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The players of Genshin Impact will be able to find many bows in game. One of the bows is Hunter’s Bow. By the way, what do you know about Hunter’s Bow? Well, let us discuss it here.

About Hunter’s Bow

Hunter’s Bow is a 1-star bow in the Genshin Impact game. It is a 1-star weapon series which no other 1-star weapons in Genshin Impact exist except the weapons in this series. Need to know that this series does not have a shared passive, as 1-star weapons do not have passives at all. But, all weapons in this series have a shared base ATK of 23 at Level 1. Likewise, the weapons in this 1-star weapon series cannot be refined. It is a great feature for 3-star weapons and above.

However Hunter’s Bow is one of the bows that you can use in game. For your information, a bow is used for hunting targets from afar. It lets you make damage and poke opponents from afar while maintaining a safe distance. Despite it not being as strong as the other weapons, a bow is still a force to be considered since it will be able to deliver fast and continuous attacks which can overwhelm opponents. Not all playable characters in Genshin Impact are able to equip the bow, but instead, only some certain characters specialize in using the weapon in battle.

Hunter’s Bow information

Hunter's Bow

  • Weapon Type: Bow
  • Weapon Rarity: 1-star
  • Base Attack: 23
  • Secondary Stat: none
  • Secondary Stat Value: 0
  • Passive Ability: –
  • Passive Bonus Effect: –
  • Location: Chests
  • Description: A hunter’s music that only consists of two sounds: The Twang of bowstring and the whoosh of soaring arrows.

Hunter’s Bow Stats by Level

Level Base ATK
20 56
40 102
50 130
60 158
70 185

Hunter’s Bow Ascension

Level Mora Weapon Ascension Material Common
Material 1
Material 2
1 20/40 0 Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth ×1 Dead Ley Line Branch ×1 Treasure Hoarder Insignia ×1
2 40/50 5,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth ×1 Dead Ley Line Branch ×4 Treasure Hoarder Insignia ×2
3 50/60 5,000 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth ×2 Dead Ley Line Leaves ×2 Silver Raven Insignia ×2
4/Max 60/70 10,000 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang ×1 Dead Ley Line Leaves ×4 Silver Raven Insignia ×3

How to obtain Hunter’s Bow?

You are able to obtain the Hunter’s Bow through Chests. For your information, Chests are objects which can be found around the world of Teyvat and as rewards for completing some certain domains. If you are able to open chests, it will give you Adventure EXP, Primogems, Sigils, Mora, and a random assortment of Weapons, Artifacts, and Character EXP Materials. Also, there are achievements that are granted after opening a certain number of chests within a region. The Treasure Compass gadgets are able to be used to search for chests within their respective regions, with several exceptions. The blueprints for those gadgets are obtained as a reward for reaching Reputation level 6 in their respective nations.

The Best Bows in Genshin Impact

Hunter’s bow is a 1-star bow in the game of Genshin Impact. So, what are the best bows in the game of Genshin Impact? Now, you may want to find out the best bows in Genshin Impact. You have to note that there are two 5-star bows in the game of Genshin Impact. Those two 5-star bows are Amos’ Bow and Skyward Harp. Each of them is really amazing as they have base damage which is higher compared to the other bows in Genshin Impact. You will be able to get both of them through wishes.

    • Amos’ Bow

This bow has a passive ability called Strong-Willed which is so good at increasing damage for regular and aimed shots. Aside from that, it is also able to increase damage the father away the enemy is.

    • Skyward Harp

This bow has the Echoing Ballad passive that can improve the critical damage and gives a change for the CRIT to have an area of effect.

In the game of Genshin Impact, there are some 4-star bows. The ways to obtain them vary. You will be able to obtain some through wishes and by crafting through the blacksmith. Also, some others can be obtained through the Battle Pass.

    • The Stringless

The elemental skill and elemental burst damage are increased by 24 percent. It is a good bow that you are able to use on enemies that are weak to a certain element.

    • The Viridescent Hunt

There is a 50 percent chance of the normal and aimed shots to generate a cyclone once every 14 seconds. It is after hitting an enemy. The most recommended method is to group the enemies together with the cyclone and then hit them with an AoE attack from another character.

    • Blackcliff Warbow

This bow is able to increase the attack by 12 percent for 30 seconds after beating an enemy. Need to know that it is able to stack up to three times. Each of them has different times. This bow encourages aggressive play.

    • Rust

This bow is very helpful for those who like using bows up close. The normal attack damage is increased by 40 percent but the aimed shot damage is decreased by 10%. In other words, you will be firing at point blank range.

Additionally, we are also going to share some 3-star bows that work well against most enemies: Messenger, Raven Bow and Sharpshooter’s Oath.

    • Messenger

Base ATK (Level 1): 40

Secondary Stat Type: CRIT DMG

Secondary Stat (Level 1): 6,8%

    • Raven Bow

Base ATK (level 90): 40 (448)

Secondary Stat (level 90): ATK 6.3% (Invalid base2ndStat)

    • Sharpshooter’s Oath

Base ATK (level 90): 39 (401)

Secondary Stat (level 90): CRIT DMG 10.2% (46.9%)

Well, the text above is an explanation about Hunter’s Bow and other bows in Genshin Impact. If you want to get more information, go to the communities or forums of the game.

Hello guys, I am a RPG gamer. I like play Genshin Impact because it has perfect graphics and long walkthrough with full of challenges (quest). So I write anything about Genshin Impact here to share you.
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