How to Investigate the Strange Ice in the Mountains

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‘Investigate the strange ice’ is one of the In the Mountains quest that you should complete while exploring the Dragonspine. In this location, you will be allowed to complete a challenging quest to investigate the strange ice in the mountains. This Genshin Impact quest will commonly be completed by approaching the object.

Because you should investigate the strange ice, of course you should approach the object by pressing the ‘Investigate’ button. Unfortunately, in the same cases, you should solve the conundrum by yourself without any clues you’ll get. Thankfully, this post will guide you how to investigate the strange ice in the mountains to complete your quest. Find the guides below!

How to Investigate the Strange Ice in the Mountains

Investigate the Strange Ice in the Mountains, Here’s the Guides!

While exploring Dragonspine, you will notice the strange ice appear in this location. By investigating the strange ice in Dragonspine, it will give you a waypoint that you need to get to on the Snow Covered Road as the first area you will enter in the region.

To investigate the strange ice in the mountains, you just cross from a teleporter. Here, you will then find a very strange shard of ice. To note, you should not break them in the usual way that you commonly use to break the ice, instead you have to think outside of the box to get the brilliant ways.

You’ll find red crystals around the largest shards of ice. By breaking them, it will cause a smaller red crystal to fall down. However, you can pick those up to get a buff. If you quickly head toward the central shard of ice and break it, you surely can give some damage to it.

In the mountains, there will be numerous red crystals that you can smash in order to get buff. To smash it, just ensure that you create it to the ice core as quickly as possible so you do not lose it. To get the red crystal, at least you should do it four times, once which the central shard will break and produce a strange crystal orb.

Moreover, if you interact with it, it automatically will shoot off into the sky and then a strange tree will be growing where it was located. A strange tree here is named ‘Frostbearing Tree’. To level this tree up, you should collect Crimson Agate and then bring it to the tree.

If you are leveling up the Frostbearing Tree, you will get access to numerous rewards including the Warning Bottle that will help you to fight the effect of Sheer Cold, the environmental status effect which can build up on you in Dragonspine region.

How to Survive Sheer Cold While Investigating a Strange Ice?

However, in completing the quest of investigating the strange ice in Dragonspine region, you will spend too long away from a significant heat source and start to freeze up. The new weather mechanics which occurs in Dragonspine is called Sheer Cold as part of Subzero Climate.

After entering Dragonspine, you will see a new blue status bar above your HP. However, the blue bar here will slowly fill up when you are exposed to the cold without any heat source. This situation will make the amount of Sheer Cold to finally show. However, if you are investigating the strange ice in the mountains, you will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold especially if you decide to swim in cold water or run through the heavy snow.

When the Sheer Cold reaches its limit and the blue bar is getting red, you will lose your HP. However, you should stop losing your HP as you will need HP to investigate the strange ice to complete the quest. The only way that you should do is to survive Sheer Cold while investigating the strange ice in Dragonspine.

Well, the brilliant way to survive Sheer Cold is to get the Scarlet Quartz. However, this item will reduce 5% Sheer Cold accumulation and stop all Sheer Cold accumulation. Besides, it will imbue the character with its essence until it’s used up or after 25 seconds in which imbuement disappears.

The Scarlet Quartz importantly uses to keep you warm as long as they are around you. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Quartz will disappear when you attack an enemy. While you are investigating the strange ice, you should note that it will not lower your Sheer Cold gauge. In this case, the Scarlet Quartz work in which you can still stop it from filling up and giving you time to find fire sources.

Moreover, Scarlet Quartz can be one of the ways that you can use to destroy the large ice crystal. After you destroy them with Scarlet Quartz, some ice crystal in front of you should be destroyed with more than one, so you will have to look around the area for more. On this way, you should go ahead and run around the crystal and use the Scarlet Quartz you find to destroy the ice crystal.

At least you will need four of them total to beat the ice crystal. So make sure to find them in order to break the crystal easily. If you use the Scarlet Quartz, you will absolutely break it and release an orb, you suddenly will look like a reddish tree roll named Frostbearing Tree.

How to get Scarlet Quartz? However, the Scarlet Quartz can be found anywhere in Dragonspine. We think that getting them while investigating the strange ice will be pretty easy, considering completing this quest is also done in Dragonspine. The Scarlet Quartz can commonly be found on the ground.

Once you find the Scarlet Quartz, you will want to head back to the strange ice and destroy it. The point is, the Scarlet Quartz is the only way to deal damage to the strange ice in the mountains. After getting four crystals nearby, the ice around you will thaw away and finally show the Frostbearing Tree, as the Dragonspine equivalent of a Statue of the Seven. You can use this tree to upgrade your characters as they gather Crimson Agates scattered around the region.

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