How to Know Which Geoculus is Missing

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Geoculus are the main collectibles in the game of Genshin Impact. This guide will share all of its locations and how you are able to find them all.

About Geoculus

Geoculuses are in-game items which can be offered to the Statues of Seven in Liyue. Offering them to the statues will be able to reward you with rare and unique items which are specific to certain Geoculus challenges. There are lots of Geoculuses around the map of Teyvat which have been hidden deep in its geography.

About Geoculus

Discovering them can be a bit challenging however well worth the reward. In fact, Geoculuses in the game of Genshin Impact have no other use other than being offered to the Statue of Seven. If you already have several in your inventory, now will be a good time to redeem them for some good rewards.

Genshin Impact Geoculus Locations

You will find Geoculus in the Liyue Region. Some of them are easily visible and accessible. Some of them will be hidden. And some of them will have to be unlocked before they are able to be collected.

In the text below we will share twelve locations of Geoculus in the region.

Location 1

Climb the cliff, and top, you will find another stone. Climb the stone and jump to get Geoculus.

Location 2

Geoculus hidden underneath the wooden bridge and will only be visible once you swim underneath it.

Location 3

It is right above the stone. But, you cannot reach it with a simple jump. You have to use your Geo skill to make a scaffold and then use it to get Geoculus.

Location 4

You will have to access it by jumping off from a nearby cliff. It is hidden between the trees, but you cannot access it if you are on the ground.

Location 5

Please drop into the waterfall chasm. Look for a small cave opening with another rock protruding over it. The Geoculus is inside that cave.

Location 6

When you are out from the cave, you are able to head straight through a small opening in the rocks, Geoculus will be in front of you. Keep climbing until you get it.

Location 7

It is inside the cave to the left.

Location 8 and Location 9

You are able to find Geoculus on the side of the cliff. You need to access them by gliding down to them from the top. It will be difficult to collect them when you are on the ground.

Location 10

You have to use Kaeya to freeze the water, so you do not have to swim all the way to the island. Geoculus is on top of the tower in the middle of the island.

Location 11

Please jump from the tallest cliff and glide down to the ship. Then, you have to glide towards one of the sails of the boat and climb up. You will be able to find Geoculus at the highest point of the Ship.

Location 12

Please destroy a relic on the nearby cliff and a path will rise up, leading you to Geoculus. You are able to use your Geo abilities again and make a scaffold to jump and get Geoculus.

Tips to find missing Geoculus

If you are looking for information to complete your collection of Geoculuses in Genshin Impact, here are some tips for you to discover the missing pieces.

    • Tip 1: Use the online map.

Unlike other RPG games where using an item map from the internet is frowned upon, Genshin Impact’s developers give you the map on their own. You are able to access the map which should show you the location of all the Geoculuses currently available on the map. You are able to use the map side by side while you are in the game to find all the Geoculuses.

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    • Tip 2: Height matters

You will be able to fly, swim, and even explore the underground in Teyvat. Usually, the map is only a 2D representation of the continent so you might be missing Geoculuses depending on your altitude. Several Geoculuses are located high up in the air while others are hidden underground. If you are having trouble collecting all the Geoculuses, so you should try changing your altitude and looking at the minimap again. This will reveal the location of some hidden or hard to reach Geoculuses on the map.

    • Tip 3: Use a walkthrough

Sometimes, finding collectibles can be tough in RPGs. It will make you frustrated which takes away the whole point of playing a game in the first place. If you are at this point, there is no shame in going through a walkthrough online. After you have collected the Geoculus that you have been unable to find, simply you are able to get back to your game and close the walkthrough to maintain the entire experience of your gameplay. We suggest you to avoid going through entire walkthroughs and following them for the entire game. They not only can reduce the gameplay experience but also reveal spoilers for major moments which you are yet to encounter in your game.

    • Tip 4: Keep an eye on your minimap

This is not like Geoculuses are not shown on the map. When you are close enough to a unit, a disappearing icon for Geoculus should appear on your mini-map that will help you find the item easily. This disappearing icon is going to vanish from your mini-map if you stray too far away from the location of that particular Geoculus.

How many total Geoculus in Genshin Impact

Currently, there are 131 Geoculus hidden around the entire map of Teyvat for the players to find while playing Genshin Impact. You are able to find these missing Geoculuses and offer them to Statues of Seven in the Liyue region to get unique and exclusive rewards for your efforts. Of course, it is a great way for the players to level up their Adventure Rank. Basically, the Adventure Rank of players is their level. The higher it goes, the more players are able to do. This includes opening new dungeons to explore, unlocking the ability to play with friends, and unlocking more skills for your characters as the game goes on.

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