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What is the best build for Jean? This question may come to your mind when you have this character in Genshin Impact. So here, we have some explanation about it including the other information about Jean that you need to know.

The Best Build for Jean

Talking about the best build in Genshin Impact, you need it to be able to improve the skill and performance of the character. And for Jean, here is the best build.

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For Anemo Support build, the weapon that you are able to use is Skyward Blade or Favonius Sword. Here are the details of these weapons.

    • Skyward Blade

The CRIT Rate can be increased by 4/5/6/7/8%. It is able to obtain Skypiercing Might upon using an elemental burst: it is able to increases ATK SPD by 10%, increase movement SPD by 10%,and increases the DMG of normal and charged attack hits by 20/25/30/35/40% for 12 seconds.

    • Favonius Sword

CRIT hits have a 60/70/80/90/100% opportunity to be able to produce 1 elemental orb which will produce 6 Energy for the character. Every 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds, it can only happen once.

How about the Artifacts? The artifacts which are suitable for Jean are Noblesse Oblige or Viridescent Venerer. Here are the details of these artifacts.

    • Noblesse Oblige

It has elemental burst DMG +20%. Utilizing an elemental burst, it is able to increase all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12 seconds. For your information, this effect is not able to stack.

    • Viridescent Venerer

It can obtain a 15% Anemo DMG bonus and it can increase Swirl DMG by 60%. It can also decrease the elemental RES of the opponent to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10 seconds.

You are able to change Jean from support to main attacker. For this need, you are able to use Aquila Favonia or Prototype Rancour. Here are the details of these weapons.

    • Aquila Favonia

ATK will be increased by 20/25/30/35/40%. There are triggers on taking DMG. Those include holding the banner of the resistance aloft, the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, regenerating HP equal to 100/115/130/145/160% of ATK and dealing 200/230/260/290/320% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies. Every 15 seconds, this effect is only able to happen once.

    • Prototype Rancour

In terms of hit, Normal and Charged Attacks can increase Base ATK and DEF by 4/4.5/5/5.5/6% for 6 seconds. It has max 4 stacks and every 0.3 seconds, it can only happen once.

Now, how about the artifacts for Jean if she becomes the main attacker? You are able to use Bloodstained Chivalry or Gladiator’s Finale. Here are the details about these artifacts.

    • Bloodstained Chivalry

The Physical DMG is +25%

    • Gladiator’s Finale

The ATK is +18%.

The Abilities of Jean

Her normal attack is Favonius Bladework. In the normal attack, she can perform up to five consecutive strikes. In the charged attack, she can consumes a portion of stamina to be able to launch an enemy using the power of wind. The enemies launched will slowly fall to the ground. In the plunging attack, she can plunge to the ground from mid air and it can damage all enemies in her path which deals area of effect damage when she hits the ground.

Her elemental skill is Gale Blade. She can release a miniature storm which launches enemies in the direction that she is aiming at and deals Anemo damage. If this button is held, she is able to command the storm to be able to pull surrounding enemies to her front at the cost of continued stamina consumption.

Her elemental burst is Dandelion Breeze. She can make a swirling dandelion field which launches surrounding enemies and causes Anemo damage. Instantly, she can regenerate a large amount of HP for nearby allied units and all party members. The value of the HP recovery is based off the attack stat of Jean. When the dandelion is active, it will regenerate HP continuously for one ally and imbue them with the Anemo attribute. Whenever there is an enemy which gets into or exits the field, they will take Anemo damage.

The constellations of Jean are Spiralling Tempest, People’s Aegis, When the West Wind Arises, Lands of Dandelion and Lion’s Gang, Fair Protector of Mondstadt.

How about Jean Passive Talents? Her passive talents are:

    • Wind Companion

Hits which are done by normal attack have a 50% chance to regenerate HP which is the same as 15% of the attack of Jean for all party members.

    • Let the Wind Lead

Utilizing the dandelion breeze elemental burst will regenerate 20% of its energy.

    • Guiding Breeze.

If she can achieve a perfect cooking on a dish with restorative effects, there will be a 12% chance to get a copy of the same item.

About Jean Personality and Appearance

Jean is a descendant of the prestigious Gunnhildr Clan. She is often busy handling unrest across Mondstadt and she works tirelessly to maintain the City of Freedom.

How is the personality of Jean? As the acting Grand  Master for the Knights, she takes all of her responsibilities and duties which are related to the role seriously. Because of it, Jean is often tired because she tries to complete commissions from the locals and it becomes the concern of others. However, her devotion to her duties makes her liked by everyone in Mondstadt and it includes Diluc. Jean always completes her missions with elegance and success. And also, she is not a person who is easily fazed.

Jean sees Vannessa as a role model. It is because of her exploits and how she left an impressive legacy behind. When she feels confused or troubled, she will go to the Great Tree in Windrise.

Now, how about the appearance of Jean? As you are able to see that she is tall and athletic. She also has fair skin and short gold-blonde hair which is tied back into a ponytail with grey-blue eyes. She wears a blue, white, black and red strapless shirt and there are gold symbols and linings along with a long blue tailcoat which is attached to it. On her clothes, there are also a pair of separate white sleeves, a short blue and gold cloak with a light blue inner lining which is attached to a white separate collar with black linings. Also, she wears a white tights embroidered with gold diamond-dot pattern and pair of white high-heeled knee-high boots which have gold patterns and black heels. And, she wears a pair of blue gloves.

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