Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Quest Guide of the Lantern Rite Tales Event

One of the Lantern Rite Tales Event parts requires you to complete a quest named Iron Ingot Meet Ziwei. However, this is a limited quest which can only be done during the duration of the event. Completing this quest as soon as possible is a must for you.

How about you? Are you ready to participate in this event and complete the quest? If so, let’s see all about the quest, how to complete the quest and the rewards you’ll get from this quest!

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Quest’s Overview

This quest is the sixth request of the Lantern Rite Tales event. It definitely opens on the third day of the event. There are a total of 26 World Quests which are only available during the Version 1.2 event Lantern Rite. You can participate in this event by accepting the requests from Lantern Rite Tales on the Events menu.

Need to know, the Lantern Rite Tales are separated into three groups in which each group has one main quest which is unlocked by cleaning the event’s Story Quests. However, this quest is a prerequisite to unlock all other requests in the group. It doesn’t wonder if most requests will be unlocked every day.

The Lantern Rite Tales event is starting from February 10, 2021 at 10 AM to February 28, 2021 at 4 AM. Then, Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest will  take place in Dunyu Ruins, Liyue which requires you to complete the City of Chores before.

The rewards that you will get after completing the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quests include:

    • 20000 x Mora
    • 30 x Primogems
    • 100 x Festive Fever

For more information, the Festive Fever will show the amount of in-universe hype which is about the Lantern Rite event. However, this is required to unlock event content related to the Lantern Rite.

Aside from completing the quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei, you can also obtain the Festive Fever by completing All That Glitters quest from the Lantern Rite event which requests from the Lantern Rite Tales event.

Completing the Iron Meets Ziwei Quest, Here’s the Guide!

Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest is starting from a player to speak with a miner named Iron Ingot. This quest begins when Iron Ingot from Liyue seems to have a complicated problem caused by something. Of course, now, it’s your chance to help them complete the quest to meet Ziwei.

Here’s how!

The first thing that you should do is to talk to Iron Ingot. To speak to him, you can accept the quest from the Event section on your game menu. You can then go to the fast travel northeast of Ligju Pass and then talk to Iron Ingot.

talk to Iron Ingot

Once the conversation, you should then travel to the bridge that can be found northeast of Mt. Tianheng to find the first suitable viewing spot. Then, you have to bring a camera and press X/A to take a picture (photograph). Last, return back to Iron Ingot to give the first picture.

Head to the first photo spot just outside of Liyue.

After you locate the first suitable viewing spot, you will be allowed to find the second suitable viewing spot. Here, you must then travel to the Fast Travel to the north of Liyue Harbor. Then, you have to drop down to the cliff and then take the second picture. Last, you need to return back to Iron Ingot to give him a second picture.

take the second picture

To note: you cannot adjust the angle of the photo if you use the Kamera gadget. Instead, you can take a picture by using the photo function from the menu.

Afterwards, you can also cook Almond Tofu or Grilled Tiger Fish. To cook it, you have to go back to Liyue and buy the ingredients from Dongsheng (Second Life). You can cook it in Wanmin’s Restaurant.

 cook Almond Tofu or Grilled Tiger Fish

The last task that you should complete is to deliver the Almond Tofu to Iron Ingot. Finally, you can talk to Ziwei near the edge of the cliff to successfully complete this quest.

, you can talk to Ziwei near the edge of the cliff to successfully complete this quest.

For more information, the Almond Tofu can be cooked or bought. You can buy it by heading to Wangshuu Inn. If you want to cook it, you can use the recipe below:

Almond Tofu1-

  • 3 x Milk
  • 1 x Sugar
  • 1 x Almond

Well, those are all tasks that you have to do in order to complete the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest.

Taking a Picture Tutorial for Completing the Quest!

The goal of the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei is to get the awesome pictures by taking a suitable object from your game screen. The first location that you can use to get the gorgeous picture is by navigating to the waypoint which appears to the east of MT Tianheng. This waypoint marks a small suspension bridge and it serves as the first suitable viewing spot for this quest.

Here, the only thing that you should do is to take a picture from this vantage point even though there may be several confusion about its process. You just simply choose the ‘Take Photo’ option from the left side of the main menu and then use the feature to take the picture.

Well, once you take a picture from the first suitable viewing spot, now, it’s your turn to find the second awesome object which is reliable to take a picture. For the second process, it’s totally the same as the first process in which you just navigate to a new waypoint which appears on the map. The second waypoint is exactly northeast of Mt. TianHeng and you should once again use the ‘Take Photo’ option from the menu when they arrive.

Important note: This quest is not the same thing as taking a photo with Kamera. However, if you try to use it this item, you totally cannot progress the quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest. Moreover, in completing this quest, taking a picture from the Kamera will not be counted. Otherwise, you should use the ‘Take a Photo’ feature in the Paimon Menu which can be found on the left edge of the screen on mobile (ESC on PC) to take a picture.

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