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You come to this page to know about Iansan’s build guide which is proper for him to give the enormous damage in the battle, don’t you? However, build is the best thing for all playable Genshin Impact character in which it can be a way for them to deal highest damage by a selection of best weapon and also artifacts.

So, let’s find out about Iansan’s below!

Iansan Character’s Overview

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, Iansan is an upcoming playable character who will be released to the game as soon as possible. Iansan is a female character who comes from Natlan nation. She was initially seen in the teaser of Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview ACT V, Natlan.

Iansan Genshin Impact

Iansan is represented as a small girl which has dark skin, light green eyes and long ears. Her hair’s color is grey which she keeps pulled back into pigtails. To make her more gorgeous, she wears an orange and black headband which is decorated with an animal skull. With detailed orange purple and black jacket, her body looks more attractive.

Along with a beaded necklace which is resembling a dream-catcher, it actually represents that she is ambitious character to make her dream coming true. For her feet, she actually wears a black sock one her left leg and an orange sock on her right.

Iansan comes from Natlan region as one of the seven nations in Teyvat. This is the city-state which worships Murata, the Pyro Archon. Natlan is seemingly inspired by Indigenous America or Pre-Columbian. The term of Natlan means ‘Under/Around (the) Na’ in Nahuat.

She will come to the game with Pyro element which is one of the seven Elements in Genshin Impact. We think that many players will choose her to be part of their party members as by having two Pyro characters in the party will produce the Elemental Resonance. Moreover, the Fervent Flames will be affected by Cryo for 40% less time and also increase ATK by 25%.

Pyro has Elemental Reactions with the elements Hydro, Cryo, Dendro and Electro. Here’s for the detail:

    • Overloaded: It will deal AoE Pyro DMG which causes an explosion.
    • Vaporize: It will deal x1.5 Pyro DMG when a Pyro attack is triggering  the reaction.
    • Melt: It will deal x2 Pyro DMG when a Pyro attack is triggering the reaction.
    • Burning: It will deal Pyro DMG over time. The grass is considered a Dendro object which will spread the burn effect around the area.

To note: Iansan is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact, of course there is information about Iansan’s best build that support her to give the high damage in the battle. So just wait for the information about Iansan’s best build!

The List of Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview

Iansan comes in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview ACT V, Natlan. To give you more information about all Chapters of Genshin Impact teasers, this post also show you a list of Teyvat Chapter storyline preview as follow:

    • Act Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught The Wind. Featured character: Diluc. Region: Mondstadt (Anemo / wind element).
    • Act I: Farewell, Archaic Lord. Featured character: Ningguang Region: Liyue (Geo / earth element).
    • Act II: Omnipresence Over Mortals. Featured character: Ayaka Kamisato. Region: Inazuma (Electro / lightning element)
    • Act III: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana. Featured character: Cyno (new). Region: Sumeru (Dendro / wood element)
    • Act IV: Masquerade of the Guilty. Featured characters: Lyney and Lynette (new). Region: Fontaine (Hydro  / water element)
    • Act V: Incandescent Ode of Resurrection. Featured character: Iansan (new). Region: Natlan (Pyro / fire element)
    • Act VI: Everwinter Without Mercy. Featured character: Harbinger Pulcinella (not fully revealed). Region: Snezhnaya (Cryo / ice element)
    • Act ?: The Dream Yet to Be Dreamed. Featured character: Bough Keeper Dainsleif (new). Region: Khaen’riah (no element listed).

Here’s the list of teaser of characters:

    • Mondstadt Chapter – Diluc
    • Liyue Chapter – Ningguang
    • Inazuma Chapter – Kamisato Ayaka
    • Sumeru Chapter – Cyno
    • Fontaine Chapter – Lyney dan Lynette
    • Natlan Chapter – Iansan
    • Snezhnaya Chapter – Harbinger Pulcinella and followers
    • Khaenri’ah Chapter – Dainsleif
    • Ocean of Flowers at the End – Traveler

Lists of Upcoming Playable Characters in Latest Genshin Impact Teaser

We also show you a list of upcoming characters which will come to the game as soon as possible, here they are:

    • Cyno

Cyno comes in male character which was first seen on Chapter 12 of the official Manga. He also appeared in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview. In the preview, he is shown to assist Collei in sealing her Archon residue.  He comes from Sumeru which is predicted having Polearm weapon.

    • Lyney dan Lynette

They are twins character in Genshin Impact. Lyney is represented as a young man who has violet eyes, short pale hair pulled back in a braided style with pale skin. Which makes him more gorgeous is that he has a tear-shaped mark on his right cheek.

While, Lynette precisely comes in female character. She is a young girl who has pale skin, violet eyes, a tail and also cat-like ears. On her left cheek, she also has a star-shaped mark, a mark that Lyney also has. Well, it can be a clear and obvious sign that they are really twins.

    • Collei

Though there is a rumor that explain that Collei will be coming to the game, however, there’s no confirmation or even teaser which show her to be upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. Collei appears in Genshin Impact Manga. She is represented as a sad girl who has a miserable past.

Well, her past has been mentioned briefly in Chapter 3; Lost and Found. From this chapter, Collei’s childhood was full of abuse and lies until she finally swore that she would never ask for help again. Her arrival at Mondstatd finally made her heart melt by Amber’s warmth.

    • Dainsleif

Dainsleif is an upcoming playable character which will come to the game sooner or later. He was announced in the stream when celebrating the Genshin Impact. He comes in male character who comes from Khaenri’ah region.

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