How to Use Domain Reliquary

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The Domain Reliquary is an item which can be obtained by clearing out the floors in the Spiral Abyss. Of course, to get this item, you are required to have the Adventure Rank 25 to enter the dungeon. There are a lot of floors to clear out and each one will give different rewards after completing the quest.

Then, you may be wondering how to use the Domain Reliquary in Genshin Impact. In fact, this item is much sought after by the players by completing the quest. How important is the Domain Reliquary’s usage in the game?

How to Use Domain Reliquary

How to Use Domain Reliquary?

The Domain Reliquary is commonly used to get random 3-star artifacts. Once you get the Domain Reliquary by clearing out the floors on Spiral Abyss, then, when the Domain Reliquary is opened, you surely will have a chance to get artifacts from.

Domain Reliquary has two tiers, they are Tier I and Tier III. You can use the Domain Reliquary I to get Artifacts when it is opened. While, you can also use the Domain Reliquary III to get the artifacts and also store them on it. The effect of Domain Reliquary is to give a random 3-star artifact.

As we know that artifacts are the Genshin Impact items which can increase the character’s stats. There are five artifacts slots to equip a certain number of artifacts within one set to be able to activate special artifact set bonuses. Moreover, all artifacts have a primary stat along with up to 4 secondaru stats called substats which can greatly increase your characters’ strength in combat.

In the game, you can hold a maximum of 1,00 Artifacts in their inventory at a time. Once they reach the limit, if you try to pick more Artifacts, it will produce an item amount exceeding max limit pop-up. You can store the artifacts by having them on the inventory or by equipping them on the characters.

Additionally, each character has exactly five slots to equip their artifacts. When the artifacts are equipped, they are in effect which cannot be disabled or switched during battle. Need to know, each of those five slots reflect one of the five Artifact Pieces. Then, you cannot put an artifact of a certain type.

Considering the importance of the artifacts in Genshin Impact, of course obtaining the Domain Reliquary either Tier I or Tier III is such a must for you which can give you a random 3-star artifact. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

Obtaining the Domain Reliquary, Here’s the Guides!

As we’ve mentioned above, to get the Domain Reliquary, you need to clear out the floors on Spiral Abyss. Even though you know the place where to get the Domain Reliquary, you probably do not know yet how to get them in the game. Thankfully, this post will guide you to obtain the Domain Reliquary on Spiral Abyss easily.

Here’s how!

To get the Domain Reliquary, you should first be at least at Adventurer Rank 25 to enter the dungeon, Spiral Abyss. On this place, you have to clear out several floors that can reward you the Domain Reliquary after successful completion. The Floor 1 and Floor 2 are the first floor that you have to clear out in order to get the Domain Reliquary.

Clearing Out Floor 1. Well, to clear out Floor 1, the recommended characters to do it are Amber, Diluc, and Xiangling. They will fight the enemies of level 25 caliber. Apart from getting the Domain Reliquary as the reward, it also has a Star bounty of x 60000 Mora and 300 x Primogems.

Clearing Out Floor 2. The recommended characters to clear out the Floor 2 are Qiqi, Chongyun and Kaeya. On this floor, they will confront enemies of Level 40 caliber. The rewards that you can get after clearing out this floor, aside from Domain Reliquary are also  60000 x Mora and 300 x Primogems.

Here’s for the outline to ease you understand more for the requirements in clearing out the floor in the Spiral Abyss:

Spiral Abyss – Floor 1

  • Recommended Characters: Xiangling, Amber and Diluc.
  • Enemy Level: Level 25
  • Rewards on Clearing the Chamber: Domain Reliquary – Tier III
  • Star’s Bounty: Mora x 60000 and Primogems ×300

Spiral Abyss – Floor 2

  • Recommended Characters: Qiqi, Chongyun and Kaeya.
  • Enemy Level: Level 40
  • Rewards on Clearing the Chamber: Domain Reliquary – Tier III
  • Star’s Bounty: Mora x 60000 and Primogems × 300

There are some important notes that you should notice to clear out the floors in the Spiral Abyss. However, it will be more challenging at all, here they are:

  • You  cannot heal or open the inventory when you are in this location. The healing is only possible to do if that’s a part of the character’s skills.
  • You are not allowed to change your party members in the Spiral Abyss even in between chambers or leaving mid-floor.
  • You can change the characters’ weapons and also artifacts in this region.
  • The character’s customization is also not allowed when you’re completing this challenge.

As you know, Spiral Abyss is a set of challenges in Genshin Impact. So, you can test your skills and wits and how to get the rewards. The rewards that you will get will be depending on your performance in every trial. You can find the Spiral Abyss in the southeastern part of the Mondstadt region on an island named Musk Reef.

How to get Spiral Abyss location? Well, to reach the Spiral Abyss, you should go to Cape Oath by heading east of the Eagle’s Gate. In this location, there’s a very ominous black hole in the sky that you can see when you go up the hill. Because there’s no possible way to reach the black hole in the sky, you have to look for three little statues here.

You should find the three Seelies. Then, you can move them to their respective statue. By doing this, a strong wind will be produced and it is possible to bring players to the top to reach the black hole. Well, that will take you directly to Musk Reef and enter the Spiral Abyss.

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