How to Reviving Dead Characters Without Food

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Basically, to revive the dead characters in Genshin Impact, the players should give them a revival food. In other words, food is the first and easiest way in reviving the dead characters in Genshin Impact. You may already know that food can be used as both potions, buffs, revives and an important gameplay mechanic.

In the middle of battle, your character can also eat food. However, you can only eat food a few times and do not make them become full. Additionally, a food item with wings symbol can be used for dead characters. There’s a two minute cooldown on using any of those foods. To revive one fallen character, you can only give them food every 2 minutes.

Then, is there an alternative way to revive the fallen characters without food? The answer is Yes. There are plenty of ways that you can take to heal the characters without food. Here they are:

  1. Using Statue of the Seven

Using Statue of the Seven

Statue of the Seven is a great place where you can revive the dead characters. Moreover, healing the fallen characters in a party through approaching the Statue of the Seven can be an effective and greatest way that you should do.

If you want to use Statue of the Seven as an alternative to revive the dead character, what you should do is to go to the Statue’s Blessing at any Statue of the Seven located around the map. Once you already reach the location, you can then  teleport to any that you have discovered.

Then, by standing near the statue, it will automatically revive fallen characters in your party. Of course, reviving the dead character through Statue of the Seven, you will not need food to revive them. In the progress of reviving the dead character through this way, you also have to check how much healing power that the statue has left by interacting with it.

The other benefit that you can get in reviving the dead character through the Statue of the Seven is the statue will regain their power over time even though you do not login. Then, you need to teleport to statues when you are in combat.

However, all statues will provide the restorative power, it means that you cannot use different statues for additional healing if they reach 0. Unless your party often wipes, the restorative power of the statues will be free to heal the dead characters. However, Statue of the Seven  should be your main option of reviving the dead characters while playing the game.

  1. Leveling Up the Characters

The second alternative that you can take to revive the dead character is by leveling up your characters. In Genshin Impact, if you are leveling up the characters, they automatically will receive a full heal.

However, this way is a good and worth way to keep in mind if you are in an urgent situation and also need a quick heal. In the way of leveling up the characters can work as long as your character is not at a level cap. To note, leveling up a dead character can not revive them though, make sure to give a revival food on them first.

  1. Using the Characters

Using the Characters

To revive the dead characters, you can also use certain characters. Of course, the characters which can revive is ones who have HP-restoring abilities and passives, they are Barbara (Hydro), Noelle (Geo), Qiqi (Cryo), Bennett (Pyro) Diona (Cryo), Jean (Anemo), and Xingqiu (Hydro).

  1. Using Weapon and Artifact

Aside from using the characters who have HP-restoring abilities and passives, you can also use artifacts and weapons to revive and heal the dead characters. There are some Genshin Impact weapons which have healing effects to revive the dead characters.

One weapon that can heal the dead characters is Traveler’s Handy Sword that can restore 1.75% HP when you collect an Elemental Orb or Particle. While, one of the artifacts that  can basically be used to heal the character is the Traveling Doctor 4-piece bonus. It’s a 20% heal every time you’re using Elemental Burst.

How If You Want to Revive Dead Characters With Food?

The cooking mechanic begins when there is at least one character in your party getting fallen. In other words, cooking can be a great way that you have to do before heading into hard encounters. Need to know, not all foods have this perk to revive the dead characters, only specific one can do it.

revive the dead characters is egg

One of foods that can be used to revive the dead characters is egg. At the beginning of the game, egg is the only food item available. To revive the dead character, you will need a single Bird Egg which can be found in the wild. However, the best place to find them is in tall trees. Moreover, the Teyvat Fried Egg can only restore 50-150 HP which is not a lot. So, another food item should be used to heal the dead character to keep them alive.

If you want to use food in battle, you can open your main menu and then open your inventory. You will find 7 icons at the top of the screen, click on the 4th one which is described with a fork and spoon icon. By clicking on it, it will open the food section on what the effects will pop up on the screen, below click on the Use button.

Well, another window will show your 4 party members. Then, click on the character which has fallen or the one which does not have a green health bar above their picture. Last, click to confirm. Now, your party member is alive and ready for combat once again.

Is It Possible to Revive a Dead Character not in a Party?

If you want to revive the dead characters not in party, of course you should heal them manually by going into Statue of the Seven. Once you approach the statue, you have to use the ‘statue blessing’ option to revive them. However, this way is still questionable for its success.

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