Klee Figure – How to Pre-order

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Klee is one of favorite Genshin Impact characters which comes as a cute girl. No wonder, if many Genshin Impact fans really favor this character a lot. To prove their love for Klee, many of them actually want to collect action figure of Klee. Unfortunately, the action figure of Genshin Impact is so limited and very rare.

miHoYo only recently released an action figure of Paimon some time ago. Until now, the developer of Genshin Impact has not released other action figures for Genshin Impact characters. Then, how about the Klee figure? Is it true that miHoYo will open a pre-order for Klee figure?

Klee Figure - How to Pre-order

Does miHoYo Open Pre-Order for Klee Figure?

The good news for Klee lovers, miHoYo will finally open pre-orders for Klee figures with 1/7 scale. For now, the pre-orders for Klee figure have not opened yet as the pre-orders schedule will open for mid-September 2021. However, the release date is not yet known.

To note, the Klee figure pre-order is just opened in China, meaning only Chinese Genshin Impact players can really pre-order for Klee figure. Even though the pre-orders for Klee figures have not opened yet, the enthusiasm of the Klee lovers was quite explosive.

The pre-orders for Klee figure have been listed on Chinese website TMall under the Yuanshen Flagship store. A 1/7 scale depicts Klee as a pyromatic Knight of Favonious with multiple bombs mid-jump. Klee is the second Genshin Impact character which receives a scale figure after the series mascot Paimon.

Of course, Klee fans are really screaming hysterically for the figure of Genshin Impact character even since the game released. Because of their love for Genshin Impact characters, of course many fans make their own action figures by sculpting. Of course this makes many people think that those action figures are official miHoYo merchandise, even though they are not.

Surprisingly! Many Genshin Impact fans fall in love with the character of Klee though she is not one of the starting characters which only come to the game later through a limited banner after the game’s launch. Considering the popularity of Genshin Impact characters that look good both in DPS and the functions, we think that it’s not surprising if those characters will soon gain a figure. So, what you should do is to wait for other Genshin Impact characters.

How Does the Klee Figure Look Like

How to Pre-Order for Klee Figure?

As you know, pre-orders for Klee figures are only opened in China. We think it’s so hard to get the chance to take the pre-order for Klee figure as the queue is quite full. Most of the time, there is not even a prototype ready yet. Then, a placeholder illustration is also used for promotional purposes.

Aside from that, the figure especially Genshin Impact characters tends to run out of stock or not on sale anymore by the time they release. Not to take pre-order a figure is the same as not buying it at all. But, if you are willing to pay much more for it through resellers, it can be a best option too.

The point is, preordering the Klee may turn out tricky. So, we think that you should think hard about getting into the pre-order queue if you really want to get a Klee figure. Slow down, dude! This post will also guide you on how to pre-order for Klee figure easily.

Well, the only one way to pre-order for Klee figure is to find an online shop with a proxy service. We think 42Agent is one popular proxy that you can check. Ensure to read up their site for additional details. You should notice that using a proxy service pushes you to have the bill by a lot. Once you get the shop with a proxy, the shop will first receive the figure once you pay for it and then send it back to you.

Apart from finding a shop with a proxy, another way that you can do is to simply wait. It may take a few days or weeks for English online shops with international shipping service to list the Klee figure among their Genshin Impact items.

One of the recommended online shops is AmiAmi as the shop already sold official miHoYo goods in the past  including the 1/7 Paimon figure. So, grab the pre-order as soon as possible when it’s already opened and get the Klee figure to be added to your action figure collection.

You can visit the AmiAmi shop here.

How Does the Klee Figure Look Like?

Before you go on taking pre-orders for Klee figure, you may want to know what it looks like. Well, the Klee figure measures 175mm x 200mm x 170 mm. We think the size makes it a great addition for your display. Its Klee size is officially licensed by miHoYo which is similar to recently announced Traveler Nendoroids.

Here’s for Klee figure in detail:

  • Month of Release: September 2021
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Product Size: 175 mm tall
  • Specification: Pre-Painted PVC Figure
  • Material: PVC, ABS

The Klee figure costs 788 RMB or RM494 (around $122). This cost is only available for pre-order now. Then, pre-ordering it will have to put down a 200 RMB (RM125) deposit with the balance payable closer to the Klee figure’s release.

More About Klee

klee genshin1

Klee is one of Genshin Impact characters which was first launched on October 20, 2020. Klee was the first banner exclusive character after Venti. She comes in 5-star rarity which is featured by Pyro elements. She is a Catalyst weapon user.

Klee is described as an outgoing and energetic girl. She acts like a typical young girl with full of energy. She is really playing with her friends. Just like Amber’s Baron Bunny, she also has particular skill to create explosives as bombs and adores everything which blows up.

In the game, Klee is throwing explosives all over the place. However, she is particularly fond of fishing blasting. Klee can make big explosions while running. So, don’t be surprised because as a member of the Knight of Favonius, her fighting ability should not be underestimated.

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