How to Look for Another Strange Rock

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Once you return and bring the two piantbrushes to Vermeer, you will be granted with one stranger rock. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, Vermeer will then require you to search for another strange rock. Finding another strange rock is the second quest of Luhua Landspace you should complete.

A lot of Genshin Impact players think that completing this quest is really easier than the first one. That’s because another Strange rock is located near the Luhua Pool where you previously found the Vermeer’s paintbrushes. So, your focus is to roam around the Luhua Pool.

We think that roaming around the Luhua Pool is not enough as there’s an exact location where you can find the second strange rock there. The location of another strange rock will be given below!

Where to Find Another Strange Rock?

In a way how to look for another strange rock, make sure that you already gathered the two Paintbrushes and bring them to Vermeer. Then, he will give you one Stranger Rock, another one should be found to complete one of Luhua Landscape quests. However, this quest is pretty easy to do, so don’t take much effort in completing this quest.

To find another Stranger Rock as we’ve mentioned above, you should roam around the Luhua Pool to investigate the rock. Here, we recommend you to head a bit north to the lake and start looking for the items which will radiate the same sparkle as the materials earlier.

Luhua Pool

In the way of searching for another Strange rock, you can look for around three areas within the lake area but it is almost always the third one with the strange rock. We really get a clue that another Strange Rock can be found around the south side of Luhua Pool near the rocky outcroppings.

How to Look for Another Strange Rock

Of course, in case finding the strange rock, you have to take a little investigation in order to get it easily. We think that the only possible hardship that you may get in finding another strange rock is to maneuver around the enemies. However, after getting over this part, everything will be fine as it’s your choice whether you will clear out the enemies or ignore them to quickly return back to Vermeer.

That’s it! Finding another Strange Rock is quite easy, isn’t it? Well, it’s a great time for you to start looking for another Strange Rock in order to get the rewards faster.

What Will We Get After Finding Another Strange Rock?

Of course, the Luhua Landscape quest comes up with amazing rewards that will be given to anyone who completes this series of challenges. So you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by this quest because you can get inviting rewards that you can use for several purposes in the game.

So, here’s a list of rewards that you’ll get from Luhua Landscape quest:

    • Adventure EXP x450
    • Primogems x50
    • Hero’s Wit x2
    • 30,000 Mora

How? Those are fabulous rewards that you will get after completing the Luhua Landscape quest. So it’s your turn to start finding another Strange Rock and grab the rewards.

Knowing More Luhua Landscape Quest

Luhua Landscape is one of the locations that you can find in the Genshin Impact world. In this location, you will find a place named Luhua Pool. So why is it called the Luhua Landscape quest, that’s because all the missions you have to complete take place in Luhua.

If you are ever spending your time around the Luhua Pool either to enjoy the view or look for secret things there, you will meet Vermeer as a Travelling Painter. Once you meet him, he will then ask you to help him until it finally leads you to find treasure.

Well, the Luhua Landscape quest begins when Vermeer, as an artist who is painting some objects near Luhua Liyue suddenly loses his paintbrushes that he used to paint a picture of the lake. Then, what you should do is to help him find Vermeer’s paintbrushes. So, how to help him in finding the paintbrushes? Here’s how!

At least, there are two paintbrushes which are missing. In order to help him, make sure that you can find them for Vermeer. Of course, the locations of them are different, you surely have to notice some spots in Luhua.

The first paintbrush can be found on the western side of Luhua Pool, located on a cliff which is not too far away from the wrap stone. To get this location, you need to walk there but we recommend you to fast travel in order to reach the location quicker. Once you are in this location, you should focus on the glowing yellow item lying on the ground next to the tree trunk. Well, that’s the first Vermeer’s paintbrush.

Once you find the first paintbrush, you can continue to find the second paintbrush which can be found on the eastern shore adjacent to the nearby ruins. However, the location of the second paintbrush is the opposite of the first Vermeer’s paintbrush location. To get this location, you have to walk away from the ruins and turn westward to spot the brush glowing on the ground near the broken bridge. That’s the second Vermeer’s paintbrush.

After you find two Vermeer’s paintbrushes, you have to return back and bring them to Vermeer. Then, he will give you a Strange Rock. To complete the Luhua Landspace quest, you will also need to find another Strange Rock that we have explained above.

Once having the two Strange rocks, you have to complete another Luhua Landscape quest to restore the mysterious statues by inserting the Strange Rocks inside the helms of the two statues. By doing this, it allows you to activate the switch near Vermeer. Well, the switch here is Geo-based, make sure you already have a character like Noelle to ease you obtaining a Wish microtransaction.

Then, it will start a fight with some abyss mages with 90 seconds to beat them out. Once you successfully defeat them, the temple’s door will open as a way for you to claim your quest.

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