How to Recharge Energy

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In Genshin Impact, Energy Recharge is a stat which refers to the amount of Energy that your characters regenerate with each Elemental Particle and Elemental Orb obtained. The stat shows a higher energy recharge will allow your character to release elemental burst at a higher rate.

Energy Recharge stat can also determine how fast your character will regain energy when you gather elemental orbs and particles. The higher the value of your Energy Recharge stat, the more energy that your character will regenerate with each orb.

How to Recharge Energy

Recharge Energy in Genshin Impact, Here’s the Guide!

As the resource which can be used to execute elemental burst attack, energy should be recharged to keep it a lot. Your character should have the higher amount of energy which is needed for elemental bursts. It can also be checked in game through the Skill Attributes section of the characters’s Talents menu.

To recharge energy, you can pick up the elemental particles that you can use for a small amount of energy and also elemental orbs for a larger amount of energy. You can also use basic attack to recharger energy but it’s just at a small rate. While, the artifact and weapon can also be used to recharge energy directly while their activation conditions are met.

To note, recharge energy can only work for certain party members, meaning not all characters can have a chance to recharge energy. However, some character’s talents can also regenerate energy for the character. While, when a character is K.OD, they will lose all their energy.

Both elemental particles and orbs will only give energy once they reach a character to create some delay between generating a particle or orb and accepting its energy.

    • How to use elemental particles to recharge energy?

In the way of recharging the characters’ energy, the elemental particle will restore energy to characters which share their elemental alignment at a greater rate and to other characters at a lesser rate. For example, Kaeya will get more energy from Cryo elemental particles than from Pyro elemental particles.

The elemental particles will be dropped by enemies when they take damage and when they are eliminated. Besides, the enemies will drop the elemental particles when they inflict damage using an elemental skill. When you use the elemental skill to damage enemies, more elemental particles are released.

    • How to use elemental orb to recharge energy?

Aside from the elemental particles, you can also pick the elemental orb to recharge energy. The elemental orbs are bigger elemental particles which can regenerate more energy. The elemental orbs are often released when you fight larger enemies.

Then, how to generate the elemental particles and orbs?

At least there are four ways that you can take to generate both. Here they are:

    • Using elemental skill

By using elemental skill/burst, it guarantees to generate the elemental particles. Here, the characters which have the ‘charged’ option will generate more energy if you select to hold the elemental skill/ burst instead of just tapping them.

Of course, there are exceptions such as for Lisa’s skill. Well, her skill can only generate energy if you charge the skill first. Other characters such as Barbara and Noelle’s skill, they cannot do damage to monsters. It applies to elemental bursts which deal no damage to monsters such as heal.

    • Normal Attack

Every fourth normal attack can generate one energy for the active character on the field. However, this is not shared across all characters and does not generate an elemental particle. However, it cannot be as reliable as the small energy it will serve. IF you want to get energy faster, you do not have to rely on this method at all.

    • By damaging monsters

Dealing damage to an opponent can also drop elemental particles. Moreover, the damage threshold varies depending on the monster but most monsters will drop elemental particles after their HP is around 50%.

    • By eliminating monsters

Aside from dealing damage to enemies, eliminating monsters will always give you the elemental particles. Besides, by killing an elite monster will grant you an elemental orb. That’s such a fantastic way, isn’t it?

Energy which is generated through those methods varies on the type of elemental particle/ orb. This also varies if the character is on/off field.

Well, those are all ways that you can take to recharge energy by getting more elemental particles and orbs.

How Does the Energy Recharge Work?

The energy recharge works to show the stat which is given to each character with the base value of 100%. The energy recharge is such a sort of a multiplayer for your character’s energy reputation value and the higher the value of your energy Recharge stat. It means more energy that will be regenerated for your character with each element particle and orb you finally collect.

You may be wondering where to find the Energy Recharge stat. However, you can find the Energy Recharge from the menu. You can just go to the main menu. Then, choose your character. Then, choose Attributes. Now, you have to scroll down. Well, you will find the Energy Recharge stat for your character.

Here’s for Energy Recharge Rates

Character Particle Orb
Same Element Non-Elemental Different Element Same Element Non-Elemental Different Element
On field 3 2 1 9 6 3
Off field (four characters in the party) 1.8 1.2 0.6 5.4 3.6 1.8


  • On field means your character currently being used.
  • Off field means your character in your active party but they are not being used.

Number of characters in the party totally influences the Recharge Rate of off field characters. For 2, 3, and also 4 characters in your party, the Recharge Rate of off field characters is 80%, 70% and 60% from the Recharge Rate of on field characters.

While, in Co-Op mode, the amount is determined by characters in the party, meaning the characters you control. For multiplayers mode, the host is considered to have two characters in the party. Then, the Recharge Rate of off field characters is around 80% of the Recharge rate of on field characters.

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