How to Make a miHoYo Account

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For every new player of Genshin Impact, you are encouraged to create a new account and link the mobile and PC accounts to miHoYo accounts if you want to try cross play mode. However, a lot of players have reported that they have been having a hard time with linking their accounts in PC and Mobile versions of the game. If you want to know how to make a miHoYo account and how to link it on Pc and Mobile, read the whole thing.

Making a miHoYo account

Registering a miHoYo account by username is not available anymore and you will need to use your email accounts for creating a new one with miHoYo. Here is step by step guide that you have to follow:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to enter any email ID that you already have. It does not matter if it is Google email ID, Yahoo, or so on.
  2. Then, click on Send Code on line two. Doing so will send a verification code to the email address that you have entered in the first step earlier.
  3. The next thing that should be done is to enter the code in the second column named Verification code.
  4. The second thing that you have to enter in this step is a password. Keep in mind that it should be a length between 6 to 15 characters.
  5. Do not forget to enter the same password for the second time to confirm.
  6. After that, put a checkmark on the checkbox that reads I have read and agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.
  7. Finally, click on Register and everything is done with registration.

Steps to link Google account on mobile and to PC

If you want to link Google account on mobile, here are all the instructions to follow:

  1. When you are on your mobile device, firstly, tap on the icon of Piamon that is located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Next, navigate to Settings.
  3. Then, go to Account.
  4. When it is done, press on the User Center.
  5. The fifth one is to scroll all the way down to Link Accounts and tap on it.
  6. In the end, you will have to find the mobile service that you have and once you find it, tap on the link.

For those who want to link Google account PC, please follow these followings:

  1. First of all, sign in to Pc account, link your mobile phone number, and link any username that you want.
  2. After doing everything, unlink the email in your PC account.
  3. This time, you will have to go into the mobile app with your Google account and create another one by using the same email that you have now unliked.
  4. You should be able to see that your email is linked within the app.
  5. In the next step, log into the account that you just created in PC and your Google account will be linked as well.
  6. The last thing that you should do is to log in to your old one via the username that you have made in the first step in order to unlink your mobile phone. You will be allowed to link in back to your new account.

Why is making a miHoYo account important?

Making a miHoYo account is recommended because you will be allowed to save your progress. Apart from that, you can also use the account to play the other games developed by the company, such as Honkai Impact 2. You will likely lose your account if you are playing without using the miHoYo account and then lose your phone or delete the app. Binding the save data to an account is good to transfer to a different device easily.

Deleting a miHoYo account in Genshin Impact

The gacha system offered by Genshin Impact makes players prefer rerolls. It is the common one that is usually done by those who want to start the game with the best characters and items. In order to successfully perform a reroll, it is a must for the players to delete their old miHoYo account and make a new one.

Unluckily, the case is different for the players on PS4. There is no rerolling option due to the fact that their Genshin Impact account is connected to their PSN account. Basically, they will need to delete and make a new PSN account if they want to reroll which is not a viable option as all the games and the other precious information from that account will be lost. However, deleting and making a new miHoYo account on the mobile or PC application is possible. Here is every step that you need to follow if you want to delete miHoYo account in the game:

  1. First and foremost, open Gmail.
  2. When it opens, compose new mail.
  3. The mail should be addressed to the Genshin Impact Support Team. For your information, the support email id of the Genshin Impact is
  4. Please send a mail with the content asking for the support team to delete the miHoYo account and give them the respective miHoYo account login.
  5. After sending the request, the support team of Genshin Impact should do the deletion process within 30 to 60 days.

Genshin Impact is the name of the game that has the gacha mechanic system. Everyone likes to reroll in most of the games with this system as they are allowed to work towards more favourable outcomes. They also love to delete their old accounts and make new ones until they get the favourable results. Some other reasons to delete the account are when leaving the game for good or if there are some mistakes and would want to go back to the clean slate. To get this situation, you will have to learn how to delete the miHoYo account in the game.

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