Is Genshin Impact Multiplayer Cross Platform?

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The new action RPG game presented by the Chinese gaming studio, miHoYo, called Genshin Impact, released across several platforms. When it comes to the appearance and everything, this game resembles Tales of Vesperia and some other action based JRPGs. However, the main thing that makes it a hot topic is its resemblance to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Genshin Impact released for some platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch and the next generation versions of the game are planned to be released in the future. Is Genshin Impact multiplayer cross platform? The good news is that this one features cross play, meaning all the players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android are now able to play together, as long as they are playing in the same region.

Is Genshin Impact Multiplayer Cross Platform

To be able to play cross platform, the multiplayer has to be unlocked. Even though the multiplayer were unlocked early in the game, miHoYo is not sure to call the game a true MMORPG, despite the fact that it is an online RPG with multiplayer. Everyone would agree that Genshin Impact is the one game that people can play online with friends, as they take the benefit of the open world exploration and some different kinds of dungeons of the game.

In order to unlock the multiplayer, the first thing that the players have to do is to reach Adventurer Rank 16. However, it is worth noting that it is different from the actual level of the character. Players can raise it by completing quests. Make sure to understand about it first before diving into the multiplayer of the game. For your information, this takes a few hours to accomplish. Actually, it is not a big deal for those who have played MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV or Dragon Quest X. All of them similarly look out multiplayer until the players know better about the mechanics of the game.

How does the cross platform multiplayer work in Genshin Impact?

After unlocking the multiplayer, players are able to invite up to three friends to join them for dungeons and exploration. It is like a typical JRPG four person party. The existence of the cross play feature brings some fresh air, but there are some limitations and it is handled a little differently compared to playing with friends that use the same platform. When the same platform is used, players can just go to the Friends menu located inside the main menu and then invite anyone to join them. It is as easy as that. As for the cross play, on the other hand, players will need to know the UID numbers of their friends.

When the first time players join Genshin Impact, a UID of a unique identifier number is given to each of them. For those who have no idea, the UID number of the player is able to be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once this kind of number is shared with friends and added in the game, they can join each other in their own worlds. Once again, one thing to keep in mind is that the cross play is limited to specific regions. On the other words, players will need to be on the same server as their friends if they want to use the multiplayer feature.

Activities that can be done in co-op mode

The cross play mode in Genshin Impact has a few restrictions. The second players are not allowed to enjoy the Story Quests, Spiral Abyss, Shops, Oculi, chests and some other main features of the game. As for the host, they can still enjoy these features without experiencing any of these limitations.

Despite all these limitations mentioned above, the multiplayer feature is still fun and players can still enjoy everything with several quests, including the daily quests and world quests. In addition, there are always a lot of resources to gather and monsters to hunt.

Take a note that the main missions cannot be completed in co-op at all. On the other words, the best thing that you can do is to not focus on these while you reach Level 16, leaving the side quests and world quests for co-op.

In the past, there was also the event for the co-op mode that was introduced by miHoYo called Elemental Crucible. This limited event was held between October 12 to October 19, 2020. People loved to play more such events with their friends.

Is it worth it to try multiplayer features with friends?

Releasing the cross play feature was a god’s work since it means players do not have to worry about playing the game with their friends on the same platform. The advantage is that more people are encouraged to play this game, and maybe feel good to experience it with their real world friends as well.

On the other hand, despite the hype of the multiplayer feature on Genshin Impact, in fact, it is kind of overrated. Compared to the other games, playing together with friends is a boring thing in this game, as stated by a popular Youtuber named MonkeyKingHero talked about the co-op mode of this game on a Youtube video.

Alternative to cross play feature

As stated before, you will have to reach Adventure Rank 16 and do a few quests to get the cross play access. As the alternative, there is a thing called cross save. What is cross save?

Cross save is the one that is available only between the mobile versions such as iOS and Android and the PC version of the game. As for PS4, there is no possibility to play it.

Platform Cross Save Cross Play
PC Yes Yes
PlayStation4 No Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes

For anyone who has a question related to cross platform mode in Genshin Impact or has a hard time using this feature, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of the game.

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