How to Revive and Heal Dead Characters Not in Party

To revive and heal the dead character in a party is a pretty easy way to do it. But, how if the dead characters are not in your party and how to revive and heal them? Does it take the same way when reviving the dead characters in a party?

We think there are a lot of Genshin Impact players who get hard to revive and heal the dead characters not in party. Of course, they cannot give food to revive and heal the dead characters because they are not at the party. So, is there a way to heal the dead characters even though they’re not at a party? Let’s see our post below!

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Healing the Dead Character Not in Party, How to Do?

Unlike the way to revive and heal the dead characters available in the party in which just giving them foods, they will be fine, while to heal the dead characters not in a party may be a bit hard. Why? It’s because not all players can really succeed by doing this way.

We get the way to revive and heal the dead characters not in your party from the Genshin Impact forum. There was a post coming from Tavern who told about his problem in reviving the dead characters but they are not in party setup. He also got hard to let the dead characters into the party in order to be able to give them food.

From this post, there are some ways to revive and heal the dead characters though they are not in the party. Almost five members suggested reviving the dead character not in a party by going into Statue of the Seven and reviving them manually. Once you approach the statue, you should then use the ‘statue blessing’ option. Well, this way will revive the dead characters.

Regarding the way to put the dead characters in your party, we should say that it’s impossible to do. You totally cannot put the dead characters in your party to revive. Well, if you get removed in a domain, your party gets revived at half HP.

Well, we ‘re not sure a lot that this way is working as this way is from a forum in which not all players are successful by doing this way. Therefore, trying this way is not wrong for you as well as a proof of whether this will work or not.

How to Revive the Dead Character in Your Party?

Once we show you the way to revive the dead characters but they are not in a party, now, this post will also guide you how to heal the dead characters in a party. However, healing the dead character available in a party will be easier than healing the dead character not in a party. Then, how to do it?

Here’s how!

    • By Food

Revive Dead Characters With Food

In Genshin Impact, food can be an easiest and effective way to revive the dead characters in a party. As you know, food serves as both potions, buffs and revives as well as an essential gameplay mechanic.

Your character can eat food at any time even in mid-battle. However, you can only consume restorative food a few times before they become full, meaning you cannot give them too much food. Well, the food items with the wings symbol will indicate a fallen character. There is a two minute cooldown on using any of those foods. So, you can only revive one character with food every 2 minutes.

    • Using Characters

Using Characters

Aside from using the food to revive the dead character, you can also use certain characters to revive the dead character. Of course, the characters which can revive is ones who have HP-restoring abilities and passives, they are Barbara (Hydro), Jean (Anemo), Noelle (Geo), Qiqi (Cryo), Diona (Cryo), Bennett (Pyro) and Xingqiu (Hydro).

    • Using Artifacts and Weapons

There are some Genshin Impact weapons which have healing effects to revive the dead characters. One of the artifacts which can basically be used to heal the character is the Traveling Doctor 4-piece bonus. It’s a 20% heal every time you’re using Elemental Burst.

One weapon that can heal the dead characters is Traveler’s Handy Sword that can restore 1.75% HP when you collect an Elemental Orb or Particle.

    • By leveling up

You may already know when Genshin Impact character levels up, they will accept a full heal which is reliable to keep in mind if you are in an urgent situation and also need a quick heal. This can work as long as your character isn’t at a level cap. However, leveling up a dead character can not revive them though, make sure to give a revival food on them first.

    • By Statue of the Seven

Last, the most effective way to revive and heal the dead character in your party is by using the Statue of the Seven. To use it, you can approach the Statue’s Blessing at any Statue of the Seven which is located around the map. Here, you have to teleport to any that you have explored.

By Statue of the Seven

By doing this, the statue will automatically heal and revive dead characters in your party when you stand near it. If you heal the dead character through this way, you will not need food to revive them. You also have to check how much healing power that the status has left by interacting with it.

Additionally, the statue will regain their power over time without being logged in. You can teleport to statues when you are in a battle. However, all statues will share restorative power, it means that you cannot use different statues for additional healing if they reach 0. Unless your party is often wiping, so the restorative power of the statues will be a free and effective way to heal and review the dead characters. However, they should be your main source of reviving while playing the game.

Well, those are all ways that you can do to revive and heal the dead characters in your party.

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