are believed to have started in this area.

Dihua Marsh

Dihua Marsh1

This is a wetland area north of Liyue. It gets its name from the silvergrass that grows in the shallows of the marsh. The scrambling web of the rivers has grown into a flourishing and widespread ecosystem full of flora and fauna. An amazing view for the travelers to the area. Also, the area acts as the road from Mondstadt to Liyue. Lots of merchant caravans select to stop here to rest. Aside from that, Wangshu Inn stands within the area which is a symbolic structure from all directions.

Qingce Village    

Qingce Village  

The location of Qingce village is at the northernmost point of Liyue, hidden between the hills and the bamboo forests sits Qingce Village. White clouds sit in the valleys between the mountains. Once the wind blows, the ripples in the water give off an array of colors.

Jueyun Karst 

Jueyun Karst 

It shrouded in mist and clouds in the northwest of Liyue. The area hides lots of stunning views. As tracks found on the complex paths leading up the peaks, a legend has formed that the hidden home of the Adepti lies somewhere in the area. Though another factor may only the hopes of those who seek blessings from the Adepti. Given the dangers within, that area is not suitable for outsiders. Best viewed from afar at Wangshu Inn.

Genshin Impact Characters from Liyue nation

Here are playable characters come from Liyue:

    • Beidou
    • Chongyun
    • Ganyu
    • Keqing
    • Ningguang
    • Qiqi
    • Tartaglia
    • Xiangling
    • Xiao
    • Xingqiu
    • Xinyan
    • Zhongli

Here are mentioned characters come from Liyue:

    • Baizhu
    • Yaoyao
    • Yunjin

Here is upcoming character come from Liyue:

    • Hu Tao

For your information, Hu Tao is an upcoming playable character in the game of Genshin Impact. She is the seventy seventh Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Typically, she is described as a cheeky prankster who always causes trouble. Qiqi’s character stories say that she has a very “punch-able face” due to Hu Tao’s insistence on burying the zombie.

Liyue Regions

Here are some regions in Liyue:

    • Bishui Plain

It is a region in the northern part of Liyue nation.

    • Minlin

It is a region in the western part of Liyue nation.

    • Qiongji Estuary

It is a region in the eastern part of Liyue nation.

    • Lisha

It is a region in the southwest part of Liyue nation.

    • Sea of Clouds

It is a region in the southeast part of the Liyue nation. Need to know that Guyun Stone Forest, Mt. Tianheng and Liyue Harbor are notable areas within this Sea of Clouds region.

Some Trivia about Liyue

  • Liyue is inspired by China.
  • Liyue means “Lapis Moon” or “Glass Moon” in Chinese.
  • Liyue is said to be an economical center (similar to any port city in China).
  • Liyue is the most prosperous of the seven nations in Teyfat.
  • In the Wangsheng organization, it is said that Liyue nation has 3700 years’ worth of history. Also, Ganyu confirm that Liyue was established exactly 3,700 years ago.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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