How to Take a Picture (Photograph) When Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei

Taking a picture is one of the tasks that you should do in completing the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest. At least, you have to get two gorgeous pictures and give them to Iron Ingot. Of course, to get the gorgeous picture, you should know the suitable angle/ viewing spot of your screen.

Thankfully, this post will guide you to getting the gorgeous pictures by taking a picture from a suitable viewing point. Well, once you get them, you successfully help the Iron Ingot to have the picture and meet Ziwei. Then, the quest is totally completed.

Here’s how!

To take a picture, you should accept the quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei from the Event section on your game menu. Once you accept the quest, you can then talk to Iron Ingot and help him in order to meet Ziwei. To get Iron Ingot, you have to go to the fast travel northeast of Lingju Pass.

you talk to Iron Ingot,

Once you talk to Iron Ingot, you should find a suitable angle around your gaming location. In order to get the proper location, you have to travel to the Bridge located northeast of Mt. Tianheng. By navigating to the waypoint that appears to the east of MT TianHeng, we think that you will get a matching angle there.

The first spot is right next to Mt. Tiangheng

However, this is the first picture location that you can use to take a picture. As we know that the goal in completing this quest is to get the two catchy pictures by taking a suitable object from your game screen. If you already get a great angle, you can then take a picture by simply choosing the ‘Take Photo’ feature that you can find from the left side of the main menu and then use it to take the picture.

choose the ‘Take Photo’ feature

The ‘Take Photo’ feature can be found in the Paimon Menu located on the left edge of the screen on mobile, while you can press ESC key on PC to take a picture. You can also press the X/A key to take a picture.

Upon getting the first picture, you can then return back to Iron Ingot and give it to him. Then, your next task is to find the suitable angle for taking a second picture. Just like the first picture, to get the gorgeous angle for the second picture, you can also navigate to the waypoint to travel to Fast Travel to the north of Liyue Harbor.

second picture

Well, the second viewing spot to take a picture is northeast of Mt. TianHeng. In this location, you should drop down to the cliff and then take the second picture. The process to get the second picture is totally the same as the first picture in which you just simply choose the ‘Take Photo’ feature from the Paimon Menu located on the left edge of the screen.

After you take a second picture, you should then return back and give it to Iron Ingot. Well, by giving the two pictures/ Photographs to Iron Ingot, it means taking a picture task as part of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest is already completed.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use the Kamera gadget to find a great angle or take a picture with it as you cannot totally continue to complete the quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest if you try to take a picture with it. Instead, you can take a picture by using the photo feature from the Paimon Menu.

Next Task After Taking a Picture

Once you have already taken the two pictures and give them to Iron Ingot, the next task that you should do is to cook the Almond Tofu. However, this is one of the tasks in completing a quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei. The goal of this task is to cook the Almond Tofu and then deliver it to Iron Ingot.

Well, to cook the Almond Tofu, you should use some ingredients, they are:

cook the Almond Tofu

  • 1 x Almond
  • 1 x Sugar
  • 1 x Milk

Well, once you cook the Almond Tofu and deliver it to Iron Ingot, you finally can talk to Ziwei near the edge of the cliff to successfully complete this quest.

Aside from cooking the Almond Tofu, you can also get it by Investigating the kitchen table in Wangshuu Inn which is located in Dihua Marsh, Liyue. Moreover, you can also buy the Almond Tofu from Verr Goldet in Wangshu Inn for 1,550 Mora maximum 2 per day.

Additionally, the Almond Tofu will increase the party’s Attack by 66/81/95 for 300 seconds. Just like most foods in Genshin Impact, it has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode. This Genshin Impact food menu is also needed in the Good Medicine Tastes Bitter daily quest and also in Yi Zhu’s Snack reputation request.

About Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Quest

About Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei Quest

The quest of Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei is the sixth request of the Lantern Rite Tales event. This quest will be open on the third day of the event. At least, there are a total of 26 World Quests that you have to complete in the Lantern Rite Tales event which are only available during Version 1.2.

In order to complete the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei quest, you should accept the requests from Lantern Rite Tales on the Events menu. The Lantern Rite Tales event is starting from February 10, 2021 at 10 AM to February 28, 2021 at 4 AM. The quest of the Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei will take place in Dunyu Ruins, Liyue. Then, to complete this quest, you should complete the City of Chores before.

This event is divided into three groups. Each group has one main quest which can be unlocked by cleaning the event’s Story Quests. Indeed, this quest is a precondition to unlock all other requests in that group. So no wonder if most quests in this event are unlocked every day.

The Lantern Rite Tales event will grant you some amazing rewards including 20000x Mora, 30x Primogem and 100x Festive Fever. The Festive Fever here represents the amount of in-universe hype which is about the Lantern Rite event. It is required to unlock event content associated with the Lantern Rite.

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